Facebook News Feed Too Cluttered? How to Reduce Posts from Companies

See More Posts from Your Facebook Friends with These Easy Tricks

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If you enter Facebook sweepstakes, take quizzes, or look for deals on Facebook, you might be missing out on important posts from your actual friends. That's because, if left unchecked, posts from the companies you've interacted with will start appearing with increasing frequency, slowly pushing out posts from the people you want to see the most.

Over time, your Facebook news feed will become cluttered with marketing posts. While some of these posts will be interesting, offering valuable coupons or chances to win prizes, many will just take up space. If you don't declutter these posts regularly, you'll miss posts you really want to read.

Just as with removing unwanted Facebook apps, decluttering your news feed will make Facebook safer and easier to use and should be done on a regular basis. Luckily, it's easy to control which posts show up on in your news feed. Here are two easy ways to limit companies' posts on your Facebook wall.

"Unlike" the Company to Keep Their Posts Off Your Facebook Wall

If you are not interested in seeing any posts from a company, you can "unlike" their page. This will prevent their posts from appearing on your Facebook news feed altogether. Plus, some Facebook ads are targeted to people who like certain pages, and companies can even market to your friends based on the pages you like. "Unliking" a page will stop ads that target people who like that company.

To unlike a company on Facebook, visit the company's Facebook page by clicking on the company's name in a post that appears on your news feed and hover your mouse over the "Liked" icon. The first option in the drop-down box that appears should be to "Unlike this Page".

If a company's posts are showing up on your news feed because you entered one of their giveaways, however, you should wait until the sweepstakes you entered has ended before you stop following their page. Although it's less common now that Facebook has banned like-gating, some Facebook sweepstakes will disqualify you if you aren't a fan.

Liking the company will also make it easier to contact you if you're a winner. It's harder to overlook direct messages from companies you've liked, and you won't want to miss a post that announces the winner.

Hide the Company's Posts on Your Facebook Wall

If you don't want to unlike the page or risk disqualifying yourself from winning, you can simply hide the posts on your Facebook wall so that you and your friends won't see them.

To hide posts, look on the right-hand side of any company's post on your Facebook news feed and look for a light gray arrow pointing down. Click on that arrow, then select the option to "Hide All by [Company]."

The company's posts will no longer appear on your news feed, although you will are still officially a fan of the page.

This can be a disadvantage for sweepstakes fans, however, since some companies announce their winners publicly through Facebook posts, or provide a link to a website that lists the winners' names. If you don't want to take the chance of missing a prize notification, wait until after the giveaway has expired to hide the company's posts.

You Can Remove Multiple Facebook Pages at One Time

If you have too many unwanted company posts appearing on your news feed to remove them one at a time, you can also unlike multiple pages at once. You can read "How to Easily Remove Multiple Facebook Pages" for a step-by-step how-to guide.

An Argument Against Removing Sweepstakes Sponsors from Your Facebook Wall

If you're genuinely not interested in a sponsor's posts, or if you're just feeling overwhelmed by all the messages, feel free to use one of the methods above to prevent the posts from appearing on your Facebook wall. But remember that these posts might include news about new sweepstakes to enter, discounts, coupons, and other interesting tidbits, which you'll miss out on if you remove the posts.