Community Orchard Locations

Apple Orchard
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Tired of paying for fruit? All of these community orchards offer free fruit to the community. Just chip in with the upkeep and picking, and a portion of the harvest is yours. Know of a community orchard that I missed. Please e-mail me with the details, so I can add it.

United States

Bloomington Community Orchard
2120 S. Highland Ave. 
Bloomington, IN 47401
(inside the City of Bloomington Winslow Woods Park)

The harvest from the orchard is available to everyone in the community. They also schedule workdays and educational opportunities throughout the year, for anyone interested in learning more about establishing an orchard.

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Dekalb County Community Gardens (Dekalb, IL)
P.O. Box 348, DeKalb, IL 60115

The organization has over 40 community gardens county-wide (including orchards).                      For

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Fitchburg City Hall Community Garden (WI)

Started in 2014, and maintained by senior citizens from the community.

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Grand Rapids Commuity Orchard Project
Mailing Address: Friends of Grand Rapids Parks
PO Box 3199
Grand Rapids, MI 49501

Help with an existing orchard, or apply for a grant to start a new one.

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Hollywood Orchard
Founded in 2011, the group harvests unused fruit from trees in the Beachwood Canyon community. Some of the fruit is preserved and shared with members and the community, the rest is donated to local food charities.

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Lawrence Community Orchard Project
830 Garfield St.
Lawrence, Kansas 66044

Orchard is open from dawn to dusk. Anyone can pick for free.

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Mesa Verde Community Orchards
Mailing Address: Mesa Verde Gardens
85 Nielson Street, Watsonville, CA 95076

Three community orchards produce fruit year round. Must participate in at least one work day to share in the harvest.

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Philadelphia Orchard Project
Mailing Address: Philadelphia Orchard Project
c/o The Woodlands
4000 Woodland Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19104

The group plants and maintains orchards throughout the city. To date, there are 56 and counting. 

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Portland Fruit Tree Project
Main Office: 5431 NE 20th Ave
Portland, OR 97211

The organization has three orchards on public land, and also gleans (with permission) from existing orchards throughout the city. Half of the fruit harvested goes to low income individuals, the other half goes to people who help to harvest it.

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Community Orchard of West Seattle
South Seattle Community College
North Entrance, 6000 16th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106

They have a home-sized orchard, designed to show residents how much food can be grown on a city lot. The harvest goes to volunteers, and local food security programs.

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The RaceHill Community Orchard
Swanborough Pl, Brighton, The City of Brighton and Hove, BN2 5QB

The orchard was started in 2013 on a three-acre site in East Brighton. Once the orchard is productive, locals will be able to enjoy the free fruit harvest.

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Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard
1075 Eglinton Avenue West

Volunteer to help with the orchard or participate in a workshop. Volunteers share in the harvest.

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