Gifts that Help Others Save Money

23 Gifts that Will Save the Recipient Money

Saving money on a gift is nice, but you know what's nicer? Selecting a gift that will save the recipient money, too. Here are 23 such gifts to consider.

Rechargeable Batteries and Charger

Rechargeable Battery Kit
Rechargeable Battery Kit. Photo Courtesy of

So many Christmas gifts – and gadgets, in general – require batteries these days. Give the gift of a battery charger and some rechargeable batteries, and you'll be regarded as a true holiday hero.

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LED Bulbs

LED Bulb
LED Bulb. © Erin Huffstetler

By now we've all heard that LED bulbs can save a lot of money, but how many people have actually made the switch? Identify the hold-outs on your gift list, and give them a pack of LED bulbs to get them started.

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Newspaper Subscription

Newspapers. © Erin Huffstetler

Newspapers are a great source for coupons and information about free events. Identify the non-subscribers on your gift list, and introduce them to a new way to save.

Tip: Buy through, and you'll save 50% or more off of the subscription cost.

A Coupon Book

Coupon Book
Coupon Book. © Flickr user kwantakoon

School coupon books make a great gift since they're loaded with coupons specific to the recipient's locale, and can be used all year.

Don't live close enough to the recipient to buy the local school coupon book? Then, buy an Entertainment Book, instead. They can be purchased online for locations all over the United States.

Reusable Shopping Bags

Reusable Shopping Bags
Reusable Shopping Bags. Photo Courtesy of

Switching to reusable shopping bags is a great way to go green, and now that more and more stores are offering discounts for bringing your own bags (or charging you extra when you don't), it's also a great way to save green. Make or buy reusable shopping bags for the people on your gift list, and they'll save every time they shop.

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Reusable Sandwich Bags

Lunchskins. Photo Courtesy of

Plastic sandwich bags have to be bought again and again. Take this item off of someone's shopping list for good by surprising them with a couple reusable sandwich bags. The Lunchskins bags (pictured at left) come with a lifetime warranty.

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Beeswax Candle
Beeswax Candle. Photo Courtesy of

Candles can spruce up a room on the cheap; reduce your reliance on lamps and help you to find your way around the house when the power is out. They're a frugal must-have if ever there was one, and a great gift choice to boot. Buy some nice beeswax candles to give, and cross a few more names off of your shopping list.

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Crank LED Flashlight

LED Crank Flashlight
LED Crank Flashlight. Photo Courtesy of

Flashlights are another can't-live-without item, but the cost of replacing those flashlight batteries? Well, we could all live without that. Purchase crank flashlights for the people on your list, and they'll never have to buy replacement batteries again.

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Gas Card

Gas Card
Gas Card. © Flickr user Mike Mozart

With gas prices as high as they are, who wouldn't love to receive a gas card for Christmas? Pick some up the next time you fill up, and your shopping is done.

Water Bottle

Klean Kanteen Water Bottles
Klean Kanteen Water Bottles. Photo Courtesy of

Know someone with a costly bottled water habit? Buy them a high-quality water bottle, like the stainless steel bottle by Klean Kanteen, and help them break that habit for good.

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Water Filter

Brita Water Pitcher
Brita Water Pitcher. Photo Courtesy of

Purchase a water filtration pitcher or faucet filtration system for someone on your list, and give the gift of clean, good-tasting water, minus the plastic bottle.

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Crockpot. Photo Courtesy of

Know someone without a crockpot? Then, snag one on sale, and present it with a collection of your favorite crockpot recipes.

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Smart Strip

Smart Strip Surge Protector
Smart Strip Surge Protector. Photo Courtesy of

TVs, computers and many other electronics in our homes use electricity, even when they're turned off. Give the gift of a Smart Strip surge protector, which eliminates this type of energy use, and your friends and family will enjoy a smaller electric bill this month and every month to come.

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Canning Kit

Home Canning Kit
Home Canning Kit. Photo Courtesy of

Know someone that enjoys spending time in the kitchen? Encourage the habit by buying them all the supplies they'll need to get started canning.

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A Day Planner

Day Planner
Day Planner. Photo Courtesy of

Pick up a nice day planner for someone on your gift list, and you'll save the recipient the expense of having to buy one.

Tip: Choose a planner that allows you to write in the dates, rather than one that is made for a specific year. That way, if the recipient already has a planner, yours can be put up for next year.

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Stamps and Envelopes

Forever Stamps
Forever Stamps. Photo Courtesy of

Know someone that enjoys writing letters or that pays bills by mail? Buy them a book of forever stamps and a box of envelopes, and they'll be able to keep up the habit for free.

A Finance Book

The Complete Tightwad Gazette
The Complete Tightwad Gazette. Photo Courtesy of

Help someone along the road to financial independence by giving them a copy of a book from a finance guru that you respect.

A Subscription to a Finance Magazine

Money Magazine
Money Magazine. Photo Courtesy of

Encourage smart financial decisions with a gift subscription to Money, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Consumer Reports or Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel. There's nothing like a monthly reminder to spend wisely.

A Coin Sorter

Coin Sorter
Coin Sorter. Photo Courtesy of

A coin sorter is one gift that will literally help the recipient save money.

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Quick-Dry Towels

Quick Dry Towels
Quick Dry Towels. Photo Courtesy of

Towels can take FOREVER to dry. Treat someone to a set of quick-dry towels, and help them cut down on the time their towels spend in the dryer (that's good for both their utility bills and the life of their towels).

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Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls
Wool Dryer Balls. Photo Courtesy of

Fabric softener is so 2010. Give everyone on your list a set of wool dryer balls, and wow them with soft, wrinkle-free clothes in less time.

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Gift Cards/Gift Certificates

Gift Card
Gift Card. Photo Courtesy of

If you know someone well enough to buy them a gift, you should also know them well enough to know where they shop – and that makes gift selection a breeze. Choose a gift card for their preferred grocery store, drug store, hair salon, or big box store; and you'll be putting money back into their budget.

A Favorite

Gift Box
Gift Box. Photo © Flickr user Creative Tools

Everyone has a favorite indulgence. It might be expensive shampoo, a particular brand of coffee or eating at a certain restaurant. Find out what the recipient's favorite is, and then indulge it. It's a gift that will bring them joy, while saving them money.