A Look Back at the HGTV Dream Home 2017's Layout and Special Features

The House That Was Given Away in the 2017 Dream Home Sweepstakes

Exterior of the 2017 HGTV Dream Home
The front yard of the beautiful HGTV Dream Home 2017. Image (c) Scripps Network, Used with Permission

For the second year in a row, HGTV has decided to fully renovate an existing house rather than building a brand-new Dream Home for its 2017 giveaway.

The home they chose to work with was stunning to begin with, but HGTV's designers turned it into an amazing place to live. The original house, which was built in the 90s, was transformed into an "updated southern farmhouse with coastal flair," according to Brian Patrick Flynn.

In 2017, Flynn was the head designer of the Dream Home for the second year in a row (check out his worth with the 2016 Dream Home) and he also designed the 2016 Urban Oasis home.

Flynn took his inspiration for the Dream Home's color palette from the Southern Traditional look, focusing on neutrals with pops of deep green, subdued blues, and rustic textures. He kept the home's original swimming pool but redesigned the outdoor area around it.

The original home received a new roof and its yellow paint was replaced by modern white siding with gray accents.

The 2017 HGTV Dream Home's Location

Beautiful St. Simons Island, Georgia
The Dream Home 2017 is set in beautiful St. Simons Island, Georgia. Doxieone Photography / Getty Images

In 2017, HGTV chose St. Simons Island in Georgia as the location of its Dream Home. Once you get to know a little bit about this piece of paradise, you'll see why.

St Simons Island has received plenty of awards from the travel and tourism industry. For example, it was voted the Most Romantic Town in America by Travel and Leisure Magazine in January of 2014. Conde Nast called it one of the best islands in America.

What did St. Simons Island do to deserve all of this love? Maybe it's the gorgeous sandy beaches or the thriving restaurant scene. Maybe it's St. Simons' position as one of the four "golden isles" or the way it's quiet and secluded and yet just a short jaunt from larger cities like Savannah and Brunswick.

Probably, it's all of the above and more.

So what else is there to do on St. Simon Island? You can explore the waterways by kayak or take the family to Neptune Park for a picnic and a visit to the playground. You could explore the lighthouse museum or go shopping and dining at the Pier Village. If you want to spend some time outdoors, you could golf, visit a wildlife refuge, or charter a fishing boat. For a bit of culture, visit historic sites like the Christ Church built in the 1700's or Fort Frederica National Monument.

Whatever your interests, there is plenty to do in scenic St. Simon Island. No wonder that HGTV chose this location for their 2017 Dream Home Sweepstakes, especially given how previous years' designers have used beautiful locations to inspire the look and feel of the homes they have given away.

The Layout of the 2017 HGTV Dream Home:

Floor Plan of the HGTV Dream Home 2017
Here's the Floor Plan of the HGTV Dream Home 2017. Image (c) Scripps Network, Used with Permission

The Dream Home 2017 is a sprawling, single-level home. It has three bedrooms and four bathrooms plus a dedicated exercise room stocked with the latest fitness equipment.

Entering through the spacious, three-car garage, the lucky winner of this home will come right into the laundry room, where he or she can take care of any dirty outerwear right away.

The formal front entrance leads into a lofty foyer. Straight ahead is the living room, which opens out to the pool area, and to either side are the dining room and the guest bedroom with its adjacent bathroom.

The west side of the home is dedicated to the owners, with a master bedroom, master bathroom, and walk-in closet taking up the entire length of the home.

As you move forward into the house, the kitchen with its breakfast nook is on the left, opening into the dining room. On the right is the home gym with its attached bathroom, and through the gym, the terrace bedroom and another bathroom.

The terrace bedroom leads to the indoor/outdoor patio lounge. That patio lounge is a place where the winner's family or your guests will love to spend time. It features glass doors with beautiful views of the pool area. All of the furnishings in the room were chosen to preserve the view and to encourage the feeling of an indoor/outdoor room.

You can get more details about the 2017 Dream Home floor plan on the HGTV website.

The Home Gym of the 2017 HGTV Dream Home

Photo of the HGTV Dream Home 2017 Home Gym
The HGTV Dream Home 2017's Home Gym. Image (c) Scripps Network, Used with Permission

For anyone who has put "get in shape" among their 2017 resolutions, the Dream Home has you covered with a stylish home gym.

HGTV's designers created a home gym that is both functional and cozy. The room is ideal for any kind of workout thanks to state-of-the-art fitness machines, but also cork flooring which is warm, soft, and sound-absorbent for cardio or yoga routines. There's plenty of free room to move around. When you are done with your workout, you can rest and recover in comfortable chairs.

If you like to work out to music, wireless speakers make it easy to get the tunes you need to keep you motivated. If you enjoy using workout videos on CD or YouTube, you can access them with a drop-down television.

Large windows give you lovely views over the pool and the water beyond it as you move.

The Back Yard of the HGTV Dream Home 2017

Back Yard of the HGTV Dream Home 2017
The 2017 HGTV Dream Home has a beautiful outdoor entertaining area. Image (c) Scripps Network

The home's original pool is the focal point of the Dream Home 2017's back yard. To create a beautiful outdoor living area, HGTV updated the pool and modernized it, and they added a  cooking area and plenty of room for sunbathing and relaxing.

For lovers of the great outdoors, the swimming pool is just the start of the appeal of this house. The 2017 HGTV Dream Home has a beautiful yard including palms and aged trees with branches spangled with Spanish moss. Plus, the home is located right on the water for easy access to fishing, boating, and more.

HGTV understands that the home's winners can't be outside all the time, so the designers have worked to bring that beautiful outdoor feeling indoors as well. By using colors inspired by the outdoors, elegant but rustic textures, and large windows and glass doors that blur the lines between indoor and outdoor areas.

Pool Lounge of the HGTV Dream Home 2017

Picture of the Pool Lounge of HGTV's Dream Home 2017
HGTV Dream Home 2017's Pool Lounge. Image (c) Scripps Network, used with permission

If you own a pool, you want to being able to get yourself and your guests out of the water and dressed without making a big mess is a challenge. But the 2017 HGTV Dream Home takes care of this problem by including an airy pool lounge that acts as a transition between the outdoors and the main home.

The patio lounge lets people come in from playing outdoors without having to tromp through the main house. There's a separate bathroom for changing in and out of bathing suits, a refrigerator for easy access to drinks and snacks, and flooring and furniture selected for their ability to resist wear and tear. The carpets can even be rinsed off with a garden hose, which makes it easy to clean up when you are done swimming, fishing, or exploring.

The patio lounge is intended to be a comfortable place to take a break from the sun and still have fun. You can relax on comfortable furniture only a few steps from the pool and enjoy gorgeous outdoor views. There's a flat-screen television if you want to veg out after swimming or dining outside, and even a fireplace covered in Carrara marble for cooler days.

The Giveaway Itself: How the 2017 Dream Home Sweepstakes Worked

Woman crossing her fingers
Will you be lucky enough to win the HGTV Dream Home this year?. JGI/Jamie Grill / Getty Images

The Dream Home Sweepstakes kicked off 2017 with a bang, running from December 28, 2016 through February 17, 2017. Wanna-be winners were able to enter twice daily online and as often as they liked by mail.

Aside from the Dream Home itself, the prize also included all furnishings and artwork, $250,000 in cash, and a 2017 Honda Pilot SUV vehicle. Altogether, the total prize value was about $1.4 million.

About 131 million people entered the giveaway in total, and the winner was Anna Spangler of Kutztown, Pennsylvania. She entered twice each day online.

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