The Pros and Cons of Entering Twitter Contests & Sweepstakes

Is It Worth the Time to Enter Sweepstakes on Twitter?

Can Twitter Help You Win Prizes?
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Are Twitter Sweepstakes Worthwhile?

For sweepers, ignoring Twitter means missing out on many giveaways, some of which have huge prizes and great odds of winning. Twitter also helps you stay abreast of the latest sweepstakes news and developments.

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  • Twitter is free and easy to use
  • There are a lot of contests and sweepstakes offered through twitter
  • Twitter is a great source of sweepstakes news and events


  • It can take time to get the hang of Twitter
  • It can be difficult to tell the difference between legit Twitter sweepstakes and scams


  • Many contests and sweepstakes today can be entered only through Twitter.
  • Twitter is also a good way to keep up with sweepstakes news and developments.
  • Be especially aware of sweepstakes safety and the warning signs of sweepstakes scams when entering Twitter contests.

Twitter is a social messaging system that has taken the internet by storm. Twitter allows you to send short messages of 140 characters or less to your "followers," a group of people who have agreed to receive your messages.

Sending messages through Twitter is similar to sending text messages, except that you can reach more people at once and you don't necessarily need a cell phone to do it.

How Twitter Can Be Useful to Sweepstakes Fans

You can use Twitter to follow not only your friends and family, but also your favorite celebrities, news organizations, and companies. Larry King, Will Wheaton, and Britney Spears are just a few examples.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. You can also use Twitter to stay abreast of the news in your favorite topic areas, including sweepstakes. For example, you can follow Contests on Twitter.

Sweepstakes and Contests on Twitter:

Many companies have discovered that Twitter sweepstakes are a powerful way to reach their audience.

For example, a little-known company named Moonfruit made waves by holding a Twitter contest that resulted in their name quickly becoming splashed across the Twittersphere (to the annoyance of some). Sales and trial memberships of Moonfruit's products rose sharply after they achieved Twitter fame, according to an ITProPortal article.

For sweepers, ignoring Twitter means missing out on many giveaways, some of which have huge prizes and great odds of winning.

Keep Safety in Mind When Entering Twitter Contests

Twitter is a new platform for contests and sweepstakes, and it's a little bit like the Wild West -- there's the potential for abuse. So be sure to use your common sense when entering Twitter contests.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

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