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Honest Kids coupons

Honest Kids is a line of organic, low-sugar, fruit-flavored beverages from the company that brought Honest Tea to the market. Each drink pouch contains less than half the sugar of many other pouch-based children's beverages. Fruit flavors include:

  • Super Fruit Punch
  • Appley Ever After
  • Berry Berry Good Lemonade
  • Goodness Grapeness
  • Tropical Tropical Tango
  • Cherry Go Round

How to Find Honest Kids Coupons:
There are typically two different places where you can find Honest Kids coupons on a regular basis, although it's also possible to find them in other places as well, such as the standard printable grocery coupons websites, newspaper circulars and on-pack coupons.Following are the two most common spots where you can find coupons for discounts on Honest Kids drinks:

  • The Honest Kids Website. Here is where the Honest Kids site posts coupons when the company issues them. If the firm doesn't have any coupons available on a particular date, the site will say "Page Not Found," but you're likely to find coupons here a few times a year that you can print and redeem in stores.
  • Rock the Lunchbox. This site offers tips and advice on how to pack healthy lunches, and is created in partnership with specific kids' food and drinks brands, one of which is Honest Kids. On the home page, you can click "Get Coupons!!" The site will then lead you to its coupon registration page, where you can enter your email address. Once you're in the system, you'll then get an email every time the company posts new coupons for its products.


Note: Coupons can change or end without notice. If coupons on these sites are not available, check back periodically for a new coupon offer.