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Take the Kids Out to the Disney Store for a Fun and Free Event

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The Disney Store has free in-store events that are perfect for children of all ages. These are fun events that usually involve costumes, stories, music, and games that your children will love.

Going to a free event at a Disney Store is really easy. Not only are all the events listed online, since there isn't a registration or payment step, you really just have to show up at the right place and time to get into the event.

Types of Free Events at the Disney Store

The types of free events at the Disney Store in the past have included costume parades, story times, sing-alongs, games, movie viewings, and craft activities.

Sometimes there are also big Disney Store events that involve character appearances, celebrity guests, artist signings, and even free gifts.

Each event is usually based around a theme that's holiday, seasonal, or Disney related.

How to Attend a Disney Store Free Event

Visit the Disney Store Locator page to search for your local Disney Store. When you find it, confirm on the right side of the map that it's the right one (check the city and state and distance from your current location), and then select it.

Once you're on that Disney Store location's page, scroll down to see upcoming free events at your store as well as any sales or new items they have available. It's here that you'll see the details of the free event including the date, time, minimum age, and what type of free event will be taking place.

No registration is required for the Disney Store free events, just show up at the designated time to participate. However, be sure to read their Know Before You Go page before heading out.

Sometimes the free events at the Disney Store are on a first-come, first-served basis. Make sure to get there at the beginning of an event, especially if something free is being given away in addition to the activities.

When the Disney Store Free Events Happen

The Disney Store free events for kids usually take place on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays, and start at various times depending on the event. Be sure to check with your local store to make sure you have the right time and day for the event you want to attend.

The free events at the Disney Stores don't happen on a regular basis; you'll have to check their upcoming event calendar to stay current. You can also follow their Facebook page to avoid missing out—lots of events are posted there.

You can expect there to be an event to promote a new Disney movie hitting the theater, a new movie release to DVD, a grand opening of a new Disney store, or a seasonal event to celebrate a holiday or certain time of year.

Everyday Fun at the Disney Store

The Disney Store has a few fun activities that happen every single day at the Disney Store, and I bet your kids will love them.

When the store opens each day, there's a daily opening ceremony, and there's also a Disney theater where they can spend time watching Disney films, trailers, and music. 

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