Can Automatic Sweepstakes Services Help You Win More Prizes?

Does It Make Sense to Pay a Company to Enter Sweepstakes for You?

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 Have you wondered whether there is a way to enter sweepstakes faster without having to do the work yourself? Maybe there's an entry service, bot, or program that can do all of the tedious work of filling out entry forms for you? Sweepstakes entry services are companies that will take your entry information and submit it to various online sweepstakes for a fee. But do they work?

Some people feel that this method of entering is cheating since the entrants do not actually visit the sweepstakes website themselves. Other people feel that entry services are only cheating if they enter sweepstakes where the rules of the promotions prohibit auto-entry. There is no general law or rule that says that people have to enter themselves, and if individual sweepstakes want to prohibit that behavior, they should state so in their rules.

Sweepstakes sponsors can receive many benefits from online entry services. They can reach people who might otherwise never find their promotion, and they can let them know about their products through information in their confirmation emails and through links provided by the automatic entry services themselves. Automatic entry can be a mutually beneficial service for sponsors, entrants, and the entry companies themselves.

So Should You Use an Automatic Entry Service?

Automatic entry services give you the chance to receive regular entries into a variety of sweepstakes, which can improve your odds of winning. On the other hand, there are some downsides to using a service. 

One of the risks of automatic entry services is that you might disqualify yourself if you enter yourself into a sweep that your service then enters. Some companies might disqualify entries that come from automatic entry services even if they don't say anything about it in their rules. And you may miss out on additional chances to win like referring friends.

Automatic entries services were more popular when most online sweepstakes were entered with a simple online form. Nowadays, there are instant win sweepstakes, blog giveaways, and sweepstakes on social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Automatic entry services can't help you enter any of these types of giveaways.

And don't forget the monetary aspect. Sinking money into your sweepstakes hobby adds risk and takes away some of the fun of entering for yourself.

What Should You Look for If You Want to Use a Sweepstakes Entry Service?

If you want to go ahead and try an entry service despite the risks, here are some of the things that you should look for in the company you choose:

Length of Time in Business: An established company that has been around for years is more trustworthy than a new company that could disappear tomorrow.

User Testimonials: Find out what other people have said about the company by doing an internet search for them (use Blingo to get chances to win while you search).

No Inflated Numbers: Some sweepstakes services promise to enter you into a huge number of sweepstakes. How can they do it? They enter you whether you can win or not. Make sure the guarantees are for your personal entries, not for anyone on the site, and that you are only entered into sweeps that you can win based on easy filters like your age, citizenship, and state of residence.

Commitment to the Rules: Make sure that you don't sign up for a company unless it commits to avoiding sweepstakes where automatic entries are prohibited. Otherwise, you could become known as a cheater, and blocked from entering certain sweepstakes. It's a good sign if they provide links to the giveaways they enter you into so that you can check the rules for yourself.

Remember that no sweepstakes service can guarantee that you win. It's entirely possible that you could pay a service, they could fulfill or exceed their contractual obligations, and you could still not win any prizes. It's up to you to decide whether the extra entries and the time saved are worth the fees or not.

It's also a good idea to read the terms and conditions of any sweepstakes service thoroughly before signing up, so that you understand what services are included in the price, whether you will be automatically resubscribed at the end of your membership period, and other important details.