Installation Overview of Fort Lee, Virginia

Fort Lee is home to the Soldiers, Marines, and Civilians who "Feed You, Fuel You, and Supply You," from the Garrison to the Battlefield. Fort Lee is headquarters of the U.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command, U.S. Army Quartermaster Center and School, the Army Logistics Management College, and the U.S. Defense Commissary Agency.


Fort Lee entrance gate.
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Fort Lee is rich in history and is host to two Army museums, the U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum, and the U.S. Army Women's Museum. The fort is named for Confederate General Robert E. Lee. The roads passing through Fort Lee linked Petersburg and City Point (Hopewell), both vital supply and communication centers on the Appomattox River during the Revolutionary War. During the last days of the Revolutionary War, British and Tory troops were engaged in a battle by a small force of Americans near Blandford Church, between Petersburg and the present Fort Lee.

The mission of Fort Lee is to provide logistics doctrine, organizations, training, leader development, and material solutions to sustain a campaign quality Army with joint and expeditionary capabilities during peace and war.

Population and Major Units Assigned

There are four major commands on Fort Lee: the Combined Arms Support Command, the Quartermaster Center and School, the U.S. Army Garrison, the Army Logistics Management College, and the headquarters for the Defense Commissary Command.

These commands have a number of subordinate commands and related activities on the post.

Fort Lee is home to nearly 3,200 military personnel and as many family members, 600 single soldiers on the installation and another 2,300 families off-post. On any given day between 3,000 and 4,200 students are trained here.

Main Phone Numbers

  • Post Information: (804) 765-3000
  • Lodging, Temporary: 1-800-403-8533
  • Lodging, Commercial: (804) 733-4100/734-6700
  • Housing Services Office: (804) 765-1597/1963/2016/1961
  • School liaison office: (804) 765-3813
  • Central Registration Child Youth Services: (804) 765-3852
  • Child Development Center: (804) 765-3765
  • Kenner Army Health Clinic: (804) 734-9000
  • TRICARE Appointments: 1-866-645-4584

Temporary Lodging

Army Lodging at Fort Lee has 574 units of temporary lodging quarters at the Lodging Extended Stay and Transient. Most of the lodging units are single student quarters, but six units are two-bedroom apartments that provide temporary lodging for military families on ​permanent-change-of-station (PCS) orders. On a space-available basis only, these rooms may also be used to lodge extended family members visiting Fort Lee residents. However, the room must be booked in the sponsor's name and the sponsor is responsible for the actions of the room occupants.​

Nightly rates range from $45 to $70 depending on room size and occupancy of the room. Space-available reservations are accepted 24 hours in advance of arrival. The lodging office is located in building P-8025 on Mahone Avenue, between the Fort Lee Police Station and U.S. Army Garrison Headquarters.


Pinnacle Property Management (On-post Housing) 1510 Sisisky Blvd. Fort Lee Phone: 804-733-1558

Housing Services Office (Off-post Housing) 1510 Sisisky Blvd. Fort Lee, Va. 23801 Phone (804) 765-1597/1963/2016/1961

Family Housing at Fort Lee is managed by Fort Lee Commonwealth Communities, LLC, located at 1510 Sisisky Blvd, phone number 804-733-1558.

Family housing on Fort Lee is divided into three grade/rank designations: junior noncommissioned officers, senior NCOs, and officers. Currently, Fort Lee has five separate housing neighborhoods. All of the neighborhoods provide space and amenities normally found in private sector developments.

Over the next several years, the remaining housing units will either be replaced or completely renovated depending on age and condition. There will be approximately 500 additional housing units in new neighborhoods with an estimated 1,493 housing units. Currently, several units on Fort Lee are handicap adaptable for "special needs" residents. Homes range from two-bedroom to five-bedroom units within the different neighborhoods. Each community has dedicated teams consisting of two community managers, along with five resident relations specialists, four leasing agents, a maintenance staff, and groundskeepers.

It is not mandatory that married military members reside on the post unless they occupy a key and essential position. Renters should thoroughly review their lease and if provisions are unclear, they should have it reviewed by HSO and/or Staff Judge Advocate. For information regarding Off-post housing, contact Housing Services Office,1510 Sisisky Blvd. Fort Lee, Phone (804) 765-1597/1963/2016/1961.


The Fort Lee School Liaison Officer is located in Bldg. 10612, Yorktown Drive 1100 Lee Ave., Suite 101 Fort Lee. They can be contacted via phone at 804-765-3813. The School Liaison Services provides information, support, and assistance to parents of school-age children, K-12, to include transitioning, home-schooling, post-secondary education, school registration, transportation, school policies and in/out processing.

Several school systems, public and private, are found close to Fort Lee. Students from families living at Fort Lee will attend The Prince George County School System. Parents must provide a birth certificate, social security number, comprehensive physical examination, certificate of immunizations, court-issued custody papers (if applicable), previous school records and proof of residency when registering children for schools in Virginia. All children must attend school in the district where they reside. In order to register for school, parents must provide proof of their residence, on-post residents can obtain a memorandum from the Fort Lee Housing Office.

School bus service is provided at designated locations within the housing areas for children attending Prince George County Public Schools. The school bus service is also provided at temporary lodging on the post.

Family members of military personnel residing off-post will enroll in the school district where they reside. Bus services are provided by each local school district's Department of Transportation to their prospective school only.

If you are interested in homeschooling you may contact Tri-Cities Home Educators of VA: 804-278-9200. Other school listings are provided upon request from the SLO.

Child Care

At Fort Lee, all children must be registered through the Central Registration Office located in Bldg. 10612 Yorktown Drive Fort Lee, before they can be accepted into any Child and Youth Services Division. The Phone number is 804-765-3852.

To register you must bring: valid ID card, current Immunization Record, copy of physical exam must be turned in within 30 days of enrollment in childcare programs and three local emergency designees and phone numbers (other than child's parents), Family Care Plan (Form 5305-R) - only for sole and dual military (childcare programs), current duty phone number, registration fee of $40 per family or $18 per student, proof of age document and sports registration.

The Child Development Center is located in Bldg. 10610, Yorktown Dr., 804-765-3765. The Child Development Center (CDC) services include a full-day program that offers care to children ages six weeks to four years, before and after school program, a preschool program for children three to four years and an hourly care program for children ages six weeks to five years.

The Family Child Care Administration Office is located in Bldg. 10612, Yorktown Drive, phone number 804-765-3850. Family Child Care-Certified providers offer childcare services in their on-post homes for parents who prefer small group settings in a home environment.

School Age Service is located in Bldg. 10605, Yorktown Drive, phone number 804-765-3758. There are several programs offered through the School Age Services. program to include: Before/After School Program Bus service is provided for the Prince George Schools of Harrison, South, and Walton. The SAS provides before and after school services for children first through fifth grades.

Medical Care

Kenner Army Health Clinic located in Bldg. 8130 700 24th Street, Fort Lee manages the primary health care of Fort Lee beneficiaries. It's Information Desk phone number is 804-734-9000 and the TRICARE Appointment Line phone number is 1-866-645-4584.

Kenner provides outpatient primary health care services for the military family. The nearby military medical facilities and network civilian health care partners provide specialty care and inpatient hospitalization. Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., Naval Medical Center-Portsmouth, McDonald Army Health Center at Fort Eustis and the Health Clinic at Langley Air Force Base are additional military medical treatment facilities that serve Fort Lee personnel. Kenner offers a shuttle service to most of these facilities.

Kenner Services provides a full range of outpatient services to include adult and pediatric primary care. They provide limited specialty care to include optometry, orthopedics, physical therapy, preventive medicine, community mental health (active-duty only) and social work. Ancillary services include laboratory, pharmacy, and radiology.

You can schedule or cancel appointments by calling the TRICARE Appointment line: 1-866-MIL-HLTH (645-4584).

The Colonel Terry P. Bull Dental Clinic is located in the center of the block between B and C avenues and 26th and 27th streets at 2601 C Ave. The clinic provides general dentistry care to active-duty military.