Merchandise Returns Made Easy With ReturnGuru

How much money have you wasted by not returning items you purchased for yourself or others, but then changed your mind or the item was defective? Maybe you set the merchandise aside and planned to return it, but forgot about it until it was too late to take it back or ship it to the seller.

And then there's the hassle the stores having different policies for returning merchandise. Figuring out the best way to make a return shipment to an online retailer can be time-consuming, too. Try one or more of these mobile apps for Android and iPhone or iPad, and you'll save money by returning purchases that you don't want or need, and getting a refund.

Slice App

While there's a more to Slice than making the process of returning an item you bought to a retail store easier, this feature is extremely helpful.

Slice keeps a record of all your purchases and receipts are searchable through the app. Click on a receipt, and you'll also see the return policy for that retailer and a customer service phone number for many merchants.

Slice can save you money not only by helping you to make returns and get refunds, but it also sends notifications automatically to alert you when a price drops for a recent purchase.

Many retailers offer a refund for the difference if a price decreases for something you bought recently. Other features include package shipment tracking, e-receipt back up and a simplified budget that pulls information from your receipts.

Slice has a free app for Android and iOS devices and works with a web app that you access with Firefox, Chrome or another web browser. Download Slice from Google Play for Android, or the iTunes App Store for Apple devices.


ReturnGuru says it has the largest database of online and brick and mortar retailer's return policies, and you can use this app to access it. The best feature is automated reminders about return policy expiration dates for your purchases, so if you need to return an item, you do it on time and get your money back.

To use the app, sign up at When you have a receipt, you want to track because you may need to return it, snap a photo and send it to

Receipts for online purchases are forwarded directly from your email to the service. You will then be reminded of the return due date as it draws near, and a copy of the receipt is included with the reminder.

Sorry Android users, ReturnGuru is currently only available for iPhone and Windows phones. Download ReturnGuru from the iTunes App Store. Download for Windows Phone

USPS and UPS Mobile

USPS Mobile is the United States Post Office free app, and it can help you find the least expansive way to return merchandise through the mail.

Plug in shipping information like to and from zip codes and some details about your envelope or package, then use the Calculate a Price feature and a list of mailing options pops up so you can find the cheapest or fastest one quickly.

Extra services like insurance and delivery confirmation can be selected and will be added to the cost. You can use USPS Mobile to track your return shipment, along with many, many other features. USPS Mobile app is available for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry. Download it at

UPS Mobile

This app is from UPS, the guys in the brown delivery trucks. UPS Mobile will calculate shipping costs so you can determine if this is a cheaper way to return packages, and it shows you UPS shipping locations. There are also a few other features, including package tracking.

My UPS ID is required to use this app, with a specified payment method. If you don't have one, register at UPS Mobile has apps for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry, and you can find them at the UPS Mobile site.