Best Foods to Buy Online

Find these groceries at deep discount on the internet.


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You may still be committed to doing your weekly grocery shopping sessions at your local brick-and-mortar supermarket, but it’s possible that you can save big money on select items via online grocery stores. Not everything can be found cheaper online – for instance, a frozen turkey – but if you get to know the specific products that are cheaper on the web, you can leave those off of your weekly grocery list and get them off the internet while you still purchase the bulk of your food in the store.

Although a very wide variety of items can be found at discount online, the following are among the most often discounted categories that you can buy on the internet.

Chewing Gum

You may not think of it as a grocery staple, but you probably do find yourself buying chewing gum now and then, and picking it up at a convenience store, drug store or supermarket will normally force you to pay full price. You can, however, find great deals on gum via online grocers.

For example, you can get a ten pack of Extra peppermint gum (15 pieces per pack, therefore a total of 150 pieces) for $5.97 on Amazon, which is almost 50 percent cheaper than you can find it on a per-pack basis in the grocery store. Over at, you can find 180 pieces of Eclipse gum in Winterfrost flavor for just $5.98 – an even better deal than the Extra gum.


It’s a breakfast staple in many homes, but cereal is notoriously expensive at the grocery store, often costing more per pound than meat. Your best bet when cereal shopping is to buy in bulk, and if your grocer doesn’t have bulk boxes of cereal, it’s time to turn your attention to the online channel.

For example, check out to find Cap’n Crunch Oops! All Berries cereal for just $3.56. Or you can head over to to get a family-sized box of Raisin Bran for $3.99, which is about 25 percent cheaper than you’d find in the aisle of your grocery store.

Protein Bars

Whether you’re using them as part of your wellness routine or you just snack on them between meals, you probably enjoy a protein bar from time to time. Although once just thought of as being for fitness fanatics, protein bars are now ubiquitous, and we all like to partake in the many options. Unfortunately, they can be pricey at the grocery store, especially when buying just one.

Your best bet is to pick up a box of bars – the more in the pack, the more you save – and some great deals can be found online. For example, a 12-pack of KIND Bars in Nuts and Spices flavor is just $11.62 on Amazon, while a box containing 12 Clif Bars in Blueberry Crisp is just $11.38 on

Lunchbox Items

Buying the “fun size” version of most products can be great to put into the kids’ lunchboxes, but they can usually cost you a little bit more than buying the same products in bulk and separating out the smaller portions on your own. If you’re able to find the snack-sized bags online, however, you’ll be able to save significantly.

For example, you can find 45-count boxes of snack-sized Cheez-It bags at for $10.79, while you can snag a 40-count container of Lay’s potato chips in the variety pack at Amazon for just $13.99.

Keep These Additional Strategies in Mind

You’ll certainly find savings on other items beyond what we’ve listed above when you shop on the internet, but keep in mind that you will typically see the biggest discounts when purchasing products with lower shipping weights that don’t require temperature-controlled shipping. It can be expensive to ship a few dozen jars of salsa or a cooler full of ice cream because the shipments can get pricey. Instead, check out lightweight products such as snack food, pasta, candy or baked goods.

In addition, don’t forget to search for online coupons, not only for the retailer but also for the brand. Some online retailers will allow you to use manufacturer coupons to save on products, even when purchasing over the internet. You can visit the brand manufacturer’s website to look for those, and you can also check promo code websites like to see whether there are any savings offered from the retailers themselves.