Inside the HGTV 2008 Dream Home

The Front of the HGTV 2008 Dream Home in Islamorada, Florida

Picture of the exterior of the 2008 Dream Home, part of HGTV's Dream Home Sweepstakes.
© HGTV Dream Home 2008

Pictures and Images of the 2008 Dream Home in Islamorada, Florida

Every year, HGTV strives to make its Dream Home more beautiful, more luxurious, and more impressive than the year before. In 2008, HGTV selected Islamorada, Florida as its dream location. Nestled right on the crystal blue waters of the Florida Bay, this home takes full advantage of its stunning natural surroundings, including a large outdoor living area, bright, tropical-themed room designs, and even a room dedicated to fishing.

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Visitors to the HGTV 2008 Dream Home would see this stunning picture as they approach the front of the house.

The HGTV Dream Home designers took as much care with the outside of this house as they did with the indoor areas. The bright, tropical colors reflect the beauty of the blue waters and green vegetation surrounding the home.

The landscaping has been carefully chosen to reflect the plants native to Southern Florida and the Caribbean. Lush tropical plants like coconut palm trees, hibiscus, beach sunflower, and bird of paradise contribute to the overall charm and serenity of this location.

Gracious porches allow the residents to enjoy their gorgeous surroundings by entertaining guests while surrounded by the stunning view of the Florida Bay or simply taking a nap or reading a book on one of the stylish outdoor chaise lounges.

The tall elegance of the 2008 Dream Home perfectly frames the view of the ocean, adding to the overall charm of the location.

The Outdoor Patio of the HGTV 2008 Dream Home

Picture of the 2008 Dream Home's outdoor patio, part of HGTV's Dream Home Sweepstakes.
© HGTV, Dream Home 2008

HGTV designers have taken full advantage of the natural beauty of Islamorada, Florida with this outdoor living area.

The back exterior area of the HGTV 2008 Dream House is truly stunning, with the green lawn leading down to the white sands of a private beach, and then to the sparkling blue waters. In order to take full advantage of the natural surroundings, the 2008 Dream House boasts a large outdoor patio including furniture that is stylish enough and comfortable enough to be used indoors.

Because the Dream Home is sitting right on the Florida Bay, environmental building principles were a priority for the designers. As you can see in this picture, the patio and surrounding walkways are paved with stone tile. What isn't as immediately apparent is that a "green" design was used that allows water to filter through the stone tiles, preventing puddling and runoff into the Bay. This contributes to a cleaner, more comfortable, and more earth-friendly home.

The outdoor patio area also offers another useful feature - an outdoor shower that will let you rinse off after swimming, boating, diving, or fishing in the Florida Bay. The shower head is a self-pressurizing rainwater outdoor shower by Moen. It allows you to have an outdoor shower that is as powerful as any indoors, without excess runoff.

The Tropical Media Room of the HGTV 2008 Dream Home

Picture of the 2008 Dream Home media room, part of HGTV's Dream Home Sweepstakes.
© HGTV Dream Home 2008

This multi-functional entertainment room is perfect for any use, from hosting elegant parties to casual movie night gatherings.

Few things are more frustrating than having to shuffle around furniture to accommodate different gatherings. That's why, when HGTV designed the media room of the Dream Home, they opted for an extremely flexible layout that would match any purpose.

To this end, the colors of the room were designed to be simple, playful, and elegant. The floors are made of a rich hardwood, and the walls are painted a creamy eggshell color. Instead of using hard-to-move sofas and love seats for the furniture, oversized wicker chairs with soft, comfortable cushions can be arranged in whatever way is most comfortable for your plans: lined up in rows for watching movies, set around the coffee table for socializing, or pushed to the edges of the room for a dance floor.

Speaking of watching movies, a large, 50-inch flat screen television is mounted to the wall, which can easily make the room into a home cinema. A narrow shelf underneath the television softens the look of the wall and also holds artwork for visual effect.

Large glass doors open up onto the outdoor patio and the Florida Bay beyond, so storage room for bright, cheerful beach towels is also provided.

All in all, the media room of the 2008 Dream Home is perfectly designed to match the entertaining needs of any resident.

The Twin Bedoom of the HGTV 2008 Dream House

Picture of the 2008 Dream Home's twin bedroom, part of HGTV's Dream Home Sweepstakes.
© HGTV Dream Home 2008

This lovely bedroom reflects the blues and greens of the Florida Bay, bringing the serenity of the water into the home.

The twin bedroom of the HGTV 2008 Dream Home is designed to feel like you're stepping into the deep blue waters of the sea, even while you're inside your home. To simulate the cool serenity of the water, the walls, floor, and ceiling all share a rich blue color. White accents in the baseboard, moldings, furniture, and ceiling fan break up the color and brighten the feeling of the room. A brilliant orange painting from a local artist also adds a sense of flair.

The room is fitted with two twin beds, which makes it a great place for children to sleep, or it can also serve as another guest bedroom. Located on the first floor, large glass doors open out onto the outdoor patio and the paths leading down to the Bay. The view from this room is absolutely stunning.

The Kitchen of the HGTV 2008 Dream Home

Picture of the 2008 Dream Home kitchen, part of HGTV's Dream Home Sweepstakes.
© HGTV, Dream Home 2008

The HGTV Dream Home also boasts a dreamy kitchen, where sleek, modern fixtures and high end appliances pair with rustic decorations for a unique look.

The HGTV Dream Home kitchen combines the top appliances that any home cook would enjoy using with plenty of counter space, a convenient island in the middle of the room, and rustic artwork for a homey yet practical effect.

The countertop is Silestone quartz, which combines the beauty and texture of natural quartz with antimicrobial treatments for a working surface that is both safe and easy to use. The countertop makes a long U-shape curve through the kitchen, starting along the long wall, turning to run underneath the windows, which bring light and brightness into the room, and then turning again to form an island which contains the lovely, large sink complete with top-of-the-line Moen fixtures. This gives the home chef plenty of room to prepare and cook any meal.

Speaking of room, the kitchen also includes a large, walk-in pantry with plenty of shelf space, and a ton of cupboard space.

And what kinds of appliances are fit for a dream? HGTV has selected professional-grade appliances, mostly in stainless steel, including a SubZero Over-Under Refrigerator/Freezer, a 36-inch Wolf Dual Fuel Range, and a Wolf convection Microwave Oven.

The HGTV designers then added homey touches through the artwork they chose for the kitchen. They chose lids from old wine barrels and then painted them in colors that complemented the tropical themes used throughout the home. They also brought in a unique candle holder made out of driftwood, to add beach-y flair to the kitchen.

The Guest Suite of the HGTV 2008 Dream Home

Picture of the 2008 Dream Home guest bedroom, part of HGTV's Dream Home Sweepstakes.
© HGTV Dream Home 2008

This guest bedroom mixes a jungle-green background color with refreshing whites and blacks for a striking look.

The proud owner of the HGTV 2008 Dream Home will surely have plenty of visitors, once they take a look at this unusual, stylish guest bedroom. The walls and ceiling bring the beauty of outdoors into the home with a rich green color, similar to that found in the rain forests. To break up all of that green, white and black accents and splashes of color are used liberally throughout the room.

For example, the dominant feature of the room is a gorgeous black four-poster bed which is decked with a crisp white comforter with black trim. Most of the furniture is also white.

The guest bedroom also features a fabulous walk-in closet complete with clothing bins, shelves, and other organizational aids. Plus, the guest suite also has its own dreamy bathroom, decorated entirely in shades of white. The double sink is placed directly in front of a gorgeous window with views over the Florida Bay.

The Fishing Room of the HGTV 2008 Dream Home

Picture of the fishing room of the 2008 Dream Home, part of HGTV's Dream Home Sweepstakes.
© HGTV, Dream Home 2008

Off of the garage, a special room will delight any fishing fans.

The waters of the Florida Keys are some of the richest in the world, teeming with fish and seafood. Islamorada is known as the Sportfishing Capital of the World and as an Angler's Paradise because it offers three great fishing opportunities in one location -- deep sea fishing, coral reefs, and shallow flats. A few of the fish that can be caught in the area include blue marlin, redfish, and mahi-mahi.

In order to cater to the needs of the fishing enthusiast, HGTV designers set a special fishing room just off of the garage. Drawers and shelves for storing tackle and gear, a rod rack with enough room for plenty of rods for guests, and a work area for preparing tackle and creating your own flies makes this a great spot for any fisher. The proximity to the garage makes it easy to transport gear and tackle into your car or out to the boat.

Just because the fishing room has a practical use doesn't mean that the HGTV designers slacked off on beauty. The fishing room boasts rich, dark hardwood floors and a cheery yellow color, brightened with crisp white trim. Whether you're already a fisher or just aspiring to be one, you'll enjoy this fishing closet.

HGTV Doggy Dream Home 2008

Picture of the 2008 Doggy Dream Home, part of HGTV's Dream Home Sweepstakes.
© HGTV Dream Home 2008

Your dog can live in style, too, thanks to the 2008 HGTV Doggy Dream Home - a Canine Cabana in the same colors as the main house!

Many pet owners would feel guilty - and rightfully so! - if they received a luxury prize, and their beloved dogs received nothing at all. Luckily, HGTV has solved this conundrum with the Doggy Dream Home. Donated by Iams Pet Food, the 2008 Doggy Dream Home is a canine cabana that will allow your dog to live in luxury as well. Sporting the same yellows and blues as the main house, the doggy dream home will keep your faithful friend cool and happy in the warm summer days on the Florida Keys.