Running Giveaways with Gleam

This Contest Platform Makes Running Giveaways Easy

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Weedezign / Getty Images is a popular contest platform that helps small businesses run giveaways in a cost-effective way. In addition to giveaways, they also offer other features to help your company grow its business.

Gleam uses a contest widget for people to enter giveaways, and this widget is both flexible and easy to use. Just fill out a questionnaire to select the options you want. Some of your options include:

  • Eligible locations where your entrants must live
  • Which language your giveaway should use
  • The information you gather from entrants
  • Actions the entrant can (or must) complete to get entries
  • The start and end dates
  • The prizes you’re awarding

All of these options (and many more) are simple to add so that your sweepstakes works exactly as you intend.

Advantages and Disadvantages for Small Businesses

Contests are an effective way to meet your business’ marketing goals including increasing your email subscriber list, extending your social media reach, and driving leads and sales.

If your small business wants to run giveaways, a contest platform like Gleam is an easy way to get started. You don’t need to hire designers to create your contest pages or sweepstakes administrators to help keep your drawings fair. You can go from coming up with a plan for your giveaway to having it go live in nearly no time at all.

Using Gleam takes away many of the headaches of managing a giveaway, including building entry forms, securely storing user data, and handling invalid entries.

The disadvantage for small businesses is that there are some costs involved, especially if you want to take advantage of Gleam’s more advanced features. Also, using a third-party means that you lose some control over your giveaway.

Is Gleam Free? How Much Does It Cost? has a free plan but charges monthly rates for more advanced services. You can choose different packages depending on your business’ needs.

Gleam offers a variety of marketing tools alongside their giveaways widget. You can also reward entrants with instant coupons, offer a pop-up with special offers, or build a gallery of images provided by your site visitors.

Using Gleam’s Free Plan for Sweepstakes

When it comes to running giveaways, Gleam’s free plan gives you some powerful features, which might just be enough for your company. You can run as many giveaways as you like, with up to ten winners each. You have basic access to the entry information of the winners (only).

Gleam’s software makes drawing winners easy for you. They will pick winners at random for you, which lets you avoid accusations of favoritism.

They also help you eliminate cheaters by offering sophisticated fraud detection that strips out invalid entries and a CAPTCHA to prevent bots from spamming your entry form.

To meet your giveaway’s goals, you can require that people do certain things to enter, including answering questions, visiting a page on Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, or other social media platforms, making a comment on a blog post, and more. This will help grow your social audience as well.

With the free plan, your giveaway will be hosted on Gleam’s website. You can embed your giveaway widget on your own web pages or on your company’s Facebook page.

Gleam Giveaway Features You Might Want to Pay For

Gleam’s free plan gives you some powerful features, but if you want to do even more with your giveaways, the paid plans might be right for you. Some important giveaway features that you can only get with a paid plan include:

  • The ability to choose your own winner, which is critical for a judged contest
  • Customizing the look of your giveaway
  • More flexibility to put your giveaway widget directly on your website, in a pop-up window, or in a tab
  • The ability to allow people to enter more than once, for daily giveaways, for example
  • Letting you have entry periods, where you can draw winners who entered within a specific date range
  • Powerful marketing tools, like the ability to export your entrants’ data, integrate it with email programs, and more

While these features cost between $10 and $399 a month, the payoff can be substantial. The difference between running a simple giveaway that builds buzz about your product and a sophisticated giveaway where you can build upon that buzz with a multi-faceted marketing campaign, for example, can be significant.

The nice thing about Gleam’s pricing structure is that—except for the very lowest price tier (which must be booked a year at a time)—you can easily switch back and forth between free and paid plans. So if you aren’t running a giveaway in any given month, you can switch to a free plan to save your company money.

Is Gleam Trustworthy?

When you are dealing with giving away things of monetary value and asking potential customers to hand over sensitive information to a third party, it’s always a good idea to test for trustworthiness. Is Gleam legit or a scam? is a reputable customer with a generally good reputation. Trustpilot gives Gleam an “Excellent” rating with 4.5 out of 5 stars awarded over 40 reviews. Most reviews mention how easy the platform is to use and how excellent the customer service is when any problems arise.

The general consensus is that Gleam is a good contest platform for both companies and entrants, with minor only complaints about pricing or unresolved customer support issues.