Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sales at the Outlet Malls

Perpare to Shop Until You Drop

Outlet Mall Black Friday Shopping
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Outlet malls have become popular shopping destinations during the Thanksgiving weekend holiday. To compete with the regional malls, many of the outlet malls now open during the early evening hours on Thanksgiving and offer all night shopping venues until closing time on Black Friday.

2016 Thanksgiving and Black Friday Outlet Mall Sales, Hours, and Deals

The outlet mall Thanksgiving buzz has really died down for 2016. Many of the outlet malls that opened in the evening hours on Thanksgiving and stayed open all night and through Black Friday are closing up shop at midnight on Thanksgiving this year. There are still several outlet malls that will remain open, but it isn't like it used to be and neither are the perks and giveaways.

Premium Outlet Malls has been particularly disappointing as far as generating any sense of holiday excitement. The promotional message is "Extra Festive Hours" which sends visitors to a list of mall hours for November and December. The outlet stores are beginning to show some of the Black Friday in-store deals, but Premium Outlets has not announced any free gifts, gift certificate drawings, or other giveaways.

Tanger Outlets is having "Midnight Madness & After Thanksgiving Sales" events in most of its outlet malls. In-store promotions are broken into sections of 60, 50 and 30 percent savings. The outlet stores are slowing filling in the pages. However, Tanger Outlets has not announced any type of giveaways, which is unusual. In past years, Tanger Outlets has given away mall certificates based on shoppers' purchases, hourly drawings for gifts, and big prizes including fully paid for trips. Hopefully, the outlet mall promotions are being kept top secret.

Shoppers Can Plan Their Shopping Trip

In the past, the outlet malls have also posted online several of the individual outlet stores' sales and promotions for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and the holiday weekend. With the late hours attracting big crowds, shoppers can scan the deals and then prioritize their shopping trips and get to the stores with the best deals.

Because outlet stores do not always have to follow the outlet mall hours, it is a good idea to call a stores and verify when they will be opened. Unlike regional indoor malls, select outlet stores will open earlier than the outlet mall's advertised hours. Also, outlet hours can change based on store participation and the weather.

Come Prepared

Speaking of the weather, many of the outlet malls are designed as open-air and outdoor malls. Checking the weather before you head to an outlet is always good idea. Depending on the size of the outlet mall, it can sometimes be a real hike to get to all of the best stores. A good umbrella can save the day if the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worst.

For some unexplained reason, the temperature seems to drop by 10 degrees when walking around an outlet center at night, and the air can become refreshingly cold. Dressing in warm outerwear, toasty comfortable boots, and cozy accessories will usually keep the chill off.

Few Dining Options

There are very few outlet malls that can boast having fabulous restaurants. Despite it, food courts get jammed up quickly, with long waiting lines.Fast-food restaurants, food trucks, and vending machines are the typical choices of places to eat at the average outlet mall.Keeping a few snacks and bottled water on hand, or a thermos of something hot to drink, is always a good idea unless you are fortunate to be going to an outlet mall that includes great dining options.

Holiday Parking

Shopping the midnight sales at the outlets means that it is likely that most shoppers will arrive at the malls after dark. Parking may become challenging if the center is super busy.There is no real way to resolve the problem, but maybe by expecting that you will encounter a full parking lot, it will somehow make it less annoying. The real trick is to remember where the car is parked. It can be easy in some of the centers to get turned around.