Get Paid to Exercise and Lose Weight

Need an extra nudge to get in shape? Here it is: These four companies that will pay you to exercise and lose weight.


Group fitness class
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Win money for losing weight by betting yourself or signing up for one of the Team Challenges. To place a bet, just choose how much weight you want to lose, how long you're going to give yourself to do it and how much money you're willing to wager. Then, complete a brief profile, and the site will calculate how much you'll win if you meet your goal (fail to meet it and you forfeit the money you bet).

The team challenge is a three-month weight loss competition. Teams of five compete to try to lose the greatest percentage of weight. The team with the greatest loss wins $10,000. The team that comes in second wins $5,000, and the team that comes in third wins $3,000. You can assemble your own team, or join a team that's forming on the site. It costs $25 a month to participate (for a total of $75).


Have a little or a lot to lose? Join one of DietBet's weight loss games, and bet yourself that you can lose 4% or 10% of your body weight. If you're interested in losing 4%, just find a Kickstarter game to join, pay your bet (it's usually around $30), and weigh in. Then, spend four weeks losing weight, and finish with a weigh out. If you meet the challenge, you'll share the pot with anyone else who met the challenge.

The 10% Transformer games work much the same way, but they last for six months. You pay $25 a month (or $125, if you pay upfront), and there are monthly goals (and prizes), in addition to the final weigh out prize. If you meet the goals, you share the pot with anyone else who meets them.


That same Balance Rewards card that you use to save money at Walgreens and Duane Reade can also earn you rewards when you take steps to stay healthy.

Earn points for exercising, having your blood pressure or blood glucose checked, ditching tobacco, and losing or maintaining your current weight. Log your activity online, or sync your account with your favorite fitness device or app, so your activity is tracked automatically. Then, spend your points in store.

Your Insurance Company

Most insurance companies offer rewards programs to encourage healthy behavior. Bottom line: They've figured out that it's cheaper to give you a gift card for exercising and going for your yearly physical than it is to pay your medical bills when you don't. Call your insurance provider to ask about their rewards program and find out how you can sign up.

Double, Triple and Quadruple Dip

The great thing about these programs? They're stackable. Complete one healthy activity, and you'll earn points from all of the programs you're signed up for. Save yourself a bunch of time by linking your accounts to your fitness device or app of choice, so your activity gets reported automatically. It sure beats having to log into each program;s website to report what you've done.