Texter Review - Free Texter Software Makes Entering Flash Sweepstakes Easy

The Bottom Line

This is a great tool to use to supplement Roboform, especially when it comes to Flash sweepstakes, where Roboform doesn't work.

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  • Absolutely Free to Use
  • Lets You Enter Pre-Specified Text with Just a Few Keys
  • Helps You Enter Sweepstakes that Roboform Can't
  • Runs in the Background, Works with Nearly All Programs
  • Many Other Uses Outside of Sweepstakes Entry


  • Only Works with Windows-Based Computers
  • If Not Set Up Correctly, Some Features Are Annoying


  • Texter reduces the amount of typing necessary to enter sweepstakes.
  • Texter works even in cases where Roboform doesn't; for example, with Flash sweepstakes.
  • Advanced features move between fields to fill out entire forms easily.
  • Texter is totally free to download. Works only with Windows computers.
  • For more information and instructions, visit the Texter download site.

Guide Review - Texter Review - Free Texter Software Makes Entering Flash Sweepstakes Easy

I absolutely love Roboform, because it helps me to enter more sweepstakes in a fraction of the time. However, Roboform doesn't work with Flash sweepstakes, which means that I had to hand-type all of my information into Flash forms.

However, I read about a new software program called Texter. Texter is, according to its website, a program that "lets you define text substitution hotstrings that, when triggered, will replace hotstring with a larger piece of text."

In other words, instead of typing out my entire name, email address, or other information, I can just define a couple of characters and Texter will write out the whole thing for me. For example, I've set up the string "swem" followed by the tab character to insert my sweepstakes email into a form. Best of all, Texter works with any entry form, even Flash sweepstakes.

At first, I wasn't sure if Texter would work out for me because it seemed to make some weird changes as I typed. Considering that speed and accuracy are very important to me, I didn't like being slowed down and having my words automatically changed. However, it turns out that this was a feature, not a bug. Apparently Texter can automatically correct spelling errors, which didn't work out for me. Luckily, the feature can be disabled in the preferences menu, and since then I have really enjoyed using it to speed up my sweepstakes entry.

It would be possible to use this program in place of Roboform, but I think that Robo's one-click entry is faster. However, as a supplement when Roboform doesn't work, it's a really great tool for sweepstakes entry. And if anyone worries that they might be disqualified for using Roboform, it would be hard to imagine that any sponsor could object to Texter (since you're still filling out the information by hand, just taking shortcuts in the typing).

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