How to Be More Positive and Have a Luckier Life

How to Get a Positive Attitude and Attract More Luck

Do you think that you were born under a lucky star? Or perhaps you feel the opposite, that you just can't catch a break? If you've ever wished that you could change your luck, here's some good news for you: science says that there is a chance you really can.

Dr. Richard Wiseman is a psychiatrist who has researched luck and its causes. In his book, The Luck Factor: The Four Essential Principles, Dr. Wiseman makes the case that people aren't born lucky or unlucky. In fact, good luck is the result of the right attitude.

If you want to try following his advice, here are ten steps to help you change your attitude and invite more luck into your life. Try these steps to see if they help you win more sweepstakes, be more successful, and become happier.

Expect to Be a Winner

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The first step to a winning attitude is to not only know that you can win, but to actually expect to win. When you're entering sweepstakes, expecting to be one of the winners can give you the motivation to continue to enter until the prizes start coming in. If you expect to lose, you'll never have the gumption to keep entering, day after day.

Expecting to win can help in other aspects of your life as well. For example, if you have a job interview, imagine that you've already gotten the job. You'll find yourself less nervous, more confident, and performing better in the interview, making it more likely that you'll walk away with a job offer.

Make Time to Hone Your Intuition

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Giving Yourself Time to Relax Can Improve Your Luck. Image (c) Sam Edwards / OJO Images / Getty Images

Lucky people listen to their intuition, which helps them to avoid bad situations and maximize good opportunities.

If you have a feeling that you'll win a writing contest, for example, don't let your brain talk you out of entering. It's all too easy to say, "Oh, I'm not good enough to win," despite your intuition telling you that there's a great story inside of you, just waiting to be written.

Intuition helps people be luckier in other areas, too. How many of us have been involved in a bad relationship, even though there were warning bells going off in our heads?

You can develop your intuition by taking some quiet time to think and reflect. Meditation, long bubble baths, walks in the woods, fishing, and prayer are just a few of the pastimes that can give you space for quiet contemplation. 

If you feel you aren't naturally intuitive enough, has tips on how to strengthen your intuition.

Turn Silver Linings to Your Advantage

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Be Luckier by Looking for Your Silver Linings. Image (c) Don Klumpp / Getty Images

Unlucky people have the same amount of bad luck that lucky people do. The difference is that lucky people tend to find ways to turn bad luck to their advantage.

For example, if you put a lot of energy into winning a contest, crafting a great entry and gathering votes, then it is natural to feel disappointed if you didn't win. But instead of focusing on the loss, think instead of how you can use the time that's been freed up now to enter other giveaways and give yourself more chances to win something even better. And you can use the experience to have a better chance in your next contest.

Or take an example of someone who trips on the sidewalk and twists her ankle. An unlucky person would take that as yet another piece of bad luck. A lucky person would say that it shows how lucky she is that she didn't break her ankle or worse.

By looking at the positive aspects of the bad things that happen to you, you can continue to have a lucky attitude.

Let Bad Luck Slide Off You

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Letting Bad Luck Slide Off Will Help Your Positive Attitude. Image (c) Poco_bw / Getty Images

Another difference in the ways that lucky and unlucky people handle bad luck is that lucky people think that bad luck is only temporary, whereas unlucky people think that they are doomed to have even more bad things happen to them.

For example, unlucky people tell themselves that they didn't win a giveaway because they never win. Lucky people are more likely to say that they lost this one, but they'll win the next. Which type of person do you think is more likely to keep entering, and therefore win more?

The same holds true outside of sweepstakes entry. Unlucky people don't take risks because they assume they'll never work out. Lucky people brush themselves off when something doesn't go their way and look for new opportunities.

To keep a lucky attitude, remind yourself that good luck usually follows bad. If looking at the bright side of life doesn't come easily to you, check out Psychology Today's tips on transforming your outlook.

Try New Things

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Trying Something New Can Make You Feel Luckier. Image (c) Jeff Vanuga / Corbis / Getty Images

There's a proverb that says that the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. If you want to improve your luck, you should try new experiences and see how you like them.

When it comes to winning sweepstakes, you can improve your luck by widening your range and entering as many different types of giveaways as possible. Challenge yourself to enter a new type of sweep today, like a writing contest, an instant win game, or a type of prize you've never tried to win before.

In your everyday life, try going to new places, experimenting with different cuisines, talking to people at work that you've never had a conversation with before, and so on. Everything new that you try is a new opportunity to become luckier.

Be Alert for New Opportunities

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Stay on the Lookout for New Opportunities. Image (c) Eric Raptosh Photography / Getty Images

Some people get so focused on the task at hand that they totally fail to see the lucky opportunities around them. Dr. Wiseman cites an experiment where he asked people to flip through a newspaper and count the number of pictures in the paper.

The participants were so intent on counting the pictures that they failed to notice a full-page ad saying that if they mentioned the ad to the researcher, they'd get cash on the spot.

Try to remain relaxed enough to notice the opportunities around you. For example, even if you really want to win a trip, there might be a great cash giveaway that would help you reach your goal of a free vacation in a different way. Or perhaps you're so focused on online sweepstakes that you don't notice the local sweep at your grocery store with great odds of winning.

Outside of sweepstakes, you might keep your eyes open for new job opportunities, take a risk trying a new hobby and meeting new people. 

In order to have a lucky attitude, keep your eyes open for opportunities all around you.

Be Proactive in Improving Your Life

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Be Proactive in Changing the Things You Don't Like. Image (c) Thomas Barwick / Taxi / Getty Images

Unlucky people tend to blame their unhappiness on bad luck, but lucky people are proactive in taking steps to improve their situation. No matter how unlucky you feel, there are things that you can do to make your life better.

For example, if you're not happy with the prizes you're winning, change what you're doing. Enter at a different time of day, or try mail-in sweepstakes, or enter more often. Don't just tell yourself that you're too unlucky to win and fall prey to sweepstakes burnout.

Similarly, if you're going through a streak of bad luck in your everyday life, take a close look to see if there's anything that you can do to break out of your situation by looking for a new job, having a tough conversation with your significant other, or finding time to work out.

Be luckier by refusing to accept bad luck as a given.

Don't Let Superstitions Get You Down

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Blaming Superstitions for Your Problems Can Hold You Back. Image (c) David Seed Photography / Getty Images

Many people who believe in the power of luck also believe in superstitions. But by blaming your bad luck on something outside of yourself, you may be simply looking for an excuse to not make any positive changes.

An example that Dr. Wiseman gives is a woman who gets into a number of car accidents and blames them on an unlucky car instead of her own driving. Therefore, she doesn't take steps to be a better driver and avoid accidents.

When it comes to sweepstakes entries, superstitions can be an excuse for not putting in the effort it takes to pick the best sweepstakes to enter and find other ways to improve your odds of winning prizes.

Lucky people don't blame superstition for their losses, but rather work smarter to overcome them.

Let Go of Your Anxieties

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Letting Go of Your Worries Can Help You Improve Your Luck. Image (c) Sirinarth Mekvorawuth / EyeEm / Getty Images

Unlucky people have trouble letting go of the things that worry them. They spend so much time worrying that they lose sleep and waste time fretting.

That level of anxiety saps energy and makes it difficult to be effective. For example, if you're not sleeping well, you'll have difficulty finding the time and energy to enter sweepstakes daily. You might also be snappish and curt in your dealings with other people, making them less likely to want to give you opportunities.

To keep a lucky attitude, work on letting go of your problems until you can solve them. If you could use some advice, WebMD has tips on how to be less anxious

Note that if you have severe anxiety, you may need to contact a medical professional. Here are tips for when to seek help for your anxiety.

Live in the Present

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Living in the Moment Can Help You Be Luckier. Image (c) Westend61 / Getty Images

Unlucky people often dwell on mistakes of the past, thinking about the bad luck that put them in their present situation. Lucky people, on the other hand, look to the future. They don't waste time or energy beating themselves up about things that they can't change.

When it comes to entering sweepstakes, this means focusing on the prizes that you'll win in the future, and not about your track record in the past.

It doesn't matter how many sweepstakes you've managed to not win, it only matters how many prizes you'll receive in the future. Keep your eyes on your future prizes to feel (and be!) luckier.

The same thing goes with jobs you haven't received an offer for, dates you've been turned down for, and other everyday frustrations.

Check out these sweepstakes quotes for inspiration to help you keep looking forward to new prizes.