Where to Get Raffle Tickets That Suit Your Budget

From High-End Custom Raffle Tickets to Rolls on a Budget

Roll of pink raffle tickets

Image by Liveslow © The Balance 2019

Running a raffle is a great way to raise money for your school, charity, or club. So how can you find the raffle tickets to fit your fundraiser’s needs? Here are the different options for buying your raffle tickets, and the pros and cons of each.

Use Raffle Ticket Templates to Make Your Own

If your organization has a high-quality printer available, you can make your raffle tickets yourself. Thanks to free raffle ticket templates available online, you don't even have to be a graphics design whiz to make a great-looking ticket.

Raffle ticket templates are quick and easy to use. Many also give you options for customization like choosing a perforated or non-perforated design, picking your colors, and even redesigning your raffle tickets.


There are good reasons for wanting to have a customized raffle ticket. For example, you want to print your prizes on the ticket, to reinforce your branding with a logo, or to let your participants know more about your charity's mission.

Some raffle ticket templates work with your favorite word processing programs, like MS Word. Others are web-based, letting you access them through your browser.

If you want to try out a raffle ticket template for yourself, you can start with these free options:

One thing to keep in mind if you’re on a budget, though, is that using a raffle ticket template isn’t totally cost-free. You’ll still need to pay for printer toner and paper. And if you want your tickets to be durable, regular printer paper won’t be sturdy enough.

If you’re looking for durable paper, Avery offers sheets of pre-perforated raffle ticket paper to make printing your tickets easier.

Order Custom Raffle Tickets Online

Especially when you're working with volunteers, time is money, too. Designing, printing, and cutting your own tickets will use up time that could, perhaps, be better spent soliciting prizes or otherwise organizing your fundraiser.

If you want the advantages of customized raffle tickets, but want to skip the time it takes to make the tickets yourself, find an online store that offers them at an affordable price. Not only is it quicker, but you might even save money over buying high-quality paper and printer toner.

If you decide to go this route, be sure to take shipping costs and shipping time into consideration. Look for a company that offers free shipping and offers an easy user interface so that you can make your tickets come out just right.

Some options to try include:

  • Raffles for Less offers free shipping and a visual proof you can view immediately.
  • Ehptickets.com has free shipping within the United States and a variety of templates you can design yourself. 

Some online raffle ticket companies also offer design services for a fee. If your goal is to have an impressive ticket and you don’t mind paying a little more, this is a good option to consider.

Buy Rolls of Raffle Tickets Online

If your priority is to find inexpensive raffle tickets that get the job done, you can order very affordable rolls of raffle tickets online.

Specialty online stores like Admit One Products offer rolls of budget tickets for your fundraiser. You can also pick up accessories like raffle drums and ticket roll holders, which can make organizing your raffle easier.

Even Amazon offers rolls with thousands of tickets for under $10. So if you have time for the shipment to come in before your raffle begins, buying raffle ticket rolls can save you money.

Buy Affordable Raffle Tickets Offline

If you have a short timeframe for buying your raffle tickets but still need a budget option, you can buy rolls of tickets offline.

Party stores like Party City or toy stores with party sections may be a good place to start. And big box stores like Walmart or Target often have good prices for ticket rolls.

If you use this option, you won't have customized tickets, but you’ll be able to offer a fun raffle without spending much on the tickets and without needing much advance notice.

Bottom Line

Whether you are running a 50/50 raffle on a budget or a tombola with high-end celebrity experience prizes, you have a variety of options to find the right raffle tickets for your needs.

If you’d like to look into other ways of raising awareness for your brand, business, or non-profit organization, check out some good reasons to run a giveaway and how to pick random winners for sweepstakes.