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Free Samples, Products, and More

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Vocalpoint is a community where women get free samples so they can try out new products. Vocalpoint members are emailed short surveys to see if they're a good fit to try out a new product. If selected, they'll receive free samples, free products or free coupons.

After members have tried out the products, they'll be asked to share their opinion and experience with that product.

There are also articles and message boards where women can come together and talk about their free samples, making it a fun community to find people just like you who like trying new products for free.

How to Get Free Samples From Vocalpoint

To get free samples from Vocalpoint, visit Vocalpoint and sign up as a new member or log in to an existing account. 

Keep in mind that they're looking for a certain profile so if you don't meet what they're looking for, you might not be selected as a member. Just try again in a few months and they may open up membership to more people.

Make sure you take a few minutes to fill out all your profile, sign up for activities, complete some reviews, and refer your friends. The more active you are on the site, the better chance you have of getting free samples and products.

After you're a member, you'll usually be emailed when they've decided to let you try a product. You'll take a survey to see if you qualify to try the free sample. On occasion, you may just get a surprise free sample from them in the mail.

Recently, VocalPoint has become more like House Party where they'll send you free stuff to throw a party and tell your friends all about certain products.

They also have regular sweepstakes and contests going on with some prizes that you won't want to miss out on.

Types of Free Samples Available From Vocalpoint

Vocalpoint freebies come in a variety of forms. Sometimes Vocalpoint will send out free full-sized products, free samples, coupons for free products, cents-off coupons or any combination of those. Frequently, they'll send out a free sample or free product along with some cents off coupons you can use yourself or share with a friend.

In the past, Vocalpoint has sent out samples of razors, shampoo, crackers, cereal and health food products. Some of the more recent party freebies have come from Fisher-Price, InStyler and Mirassou Wines.

When to Expect Your Vocalpoint Free Samples

Vocalpoint free samples are all sent directly from Vocalpoint so you'll get them between 2-4 weeks.

Limits to Be Aware Of

Vocalpoint is looking for women to be a part of their community and they're especially looking for mothers. You must meet the profile they're looking for before they'll accept you as a member.

Anyone around the world can join Vocalpoint but they'll only ship inside the United States.

How Your Information is Used

Vocalpoint doesn't usually share your information with third-parties unless they get your permission. You can view the entire privacy policy for more information.