10 Reasons You'll Covet HGTV's Urban Oasis 2016 Home

HGTV Urban Oasis 2016: Overview

Before and After Shots of the 2016 Urban Oasis Home
Before and After Shots of the 2016 Urban Oasis Home. Image (c) Scripps Network, Used with Permission

Every year since 2010, HGTV has created a luxurious oasis right in the heart of a city, then has given it away as the main prize in their Urban Oasis Sweepstakes. In 2016, the Urban Oasis home found its home in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The design team was led by Brian Patrick Flynn, who also designed the 2016 HGTV Dream Home.

For the 2016 Urban Oasis, HGTV purchased a single-story home built in 1925 for about $225,000. They transformed the 825 square-foot home into a 1,324 square-foot Craftsman-style bungalow with vaulted ceilings, a second-level master suite, a spacious garage with its own screened-in porch, and other great features.

If you'd like more information about the Urban Oasis' transformation, you can watch before-and-after photos and construction videos on the HGTV website.

From October 4th through November 22nd, 2016, HGTV will accept entries into the Urban Oasis sweepstakes. Get the entry details here. The lucky winner will receive the Urban Oasis home along with furnishings, cash, sporting equipment, and more.

Urban Oasis 2016's Exterior

Exterior of the 2016 Urban Oasis Home
Exterior of the 2016 Urban Oasis Home. Image (c) Scripps Network, Used with Permission

Although the Urban Oasis is located in a city, HGTV has taken steps to give the new owner a taste of country life, too, with plenty of room to entertain and enjoy the outdoors.

HGTV describes the architecture of the 2016 Urban Oasis home as a Craftsman-style home with a modern twist. From the outside, it is welcoming and attractive. It's painted in shades of green with touches of grey and brown. 

Out front, there is a cozy porch with comfortable seating and ceiling fans where the owner can greet guests or sit and chat on a warm summer evening.

The back yard provides the owner with an opportunity for urban farming. The Urban Oasis comes with hand-crafted chicken coops and raised garden beds so that the future owner can raise some of his or her own delicious food.

HGTV's designers haven't overlooked the family pet, either. The back yard includes a durable dog house to keep your pet comfortable.

And for those of you who enjoy the great outdoors, the Urban Oasis comes with a pair of high-quality six-speed electric bikes that the winner can use to explore the area around his or her new home.

Location of the 2016 Urban Oasis Home

Aerial view of Ann Arbor street
The 2016 Urban Oasis is Located in Ann Arbor, MI. Photo By Tom Carter / Getty Images

The 2016 Urban Oasis is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a hip, young city (the average age of the residents of this college town is 27.7) that manages to hold on to its small town charm.

Ann Arbor, which was named for its Bur Oak trees, has much to offer nature lovers including densely-forested park and recreation areas, the mighty Huron river, and easy access to the Great Lakes. 

Whoever wins the 2016 Urban Oasis home will have the opportunity to live in a city that treasures creativity and offers a variety of music and art festivals every year.

They will also enjoy a variety of delicious foods, thanks to hundreds of restaurants with a variety of cuisines. Not only is there plenty of fine dining, but Ann Arborites love their food trucks and local specialties like a "fragel," a deep-fried raisin bagel rolled in cinnamon sugar.

Given all these advantages, it's no surprise that Ann Arbor regularly appears on lists of the top places to live in America.

The Inviting Living Room of the 2016 Urban Oasis Home

Living Room of the 2016 Urban Oasis Home
Living Room of the 2016 Urban Oasis Home. Image (c) Scripps Network, Used with Permission

The ground floor of the 2016 Urban Oasis has an open floor plan. When you enter the home, the airy, high-ceilinged living room will be on your right. Straight ahead is the staircase that leads to the master bedroom suite.

The living room is bathed in natural light, thanks to tall windows with beautiful views of the front yard. Matching sofas flank a fireplace, which will take the chill out of the air on cool evenings. Above the fireplace is a flat-screen television, where the winner can watch HGTV and all of their other favorite channels.

The living room is an inviting place to entertain, to spend a quiet evening at home with your favorite television shows, or to curl up with a good book.

The artwork in the living room pays tribute to the Urban Oasis' location in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A framed picture of a vintage late-1950s Woody Station Wagon is a nod to Ann Arbor's history with the auto industry. Framed pictures from the area grace the area on either side of the front door.

The Urban Oasis' Cozy and Convenient Dining Room

Dining Room of the 2016 Urban Oasis Home
Dining Room of the 2016 Urban Oasis Home. Image (c) Scripps Network, Used with Permission

As you enter the HGTV Urban Oasis '16, the dining room is on your left-hand side, directly adjacent to the kitchen. There's a beautiful flow between the dining room and the kitchen, making it easy to entertain and cook as well as to bring your meals to the table.

The dining room space isn't large, but HGTV's designers have used their expertise to make the room more comfortable and functional. For example, a rustic round pedestal table provides room for plenty of seating without your guests banging their knees together, while a well-placed mirror in the corner amplifies light and subtly increases the feeling of space in the room.

Large windows bring natural light streaming into the room. On hot, sunny days, adjustable shades can keep the room cool as well as providing privacy. For evening entertaining, a cute, XOXO chandelier and sconces high on the wall brighten the room. 

Urban Oasis 2016's Beautiful and Practical Kitchen

Kitchen of the 2016 HGTV Urban Oasis
Kitchen of the 2016 HGTV Urban Oasis. Image (c) Scripps Network, Used with Permission

The Urban Oasis' kitchen space isn't huge, but HGTV's designers put a lot of thought into making it both efficient and a pleasure to use. The kitchen's light, neutral color schemes pops against a dark backsplash that reaches, in some places, to the ceiling. The neutral colors help the kitchen to blend well with the other spaces on this level, like the dining room and the living room.

Everything in the kitchen is designed to let the owner work effortlessly, including well-organized cabinets and drawers. He or she won't be bored while doing the dishes, thanks to a wall of windows that look out over the vegetable garden.

Along with plenty of counter and cabinet space, the Urban Oasis '16's kitchen features an island with a second sink, providing additional space for dining and for food prep. The island is illuminated by three handsome hanging pendant lamps.

The appliances offer many modern features like touchless faucets on the sink and knobs on the range that light up when they are in use. You'll never have to wonder if you left the stove on again, since it's a wifi-enabled appliance that you can turn on and off remotely.

A spacious, four-door refrigerator gives you plenty of storage while helping you to find what you need in the fridge. Three built-in cameras let you can see your fridge's contents from your smartphone, and the exterior features a built-in screen where you can view recipes or the family calendar.

Off of the kitchen, you'll find a mudroom and a powder room for your guests, as well as access to the guest bedroom and the backyard with its garage, and screened-in porch. 

Urban Oasis' Peaceful Master Bedroom Suite

Master Bedroom of the 2016 Urban Oasis Home
Master Bedroom of the 2016 Urban Oasis Home. Image (c) Scripps Network, Used with Permission

To create a quiet and peaceful master bedroom suite, HGTV added a second level to the Urban Oasis 2016 home. The owners of the home will have the whole floor to themselves, giving them a restful retreat from the rest of the world.

The color palette in the master bedroom is soothing sea glass green, accented with black and white. There are some unusual decorations, like a blanket mounted on foam board used as a tapestry, a sunburst mirror, and a painting of a horse over the workspace.

A white velvet headboard and luxe bedding add ​glamor to the room. There are two sets of drawers for shoe and clothing storage.

Natural light is provided by three large windows overlooking the back yard. For those of us who love to read, there is a cozy window seat where the owner can curl up with a good book. The seat also provides more storage underneath the seat.

There's easy access to the comfortable master bathroom and the walk-in closet.

The Relaxing Master Bathroom of Urban Oasis 2016

Master Bathroom of the 2016 Urban Oasis Home
Master Bathroom of the 2016 Urban Oasis Home. Image (c) Scripps Network, Used with Permission

The master bathroom of the Urban Oasis 2016 home is designed to give the owners a true oasis of relaxation in their busy lives. The color scheme is a bright blue color offset by white and black accents.

The master bath has a soaking tub, a high-tech shower, and a separate closet for the toilet. If you love a long, warm bath, this is the place for you. The huge bath tub features dual lumbar support for two-person bathing and a hidden speaker system so that you can listen to soothing music while you bathe.

The shower, which is separated from the rest of the master bath by a clear glass sliding door, includes a hand nozzle as well as a number of different wall jets to give you a variety of spa-like options.

To make it easy for couples to get ready in the morning, there are two separate vanities, each with their own sink, set perpendicular to one another. 

Off of the master bathroom is a walk-in closet, with plenty of storage for all of the owners' clothes and accessories.

The Lodge-Style Guest Bedroom of the 2016 Urban Oasis

Guest Bedroom of the 2016 Urban Oasis Home
Guest Bedroom of the 2016 Urban Oasis Home. Image (c) Scripps Network, Used with Permission

Back on the first floor again, the Urban Oasis 2016 also provides comfortable accommodations for your overnight guests. The guest bedroom is located at the back of the home, with a view over the back yard.

The color scheme is mainly white with blue and black accents. The ceiling is particularly striking, with attractive blue and white stripes drawing attention upwards.

The owner's guests will stay in a queen-sized bed with a plush wing-backed headboard for extra comfort. There's a handsome six-drawer dresser for storage with its own big-screened TV for relaxing in bed.

Your guests will also be pampered by having their own bathroom, which has a striking kaleidoscope tile pattern. The guest bath has a double vanity and a steam shower with targeted hydromassage. And of course, there is a music system for an extra-relaxing shower.

In case your guests come with a lot of luggage, there's also a walk-in closet off of the guest bath.

The Urban Oasis' Garage Is Great for Work and Play

Garage of the 2016 Urban Oasis Home
Garage of the 2016 Urban Oasis Home. Image (c) Scripps Network, Used with Permission

If you think of a garage as a dank, tight place to store your car and get out of as quickly as possible... well, HGTV's designers have a radically different idea. The Urban Oasis 2016's garage is designed for lots and lots of fun.

The outside of the garage is painted a handsome green, and it has attractive wooden carriage doors leading into it.

Inside, it features checkered wallpaper and has a dining table, bean bag chairs, and a work bench. It comes fully-stocked, too, with bicycles, kayaks, and more.

If you're planning on using the garage as a workshop, it also comes with a work bench and a huge, impressive stainless steel tool chest. 

If outdoor entertaining is your thing, there's also a courtyard with outdoor seating adjacent to the garage.

And did I mention the garage has its own screened-in porch?

A Roomy, Screened-in Porch

Screened Porch of the 2016 Urban Oasis Home
Screened Porch of the 2016 Urban Oasis Home. Image (c) Scripps Network, Used with Permission

The screened porch of the Urban Oasis 2016 is separated from the garage by a glass and aluminum garage door, which can be left open to connect the two spaces. The porch offers a stunning view over the back yard, with its chicken coops and gardens.

The porch brings the outdoor feeling inside with its large windows, tall indoor plants, and wood and rattan furniture.

One cute extra touch: a 1950s-era radio and record player from the original home was repurposed to be used on the porch. However, there are also wireless speakers for playing music from your favorite music devices.

Of course, no entertainment area that HGTV puts together would be complete without a flat-screen TV for catching up with your favorite television channels.

So are you ready to win this amazing home? Get ready to start entering on October 4, 2016!