How to Get Rid of Crickets

••• Photo © Flickr user Gemma Stiles

Crickets are fine when they're outside, but when they get into your house, they quickly turn into a nuisance -- interrupting your sleep with their chirps, nibbling on fabrics and papers, pooping on everything they come into contact with and multiplying quickly. But, the good news? They're actually pretty easy to get rid of. Just follow these steps, and you'll be well on your way to reclaiming your home (and your sleep).

Step 1: Trap the Crickets

Pick up some sticky traps (the kind you use to catch mice), and place them where you're seeing (or hearing) the crickets. There's no need to bait the traps (they come pre-baited). Replace the traps whenever they become covered in crickets. This should reduce or eliminate your cricket population in a very short time.

Step 2: Clean Up

Once you've trapped the crickets, put in some clean up time, so they don't come back. Declutter the areas they were living in, so they'll be less inviting, and vacuum to eliminate any eggs that they've left behind.

Step 3: Keep Them Out

Take steps to keep crickets out of your house. Seal up any cracks around windows and doors, so there won't be any easy access points, and make sure your doors fit tightly against their thresholds. If your door sweeps are worn out, replace them.

Now, turn your attention outdoors. Clean out your gutters and clean up any overgrown landscaping, to eliminate nesting areas near your house. Bright lights attract crickets, so if you use porch lights or security lights at night, consider switching to sodium vapor bulbs (which are less attractive to bugs) or install lights with motion sensors. Since they'll only turn on when you need them, they'll attract far fewer bugs to your home.

Step 4: Make Friends with Spiders

Think twice before killing non-poisonous spiders. They eat crickets and lots of other insects, so they could just be the key to a good night's sleep.