How to Find Coupons That You Want

Learn How to Find Coupons for Grocery Products That You Buy

Grocery coupons
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Looking for coupons for products that you regularly buy? Do you want to make a significant dent in your grocery bill by using coupons? Knowing where to find the very best coupons is a good place to start. The following tips will help anyone build a robust collection of coupons to help save on food, beauty and health products, baby items, entertainment, pet supplies and more.

The Newspaper

Even in today's digital world, the Sunday newspaper is still one of the most popular sources for finding grocery coupons. The coupons distributed in the papers are regional, meaning different parts of the country will receive different coupons. Newspapers distributed in the major cities will have more coupons than small town newspapers. If you live in a small town, you will get more bang for your buck by getting the Sunday newspapers from a larger city. To find a coupon code to save on your newspaper subscription, visit

To check out in advance the coupons that will be in the Sunday paper, visit During the weeks that the Sunday paper has double inserts or coupons for products that you regularly use, consider buying additional copies.


Magazines and coupons go together like soup and sandwich, depending on the type of magazines that you buy. For example, grocery coupons are found in lifestyle and home and garden magazines. Fashion magazines will have coupons for makeup, personal care products and retail stores.

Before investing in a magazine subscription, buy a single copy and see if there are enough coupons to warrant an investment in a subscription. In the article Finding Coupons In Magazines, you will find more tips on coupons in magazines and advice about finding cheap or free subscriptions, so be sure to check it out.

Product Packaging

Before you toss out the package wrap or that empty can, stop and look for a coupon. Many manufacturers include valuable coupons and rebate forms inside or on product packaging.

The expiration dates on product packaging coupons are based on the shelf life of the product, which will be longer than coupons printed online or clipped out of the newspaper. You may have four weeks to use a coupon you found online and six months on a coupon you found on packaging. This goes for the face value as well. 

Manufacturers' Websites

Some manufacturers offer coupons and other promotional information on their websites. This applies to many of the companies that sell organic foods as well as those producing meat, dairy and produce. Doing an online search using the product name will result in a link to the manufacturer's website. Explore the site for ways to save on the product, including signing up for the newsletters or joining loyalty programs that allow you to earn points that you can redeem for coupons and free products.

Popular manufacturer's websites that offer printable coupons online include Arm & Hammer,,, and`

Another type of website that provides you with a convenient way to save money is shopping portals. By applying the app-stacking strategy, you may be able to earn cashback bonuses, frequent flyer miles and apply coupon codes at the same time.

Printable Coupons

There are websites designed exclusively for shoppers looking for online printable grocery and drugstore coupons. Some of the sites have agreements with national grocery stores and provide store-specific coupons. Other sites have national manufacturer coupons, but also have agreements with grocery store chains to accept the coupons. For the complete list of websites with printable coupons, including manufacturer's websites, visit our article "Best Websites With Printable Coupons."

Buying Coupons Online

Auction sites such as eBay have become a popular source for finding coupons. It is illegal to sell coupons, but charging for the time spent to collect and organize the coupons is legal. Because of this loophole, there are many coupons available on auction sites. Usually, the coupons up for auction come in a bundle, such as 20 coupons for a specific brand of baby food.

There are also websites that are coupon clipping services. These sites have an abundance of coupons that you can buy and have shipped to you. They work under the same loophole that they are providing a clipping service, which is not the same as selling coupons. The sites are popular with couponers because they can get multiple coupons for the same product and find coupons that are not available in their area. and Coupons and Things by Dede are rated high on coupon forums.

While it is a common practice to use coupon-clipping websites, the companies that distribute the coupons find it unethical. In our article "Is it Illegal to Buy or Sell Coupons," we go into depth about what the pros and cons are and why the industry as a whole is against it.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is sent from companies that value-conscious shoppers sign up to receive. Procter and Gamble, Target and Bed Bath & Beyond are a few examples. There is also Valpak, which sends monthly coupons through the mail. Most of the time, the coupons are targeted at service-related local companies, restaurants and home maintenance. 

Free Products, Junk Mail

One way to get shoppers to try a new product is to offer them a trial size for free. Many times shoppers avoid this type of promotion because of the fear of getting bombarded with junk mail. But a coupon will almost always come along with the free product. Also, junk mail can be a good source for coupons. If dealt with daily by separating the good from the bad, junk mail can be something coupon clippers look forward to receiving.

Grocery Store Websites

Almost all grocery store chains have websites with store coupons, loyalty club perks and weekly circulars posted. This can be a great source for combining coupons and sales for extra savings.