Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

Don't just shop Cyber Monday; shop it like a boss. Here are the tips and tricks you need to snag the best deals on the hottest products —​ all without leaving home.

Start Tracking Deals Early

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Retailers seem to release their Cyber Monday ads earlier each year. Use all that extra lead time to your advantage. Figure out which stores will have the best deal on the products you're after, and when their sale starts, so you'll be ready to pounce as soon as deals go live.

Sign Up for Store Newsletters



If you plan to shop at a particular retailer, be sure to sign up for their e-newsletter a few weeks before the sale. It's a good way to stay abreast of deals and promotions, and a great way to score special subscriber-only coupons.

Want to save even more? Follow your favorite brands on Facebook and Twitter, so you'll hear about any flash sales.

Let Deal Bloggers Do the Work for You

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Save yourself a ton of legwork by following a ​deal blog (or two). They'll have the latest info on pricing, promo codes, and unadvertised offers.

Compare Prices

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Before you place an order, use a price comparison website like to make sure you're getting the best deal out there. Download the mobile app, if you plan to do your shopping on the go.

Factor in Shipping Costs

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When determining which store has the best deal on an item, be sure to factor in shipping costs. Most stores offer free shipping on Cyber Monday, but there are some that don't, and that extra cost could blow a deal.

Have a Plan B

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Popular gift items sell out quickly, and may only be available in limited quantities to begin with; so, it's important to have a plan B. Know who you'll buy from if your preferred retailer is sold out, so you're able to shift gears quickly.

Tip: If the price is higher at your second-choice store, check to see if they price match.

Buy Discounted Gift Cards

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Want to save even more? Visit to buy discounted gift cards for the stores you plan to shop at. It's an easy way to save an additional 10-22 percent or more on your Cyber Monday purchases.

Tip: Opt for eCards, and you can use the gift cards the same day you buy them.

Have Shipping Addresses Ready

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Planning to have gifts shipped directly to the recipients? Then, be sure to have those addresses ready. When you're trying to get in first on a deal, every second counts.

Register for Shopper Accounts

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If you plan to order from a company that you haven't bought from before, take a few minutes to create a customer account before Cyber Monday gets here. Having your shipping information on file will save you from having to enter it when you place your order, and that'll get you on to the next website faster.

Tip: When you sign up for your account, check to see if they have a rewards program that you can sign up for.

Pre-Load Your Shopping Cart

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Save valuable shopping time by pre-loading your shopping cart with the items you want to buy the day before the sale begins. This trick won't work on every site, but when it does, it'll get you to checkout a heck of a lot faster.

Get Early Access to Deals

Prime Early Access
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Want to be able to shop before everyone else? Amazon Prime members get early access to many of the Lightning Deals on Amazon. On Cyber Monday, that's a serious advantage, and well worth the price of a membership. The program also comes with free two-day shipping.

Order through a Rewards Site

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Access a store's website through a rewards site to earn points or cash back on all of your Cyber Monday purchases. Some rewards sites worth checking out: SwagBucksMyPoints, and Ebates.

Seek Out Coupon Codes

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If you spot a promo code box when you're checking out, take a minute to see if you can track down a code. Just type "store name promo code," into a search engine, or visit a site like or to see what codes they've posted. That little bit of detective work could score you free shipping, a percent off your order or even free merchandise.

Stack Promo Codes to Sweeten Deals

Stacking Coupon Codes
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Don't make the mistake of assuming you can only use one promo code at checkout. Many retailers, including Kohl's, Target and Amazon, will accept multiple promo codes on a single order. This practice is known as coupon stacking, and it's a favorite among deal seekers. Just enter one code; hit enter to update your order total. Then, enter your next code.

Not sure if a particular store allows stacking? Plug a couple codes in, and see what happens. There's no harm in trying.