31 Free English Worksheets

Test Your Grammar, Numbers, Colors, Letters, and More

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These free English worksheets are a great way to test yourself to see if you're understanding the essential concepts of the English language. Below are dozens of free worksheets that you can print off or view on your computer to see just how well your learning is coming along.

If you find these to be too difficult, consider taking free online English lessons and free English games to learn more about what's in these worksheets, and then come back and take a second look.

There are also several free language learning mobile applications that can teach you English when you're away from your computer or free language learning websites and free language exchange websites that you can use when you are on your computer.

See How Well You Can Write Numbers in English

Learning numbers may be the most basic thing you learn with any language. Download these free English worksheets to see how well you know the English words for various numbers.

Not only can you use these worksheets to see if you can write the correct word for each number, but you can also compare the structure of each letter with the answers to verify that you're drawing them accurately.

Free English Worksheets Over the Alphabet

As with any language, it's essential that you know the English alphabet. Below are worksheets you can fill out to test whether you're on track with the ordering and writing of the letters.

  • Alphabet Antics: This worksheet has lots of questions regarding the English alphabet. You must write two letters that come before and after the given letters, as well as rearrange a sentence in alphabetical order. All the answers are shown on the second page of the PDF.
  • Alphabetical Order: Arrange these 10 words in alphabetical order, and then check your answers.
  • A Good Alphabetical Order: List these 20 words in alphabetical order to practice the English alphabet. Answers are not included in this worksheet, so someone who knows the language will need to verify the answers.
  • Alphabet Missing Letters: Fill in the missing letters of the alphabet and then check your answers.
  • Match Capital and Small Letters: Draw a line to match the capital letter with the lowercase letter in this free English worksheet.

Test Your English Colors With These Worksheets

Download these free worksheets for different methods of verifying that you know your colors in English.

  • Colors Picture Test: Match each color splash with the written word. Check the answers when you're done.
  • Colors Picture Test: This is very similar to the previous worksheet but you're instead given six words for each color, and you must choose only the correct one. 
  • Missing Letter Colors Test: This English worksheet works by having you fill in the missing letters that describe each color.
  • Spell and Write Colors: Another iteration of the above worksheets, unscramble the letters to match the color with the scrambled word.
  • Vocabulary Colors: Draw a line between the object and its color to practice reading these basic words.
  • Colors Crossword: Translate the color into the English word for that color, and then fill the word in the crossword puzzle.

Grammar, Vocabulary, Punctuation & Spelling Worksheets

There are lots of rules when it comes to building sentences in English. Below are several worksheets you can download to see how well you know some of the basic and more tricky ones alike.

  • Verbs: Animal Action: You're given 20 verbs that you must use to fill in the incomplete sentences. The answers are on the second page.
  • Actions Spelling: Circle the word that's spelled correctly. Check your answers on the second page.
  • I Vs. Me Worksheet: A common problem made by many English speakers is confusing when to use I and me in a sentence. Download this worksheet and answer the questions to see how well you do. All of the answers are included.
  • Adverbs: Circle the adverb that describes the verb in each of these sentences.
  • Vocabulary Practice: This is a multiple choice vocabulary practice worksheet. You're given two sentences for each section and must choose the word that fits both sentences. Answers are on the second page.
  • Allude Vs. Elude Worksheet: Fill in the blank in these 10 sentences, choosing either elude or allude. Answers are included.
  • Using Commas: Read the sentences and place commas in the correct places. Compare your answers with the answer key to see how many you get right. A more difficult worksheet is also available.
  • Who Vs. Whom Worksheet: Choosing between the pronouns who and whom can be tricky. See if you can spot which word goes in these sentences, and then verify if you're correct with the answers on the second page of the worksheet.
  • Days of the Week: Answer the questions about the different days of the week, and then find those words in the word search.
  • Missing Letters of Spring: 15 words are missing one or more of their letters. See if you can fill in the blanks, and then compare your answers with the upside down answer key on the bottom of the PDF file. Once you're finished with this one, you can find more of these missing letter worksheets on Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day, Winter, Fall, 4th of July, and Summer.
  • Writing Names: Rewrite the names using capital letters where they're necessary. The answer to the five questions is on the second page.
  • Clothes Wordsearch: Find words that have to do with clothes in this puzzle.
  • Feelings Picture Test: Read and match the facial expressions with the vocabulary word for a feeling.