How to Find Discounts and Deals on Craft Supplies

Save Big on Craft Supplies With a Few Quick Pointers

How to save on craft supplies
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Everyone with a creative streak knows how much fun it can be to pass the time by crafting, but they also are aware of how the costs of craft supplies can add up quickly. Whether you’re a knitter, a scrapbooker, a painter or you practice another discipline, you probably spend a lot of time at the craft store hoping to fill your cart with items that will help you with your creations.

Fortunately, there are quick and simple ways to find cheap craft supplies so you can cut your crafting bills significantly and buy more for less. Check out the following five ways to get discounts on everything you need for your creative pursuits.

1. Weekly Coupons Are Easy to Find

If you’re a frequent crafter, you should never—under any circumstances—visit one of the big chain craft stores without a coupon. Although this used to require you to subscribe to the Sunday newspaper and clip coupons for stores like AC Moore, Hobby Lobby and Michaels right out of the circular, that is no longer a requirement. All of those stores have joined the digital realm, allowing you to access coupons online or even on your phone.

To find each week’s coupons, visit the respective website of the company, or register for their loyalty programs so they’ll email you a coupon once a week. Most coupons will give you 40 or 50 percent off of one regular-priced item, but occasionally you’ll get a coupon for 15 or 20 percent off your entire order. These are most common around the holidays, but can happen year-round.

2. Check Out Discount Craft Websites

You can typically find cheap craft supplies online at a multitude of discount craft websites. Some of them, such as CreateForLess and SaveOnCrafts, offer discounted craft supplies on everything from yarn to beads. Others, like HJ Closeouts and OrientalTrading, offer lower prices on craft supplies as long as you buy them in bulk.

Bulk sites can be particularly helpful for teachers and large crafting groups because you can get big quantities of supplies at deep discounts.

In addition, you can get great deals on craft supplies at big chain stores (both brick-and-mortar and online) like Walmart, Target, Amazon and Overstock. Walmart's craft department will often have a clearance bin where you can find even cheaper options.

3. Don’t Forget to Use Promo Codes

If you purchase your craft supplies at an online site, always remember to search for a promo code online to get an even deeper discount. You can usually find a place to enter these codes during checkout, and you’ll typically save anywhere from five to 20 percent with coupon codes. You can either go straight to a promo code website like RetailMeNot or you can search online using the store name and the word “promo code.”

If there’s a particular craft site you use frequently, you can also sign up for their email list to get promo codes and coupons emailed directly to you. This is usually the fastest and most convenient way to get discount codes sent to you.

4. Buy Other Crafters’ Leftover Supplies

If you check sites like Etsy, eBay or Craigslist, you may be able to find instances of people selling their leftover craft supplies. Many of us have purchased more supplies than we need for a particular project, and then have extra items remaining after the project is completed. Crafters usually sell these extra supplies at extreme low prices.

5. Join a Local Crafting Club

If you’re part of a crafting club in your community, you can usually find people who will trade craft supplies with you. For instance, members of a knitting club may find fellow knitters who will trade them five skeins of black yarn for five skeins of white, allowing each to get new supplies at lower cost than buying them new—sometimes completely free.

By combining several of the above discount crafting strategies, you will probably never have to pay full price for craft supplies again. And remember—if you find an amazing deal on your favorite supplies, try and stock up so you won't have to hunt down deals on those products again.