Flagship Cinemas Free Summer Movies

How to Watch Free Movies at Flagship Cinemas This Summer

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Check back later for more details on Flagship Cinemas free summer movies for 2020.

Each summer Flagship Cinemas shows free summer movies three days a week for groups and the general public. They are showing a great selection of family and kid's movies this summer.

The 2019 free summer movie program at Flagship Cinemas is called Camp Flagship. Below are all the details you need to know, like when the movies are playing, how to get to the theater, and some things to remember before heading out.

Flagship Cinemas is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, with locations in Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Florida, and Virginia. Their theaters have power reclining seats, digital projection, and digital surround sound.

When You Can See Free Summer Movies at Flagship Cinemas

The free summer movies at Flagship Cinemas are shown from June 25 through August 7, 2019, depending on the theater location.

The free summer movies usually play on Tuesday and Wednesday or Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but this may vary for different locations. You'll want to contact your local Flagship Cinema if you have any questions about the schedule.

Doors for the free summer movies open at 9:30 a.m. and the movie starts at 10:00 a.m.

A List of the Free Summer Movies Playing at Flagship Cinemas

Visit Flagship Cinemas and put your mouse over the Locations menu to choose the Flagship Cinema location that you'd like to visit to see a free summer movie. The schedule can be tricky to find on each locations webpage. Some places to check for the specific location schedule include their scrolling promotions in the center of the page, by clicking on the Special page at the bottom of the page, or by visiting the specific locations Facebook page.

Here are some of the free summer movies available at Flagship Cinemas during their Camp Flagship summer program, but remember to see the schedule specific to your theater to make sure it's the same:

  • Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation
  • Sherlock Gnomes
  • The Emoji Movie
  • Minions
  • Peter Rabbit
  • Sing
  • The My Little Pony Movie
  • The Ninjago Movie
  • Small Food
  • Sherlock Gnomes

Limits to Be Aware Of

Not all the Flagship Cinema locations may be participating in this free summer movie program, so be sure to check the details for each location on the website or give them a call.

Some locations might be playing different movies or the same movies but on different days than what's listed above. To make sure you're reading the right schedule, follow the Flagship Cinemas link above to your local theater. The flyer on that page is specific to your theater.

The doors open at 9:30 a.m. for most locations. If you have a group that wants to visit Flagship Cinemas to watch a free summer movie, you'll need to call the local theater and make reservations for the number of seats you want. There's a list of phone numbers for each location on their contact page.

More Free Summer Movies

Flagship Cinemas isn't the only theater offering free movies this summer. You'll find a list of participating theaters, details on the day and time of the free movie, and a list of movies that the kids can watch for free at their favorite theater this summer.

A few examples include Marquee Cinemas, Showcase Cinemas, and Bow Tie Cinemas.