Free Stuff On Your Birthday

Get All Kinds of Free Stuff For Your Birthday

If you love your birthday, or even if you don't, you're going to have a much brighter day with these birthday freebies that will get you a ton of free stuff for your special day.

On this list, you'll find out where to get free birthday meals, how to join birthday clubs that will get you all kinds of free stuff on your birthday and free birthday invitations that you can send out to everyone you know to invite them over to celebrate.

If you're hosting a birthday party, then there're lots of birthday freebies below for that as well, including printable online birthday cards, birthday clip art, and birthday game ideas that won't cost a cent.

Free Birthday Meals

People celebrating in restaurant
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Probably the best type of free stuff you can get on your birthday is free food. Most restaurants offer free desserts or appetizers on your birthday. By simply asking, you'll see that it's possible to get a free birthday meal, or even more than one, on your birthday.

Join Birthday Clubs for Birthday Freebies

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With birthday clubs, there's even more free food that you can get on your birthday including appetizers and desserts. There may even be some non-food birthday freebies that you won't want to miss. Make sure you sign up for all the birthday clubs so you can get as much free stuff on your birthday as possible.

Free Birthday Party Invitations

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If you're going to throw yourself a birthday party or a friend or family member one, then opt for free birthday party invitations. You can choose between free printable birthday invitations and free digital birthday invitations. They both come in many different styles, and they're a cinch to put in your own party details.

Free Birthday Cards

Birthday card with people in background
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So this isn't really free birthday stuff for your birthday but it's free a birthday freebie that you can send others on their birthday. There are free, printable birthday cards that can be printed in mere minutes leaving you plenty of time to write a meaningful greeting. In an even bigger hurry or is it too late to send a card? Then opt for a free digital birthday ecard.

Free Birthday Clip Art

birthday cake
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If you are making a homemade card or invitation then check online for free birthday clip art. You'll find images of birthday cakes, gifts, hats, and lots of other festive clip art pictures. What a fun way to wish someone a happy birthday!

Birthday Games That Won't Cost You a Cent

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There are birthday games that only use items that you already have at home, making them not only free but a breeze to set up. For example, a treasure hunt game is fun for kids, adults, or families.