Best Price Comparison Apps for Your Smartphone in 2020

Download these free apps and start saving right away.


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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

If you’re starting out the new year with plans to save more money than ever, you need all the tools available in your savings kit. One great way to save is by using price comparison apps via your smartphone. These are not only handy because they give you instant information, but also because you can take them everywhere with you, so you’re never without your deal comparison tools.

To maximize your savings, check out the following price comparison apps that can help you get the best deals possible.


  • Yroo allows you to either scan an item or search for it manually so you can see the price of that product at a wide variety of stores. For instance, I scanned in a box of Tide pods and the app showed me how much it cost at 12 different retailers. It highlighted the store with the best price ($17.99) and also showed the other prices, which went up to almost $30, so the app offers savings of over 40 percent.
  • Once you find a price offer in the app that you like, you can shop directly through the app, or you can drive to the store or visit its website. The app also provides a price history for each item and shows you the day’s top deals from a variety of websites, including Amazon and eBay.


  • Much like Yroo, you can use ShopSavvy to either scan items or to search for them manually, and then the app lets you see the best online prices as well as the cost at local stores (assuming you allow the app to access your location). When scanning a box of Pampers diapers, for example, the app will show the prices of the item at 12 online stores starting at $7.99, as well as how much one would spend at local retailers such as Target and Walgreens, starting at $8.99. The prices went all the way up to $13.99, providing a savings of more than 40 percent.
  • The app gives you the option of adding a deal alert to your account, which means that when the price of your favorite item goes down, the app will let you know. You can save items in the app as favorites so that whenever you need to buy them again, you can simply tap your "favorites" tab and bring up the current prices.


  • You may have the Amazon app already saved on your phone, but perhaps you only use it when you feel like purchasing or ordering your favorite items. Therefore, you may not realize how this app can also act as a price comparison tool.
  • When you open the app, you’ll see the standard search bar, and next to that you’ll notice an icon of a camera. If you tap that camera, you can take a photo of any item you’re interested in pricing. For instance, I took a picture of a Call of Duty video game, and the app then showed me prices of the game on Amazon and also prices via its third-party sellers. The prices ranged from $50 to $10, mainly because some sellers were offering it used – providing a serious discount option.
  • The Amazon app can also allow you to save items as favorites or as pantry products, and you can easily purchase things through the app, which is especially useful if you have an Amazon Prime account and can use your free shipping. What the app can’t do is show you local stores in your area where you can buy the products at a discount.


  • Like many of the other price comparison apps, BuyVia provides a long list of both local and online prices for the items you want to buy, but the focus of this app is mainly on technology. So if you’re in the market for Tide or Pampers, this may not be the right app for you, but if you’re looking for an iPad or a laptop, you could be in luck.
  • You can scan the item or search for it manually, and then either buy it through the app (or at a nearby store) or add it to your list of price alerts. When I searched for an iPad, the app returned over 12 prices, which ranged in price by about 30 percent (some of them were refurbished, some new).