Best Gaming Giveaways: Win More Games Than You Can Play

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Video games are so much fun to play, but at $60 or more for a new title, keeping yourself in new games can be expensive. Gaming giveaways can solve that problem, though, keeping you set up with more fun games than you can play in exchange for just a little effort. Here are some of the best game giveaway methods for 2018 and how to take advantage of them.

Game Giveaways on Reddit

If you are looking for a big listing of game giveaways that are running at any given time, Reddit's got you covered. Visit to find current giveaways for games and DLC for every platform including game consoles, Steam, PC downloads, and more.

FreeGameFindings doesn't list giveaways unless many prizes are being awarded; most are giving away 1,000 keys or more, so your odds of getting the game are pretty good. There are some restrictions on the types of games that can be included: no mobile games, no games that are usually free to play, and no giveaways that require a Greenlight vote or something similar.

Once the game giveaway has ended or all of the prizes have been awarded, the listing will be greyed out so you don't waste your time trying to enter for nothing.

Free Game Weekends on Steam

Valve's online game library, Steam, offers free access to a popular game for a weekend on a regular basis. They combine the free weekend with a sale on that game to tempt you to buy it if you love it. Although access to the games is supposed to expire once the weekend has ended, if you add the game to your Steam library you can keep it in many cases.

Follow Humble Bundle for Free Game Giveaways

Not only does Humble Bundle offer game bundles for a remarkably low price, but they regularly thank their loyal fans with free giveaways. These are usually time-based so that everyone who requests the game within the entry period receives a copy. Follow Humble Bundle on Facebook or Twitter or sign up for their email newsletter to be notified when their next giveaway begins.

Free Game Giveaways on IndieGala

If you like support small publishers and try off-the-beaten-path games, check out the free game giveaways at IndieGala. IndieGala offers giveaways themselves and they let their community members give away free games as well. These are usually games from independent publishers.

To enter, you need to connect your IndieGala account to your Steam account. People from around the world can enter to win. If you do win, you'll find the game in your IndieGala profile.

Ubisoft Gives Away Free Games on Uplay

Game publisher Ubisoft has their own digital game distribution platform called Uplay. If you use it, you will be treated to occasional giveaways for game keys that can be used on the Uplay platform. Watch out for Uplay giveaways especially around the holidays.

Alienware's Free Game Giveaways

Gaming laptop company Alienware offers free game giveaways to their community. They give games away on a regular basis, and the more you participate in the community, the more chances you have to win.

To receive the free games, you'll need to spend points, which you can get by completing daily "quests," sharing content on social media, voting for member-created content, and more. You can then redeem the points you have earned for free game keys until they have run out. Usually, there are many different giveaways going at any given time, so you are likely to find a game you'd love to play.

Win Free Games from SteamGifts is a website that is dedicated to trading free Steam keys. Users buy Steam keys as gifts, then offer them in a random drawing. They receive points for giving away the games, which they can then trade in for chances to win other games. How many points they receive depends on how valuable the game is.

There are some restrictions on the games that you can offer to give away and the games that you can win. You need to have a Steam account and you need to really activate the games you receive. You can't enter to win giveaways for games that are already in your library. There are some giveaways for lower-value games that you can enter before you offer giveaways yourself.

Get Free Games with Your Amazon Prime Account

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you could already be eligible for free games. Amazon Prime members are automatically eligible for Twitch TV, which offers free games every month. Twitch TV subscribers can also get in-game loot and other exclusives for free. All you need to do to take part is to connect your Amazon Prime account to Twitch TV.


With so many free games being given away every month, there's no excuse for boredom anymore. Use this guide to the best gaming giveaways and you will be on your way to owning more games than you can reasonably play.