Frugal Giving

7 Things You Can Donate Instead of Cash

Giving to charity doesn't have to mean giving money. Learn how you can make a difference by donating your old eyeglasses, cellphones, computers, ink cartridges and other items to charitable organizations.


Donate Cellphones
Donate Cellphones. Photo by justinbaeder
  • Verizon Hopeline
    Take your phone to any Verizon Wireless store, to help put a phone in the hands of a domestic violence victim.
  • Cellphones for Soldiers
    recycles phones. Then, uses the proceeds to buy phone cards for overseas soldiers.
  • Recycle for Breast Cancer
    Recycles cell phones and pagers. Request a free, postage paid mailer to send in your donation. Proceeds go towards breast cancer research.

Ink Cartridges

Donate Ink Cartridges
Donate Ink Cartridges. Photo by justinbaeder
  • Lion's Club
    Accepts ink jet and laser cartridges. Take them to your local Lion's Club chapter or see their website for more collection options.
  • Recycle for Breast Cancer
    Bring your cartridges to one of the drop off location or request a free, postage paid mailer. Proceeds help to fund breast cancer research.


Donate Computers
Donate Computers. Photo by gesteves


Donate Eyeglasses
Donate Eyeglasses. Photo by bbaunach
  • Lion's Club
    The Lion's Recycle for Sight program collects eyeglasses and sunglasses to give to people living in developing countries. Donations are accepted at all Pearl Vision, Goodwill and Lion's club locations. Visit their website to locate additional donation centers near you.
  • New Eyes for the Needy
    New Eyes for the Needy accepts prescription eyeglasses and both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses by mail for distribution to developing countries. Visit their website for shipping instructions.

Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid
Hearing Aid. Photo © Flickr user rabbitdan
  • Lion's Club
    Accepts all hearing aid makes and models. Refer to the website for mailing instructions or for a drop off location.
  • So the World May Hear
    The Hear Now program repairs and sells donated hearing aids; then, uses the proceeds to buy new hearing aids for people who can't afford them.
  • New Eyes for the Needy
    Recycles donated hearing aids; then, uses the proceeds to buy new eyeglasses for needy Americans.

Airline Miles

Airplane. Photo © Flickr user Kossy@FINEDAYS
  • Salvation Army
    Donate your United Airlines or Delta airline miles, and they'll be used in their disaster relief efforts and to cut staff travel expenses.
  • Make a Wish Foundation
    Gift your Delta, United or U.S. Airways miles, and they'll be used to cover the travel expenses of Wish Kids and their families.
  • Red Cross
    Use your Continental, Delta, United or U.S. Airways to help volunteers and staff respond to relief needs around the world.
  • American Cancer Society
    Give your Delta or United miles to help cover the travel expenses of cancer patients and their families.


Bra. Photo © Flickr user annhung99