7 Easy Ways to Get Coupons for Healthy Foods

Save on organics, fruits, veggies, meats, and gluten-free fare

You may think of coupons as something you can only use to buy packaged—and usually additive- and preservative-laden—foods such as cereal and household items such as cleaning supplies. However, you can also find coupons offering discounts on healthy foods from a variety of grocery stores and websites that either sell these foods or provide coupons so you can buy the food you want for your family. Just follow these seven tips to get coupons for organic and gluten-free foods, as well as healthy fruits, vegetables, and even fresh meat.

Grocery Store Websites

Fresh Produce. Photo © Erin Huffstetler

Whole Foods, SproutsThe Fresh Market, and Earth Fare all have loads of printable coupons on their websites, and they'll give you even more if you sign up for their e-newsletters. Earth Fare, for example, sends subscribers a coupon for a free item each week—everything from meat to produce and snacks.

Printable Coupon Sites

While you can sometimes find coupons for healthy foods on the mainstream coupon sites—it really is worth checking them out every so often—you'll do much better if you focus your efforts on the coupon sites that cater to all things healthy. A couple of sites to check out:

  • MamboSprouts.com: This site provides coupons—via email, direct mail, and in-store—on natural and healthy products for "wellness-conscious consumers."
  • Recyclebank.com: This is a rewards website that allows you to cash in your points for high-value coupons.


You can often find fresh fruit coupons glued to cereal boxes and fresh meat coupons attached to bottles of wine, so train yourself to be an observant shopper. You never know when you're going to spot your next coupon. 

Healthy Eating Blogs

There are plenty of blogs dedicated to finding the best deals on healthy foods. Just find one or two to follow, and you'll be among the first to know when new coupons come out. A couple blogs to check out include:

  • CouponDivas.com: This site provides gluten-free coupons as well as coupons for a variety of grocery store items.
  • StockpilingMoms.com: This blog offers links to dozens of sites that offer organic coupons. It also offers its own free coupon database.
  • All Natural Savings: This site provides "tons of new organic coupons" from companies like Tom’s, So Delicious, Suja, Voss, Zevia, Namaste, Pacific and more. While you're there, check out the home page for the site, which also provides coupons for many other healthy products.

Most deal blogs have a coupon database. Just type "organic" into the search box, and the site will pull up all of the current organic coupons available. Search with words like "gluten-free" and "all-natural" to find even more.


While you won't find too many coupons for organics in the Sunday circulars, you will find plenty on the manufacturer's websites. Make a list of your favorite products; then, spend some time visiting their sites.

Loyalty Cards

When you shop with your store loyalty card, grocery stores pay attention to what you're buying and will often mail you coupons for those items. That means, if you buy lots of fresh produce and organics, you'll get coupons for those things. You can also add coupons from some manufacturers and coupon websites to your grocery store loyalty cards.

Various Resources

Various websites, social media sources, and rebate companies allow you to find coupons—and even cash in the form of rebate checks—for grocery store items, including healthy foods. While you're searching these sites, it's worth your time to learn how to stack coupons and the myriad of rules regarding store coupon policies. Also, consider creating a  free coupon binder to keep all of your coupons for healthy foods organized.