How to Raise Cash Quickly

Need to scrape together enough money to cover a budget shortage or an unexpected expense? Here's how to raise cash quickly:

Roll Coins

Round up all of your spare change – from your change jar, your car and your sofa – then, roll it up and take it to the bank.

Tip: Don't pay for coin rolls. They're free for the asking at the bank. And skip the coin counting machines, too. They'll save you time, but they'll also take a cut of your take-home.

Have a Yard Sale

Look through your house for things to sell. Then, hold a massive yard sale to convert it all into cash. If you have valuable items, consider sticking those on eBay.


Make another lap around your house to find things that you can recycle for cash. Ink cartridges, scrap metal, car batteries, old electronics and bottles are just some of the things that people will pay to take off your hands.

Sell Jewelry and Coins

Gold and silver commands a good price these days. Sell some of your never-worn jewelry to a jeweler, along with any gold and silver coins that you have.

Tip: Skip online gold buying websites all together. Your local jeweler is likely to give you a better deal, and you'll get your money faster.

Reedeem Credit Card Rewards

Most credit card companies will allow you to redeem your credit card rewards for a cash payment or a credit towards your next bill. Check the points balance on all of your cards, and cash in as many as you're able to.

If cash or a credit isn't an option, redeem your points for a gift card to a big-box store or a gas station. That'll give you some money to put towards basics like groceries and gas.

Do Odd Jobs

Let your friends, family and neighbors know that you're available for odd jobs – yard work, pet sitting, babysitting, house sitting, painting, errands, whatever they need help with. If that doesn't drum up enough business to cover your shortage, use to pick up even more odd jobs.

Donate Plasma

Donate plasma, and you'll receive a small stipend for your generosity. If you donate two times a week (the maximum allowed), you could earn an extra $300-400 this month. To find a plasma donation center near you, go here.

Cash in Bonds or CDs

If you have savings bonds or certificates of deposit (CDs) that you can cash in, do it. You may get hit with an early withdrawal penalty, but it'll give you access to money that's yours, and that's better than having to cover a budget shortage by taking on debt.

Make Cuts and Ask for Help

Often, the fastest way to raise cash is to cancel services that aren't essential to your survival. Go over your monthly bills, and cut away at the fat. If that still doesn't get you where you need to be, it's time to ask for help: