14 Frugal Gifts for Kids (That Aren't Toys)

14 Frugal Non-Toy Gifts for Kids

A frugal gift for a kid is a gift that will get used again and again – and often that's not the latest toy or gadget. Check out these can't-put-'em down gift ideas.

An Ice Cream Maker

Ice Cream Balls
Ice Cream Balls. Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

Making ice cream is fun, but it's even more fun when it's made inside of a ball while you play. Purchase an ice cream ball for your little one, and let the games begin!

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Popsicle Molds

Popsicle Molds
Popsicle Mold. Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

Popsicles are a kid favorite, and they couldn't be easier to make. Pick out a popsicle mold for your small fry (Tovolo has some great ones), and start experimenting with all of the various flavor combinations.

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Art Supplies

Crayola Inspiration Art Case
Crayola Inspiration Art Case. Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

Crayons, paper, paint and other art supplies are a great kid gift because they encourage creativity, and they don't create long-term clutter. Look for a kit with something a bit unexpected, like color-change markers, and your gift is sure to earn rave reviews.

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Slipper Genie
Slipper Genie. Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

Warm, snuggly slippers are a great gift for the young and old alike. Pick out a pair that's a bit quarky, and they're sure to get worn. The Slipper Genie pair pictured at left, features chenille soles that clean the floors as your kiddo walks (er, runs) around the house.

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Bath Stuff

Bath Paint
Bath Paint. Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

Make bath time fun with bath paint, bath crayons and fizzies, and your kiddos will be begging for more tub time.

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Reusable Sandwich Bags

Reusable Snack Bag
Reusable Snack Bag. Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

Spiffy up their lunchboxes, and cut out plastic bags, by giving your kiddos some reusable sandwich bags, like the ones pictured at left.

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A Sewing Kit

Sewing Basket
Sewing Basket. Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

Sewing is a very useful skill, and it's one that's best fostered at a young age. Pick out a sewing basket for your little one, and fill it with enough sewing supplies to get her started. Then, spend a few afternoons teaching her the basics.

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Worms. Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

Order a couple pounds of worms, and get your kids started with worm composting. It's just creepy crawly enough to earn you major cool points.

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A Tool Kit

Children's Tool Kit
Children's Tool Kit. Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

Fix-it skills are invaluable. Buy your kiddo a tool kit with real, kid-sized tools, and start teaching him (or her) what to do with them.

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Gardening Tools

Kid's Gardening Tools
Kid's Gardening Tools. Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

Pint-sized garden tools are just the thing to turn a kid on to gardening. Choose a set made from metal and wood, so they work well and last.

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Seed Balls

Seeds Balls
Seeds Balls. Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

Make gardening a game, and your kids will love it even more. Seed balls (also known as seed bombs) are the kid-approved way to sow seeds). Just throw them where you want them; water them; and watch them grow into beautiful flowers.

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A Soap Making Kit

Soap Making Kit
Soap Making Kit. Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

Introduce your kiddo to the pleasure of making things that most people buy. Melt-and-pour soap is an easy beginner project. Just pick up a soap making kit, and you'll be off and running.

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An Apron

Stephen Joseph Owl Craft Apron
Stephen Joseph Owl Craft Apron. Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

Show your kiddo that food doesn't have to come from a box or a can. A cute apron is just the thing to get them excited about spending time in the kitchen.

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A Bath Bomb Kit

Bath Bomb Kit
Bath Bomb Kit. Photo courtesy of Amazon 

Bath bombs can easily run $1 a piece (or more) in stores, but you can make them for a lot less. Buy your child a bath bomb kit, so they can learn how to make their own. There are lots of bath bomb recipes on the web to experiment with. Once your kiddo gets the process down (and develops some winning recipes), encourage them to sell their bath bombs to friends and neighbors. It'll be a fun way for them to make some money and will introduce them to the ins and outs of running a successful business.

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