How to Find Retail Store Discounts for Apple Products

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If you want to find the best Apple deals and discounts, don't look for them inside Apple retail stores. Discount pricing is not part of the Apple retail strategy, and it hasn't been for most of the history of the company. Rather, Apple believes in premium pricing. What that means is that whatever price is being charged for a competitor's comparable product, Apple will charge a little (or a lot) more.   

If are searching for a "tablet" device as part of your Christmas holiday shopping, chances are that you have been shopping for an Apple-branded product - iPad, or more specifically an Apple iPad2, an iPad4, or the latest and greatest iPad Mini.​

That's not an assumption, that's based on the fact that 10% of all online shopping search traffic prior to the busiest shopping weekend of the year was specifically for the Apple iPad and 88% of all tablet and e-reader related search traffic was also attached to the Apple iPad.

Since Apple is the main retailer of its own products, and since Apple doesn't allow licensed retailers to discount its products below what Apple itself is selling them for, the short answer to the question about Apple iPad and iPad Mini discounts and deals is "no." But the savvy deal and discount shopper answer is "maybe."

Occasionally Apple will run some limited Black Friday deals and discounts, but those special deals and discounts are generally either attached to newest or oldest versions of products.  So unless there is a new iPad or iPad mini innovation that occurs just before Christmas, iPad and iPad Minis will be sold at the highest retail price in Apple stores. 

Discount Pricing Not Part of Apple's Retail Strategy

The bad news is that discount pricing is not part of the Apple retailing strategy. Not now, not during the Christmas holiday shopping season, not ever does Apple offer deals and discounts on iPads or iPad minis. So, is there any chance of getting a good deal on an iPad or iPad mini anywhere during the Christmas holiday shopping season?

The good news is that even when tablet shoppers can't find deals and discounts on iPads and iPad minis in Apple Stores, they can be found at other retail stores that are authorized to sell Apple products. Of course, anybody who is familiar with Apple Inc. knows that its leaders would never allow Apple retail stores to be undersold on price.  

So, Apple shoppers won't find discounts and deals in the form of reduced pricing for iPads or iPad Minis, but some clever retailers sidestep the no-discounting Apple pricing rule by creating "bundles," which include extra products at a reduced price, or even freebies. You pay full price for the Apple iPad or iPad Mini, but the value of the other bonus products and services that you get for cheap or for free makes it feel a great deal.

So the best "discount" Apple customers will generally get on iPads, and iPad Minis will be in the form of a bundled package.The iPad and iPad mini bundle deals will come and go throughout the Christmas holiday shopping season, so you can keep comparing deals until you find the one that finally motivates you to purchase. 

Best Buy Deals

Other deals or discounts you'll be able to wrangle on an iPad or iPad mini during the Christmas holiday shopping season will be at Best Buy. If you join the Best Buy Reward Zone customer loyalty program, you will earn points which will get converted into reward certificates that can be spent at Best Buy.

The bottom line is that you get a 2% discount on everything you purchase at Best Buy. And that includes Apple iPads and Apple iPad minis. Best Buy also has a Trade-In Program that will give you credit for "gently used" electronic devices, and you could use that credit to purchase your Christmas iPad.

And one other way that Best Buy will help you with your Apple iPad purchase is by offering you a Best Buy Branded credit card. Not only can you buy now and pay later with that credit card, you will also get a $25 merchandise certificate with your first Best Buy credit card purchase (while the offer lasts).

As long as we're talking Best Buy, you might as well check out another deal that they’ve got going on their website right now. If you buy $250 worth of merchandise you’ll get a $25 discount if you choose the ship-to-store delivery option. So basically, it’s only a 1% discount, but it will pay for your gas and you won’t have to worry about any losses or damage during the shipping process.