Use This Simple Strategy to Organize Your Sweepstakes Entries

Don't Miss a Chance to Win with this Easy Sweepstakes Strategy

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Never Miss a Prize with this Simple Sweepstakes Strategy

So many sweepstakes, so little time! That's a problem that anyone who takes entering sweeps seriously faces. There are so many fantastic prizes to win that even the most enthusiastic sweeper can't get to them all in a day.

Do you ever feel yourself falling behind with your sweepstakes entries? Do you frequently miss entering sweepstakes with prizes you'd love to win? At any given time, there are hundreds or thousands of sweepstakes that you can enter. To be successful and to win regularly, you need a strategy to keep your entries focused and organized.

That's why it's so important to have a sweepstakes strategy. Following a plan will help you improve your chances to win and avoid disqualification from duplicate entries.

Here is an example of a sweepstakes strategy that you can follow daily.

An Efficient Daily Sweepstakes Routine:

If you enter sweepstakes as you come across them with no strategy, the chances are you'll either win nothing at all or you'll end up with a bunch of prizes you don't really want.

Entering sweepstakes efficiently increases your chances of winning regularly and receiving prizes you'll love. You won't be paying taxes on prizes you don't need or wasting your precious time. Here is a quick, four-step strategy to ensure you review and get at least one entry into all of the sweepstakes you'd like to win:

  1. Enter the One-Time Sweepstakes

    Start out by combing through the One Entry Sweepstakes list. Work your way through from beginning to end to make sure you enter the sweepstakes that are expiring first. Enter any sweepstakes with prizes you want to win, and which you are eligible to win. Take note of the sweepstakes you've entered so that you don't accidentally enter more often than you're allowed. Do this one time, to ensure that you have entered each giveaway at least once. You don't have to do this step every day.
  2. Review New Sweepstakes Listings:

    Start each day by looking over new sweepstakes listings to see which great contests have recently begun. Enter the single-entry sweepstakes from this list every day.
  3. Enter Daily Sweepstakes

    Once you've gone through the new sweepstakes, visit the Daily Sweepstakes list and enter each of the sweepstakes that you'd like to win. This is something you can do any time you have a few spare moments: while drinking your morning coffee, unwinding from a long day at work, or watching television, for example.
  4. Set a Time to Enter Weekly and Monthly Sweepstakes

    It's easy to let weekly and monthly sweepstakes fall through the cracks and to miss getting as many chances to win as possible. Setting a specific time to enter these sweepstakes helps to eliminate that problem. For example, commit to entering Weekly Sweepstakes on Mondays and my Monthly Sweepstakes at the beginning of the month. Setting a reminder with an online calendar program will keep you from forgetting these giveaways.

By following this simple daily routine, you can maximize your chances of winning while reducing the amount of time you need to enter.

How and Why to Create a Mix of Sweepstakes to Enter:

So how do you decide which sweepstakes are worth your time? While it may be tempting to focus on huge, life-changing prizes, the odds of winning those are extremely long. You are courting sweepstakes burnout if you don't enter more winnable sweepstakes as well.

The trick to winning big AND winning often is to enter a mix of sweepstakes types. Here are a few things to consider when you're picking sweepstakes to enter: 

  • Sweepstakes with One Big Prize vs. Lots of Smaller Prizes
    Big prizes are more attractive, while sweepstakes with lots of prizes have higher chances of winning. Entering both types of giveaways gives you both of those advantages.
  • Contests vs. Sweepstakes
    Sweepstakes are faster and easier to enter, but contests tend to have fewer entrants and favor your skill. Adding some contests to your sweepstakes mix will give you the advantage of the higher odds of winning without costing too much time.
  • Local vs. National Sweepstakes
    National sweepstakes are easier to find, but local sweepstakes have far fewer entrants and less competition for the prizes. Your local radio station  is a good place to start, and here are some tips on winning radio contests.
  • Difficult-to-Enter Sweepstakes
    Sweepstakes that take extra time or effort to enter can slow you down, meaning that you can enter fewer sweepstakes. However, the difficulty also discourages others from entering, which means the odds of winning could be higher. Adding a few hard-to-enter sweepstakes could bring you many more prizes.

A mix of sweepstakes with different prize values, difficulties, and odds of winning will motivate you by helping you win smaller, useful prizes while still having a shot at winning those huge, dream prizes.