If I Don't Travel, Can I Give Away my Vacation Prizes?

Question: If I Don't Travel, Can I Give Away my Vacation Prizes?

I'd love to win a trip for my parents, but I don't travel myself. Should I enter vacation sweepstakes, even if I can't go on the trip? Can I give away my vacation prizes?


Many people don't travel because they're disabled, have small children, or simply don't like to fly. But if they have a parent, sibling, or friend who loves to travel, does it make sense to enter to win trip sweepstakes and give away any vacation prizes?

It's Not a Good Idea to Enter to Win Trip Sweepstakes if You Won't Use the Prize

Something you could try is entering cash sweepstakes. If you win a cash prize, you could use it to buy a vacation for your deserving family member.

Exceptions: Times You Could Enter to Win a Trip if You Don't Travel

  • Enter to Win Trips to Places Near You:
    If you hate to fly, you could try to win a trip to a location you can reach by car, bus, or train. The sponsor may or may not provide transportation, but you could still take advantage of the free hotel stay and any events or activities that are included in the trip prize.
  • Enter Trip Sweepstakes with Secondary Prizes You Crave
    Sometimes, trip sweepstakes have secondary prizes that are very attractive. If there is a secondary prize that you really want, you can enter hoping you don't win the trip instead. But it's worthwhile considering whether your time would be better spent entering sweepstakes where you really want to win all of the prizes.
  • The Exceptions: Rare Win a Trip Sweepstakes that Break the Rules
    The majority of trip sweepstakes won't let you give away the prizes, but there are a few exceptions. You could try to win trip sweepstakes with prizes like gift certificates to big travel websites, which you could use toward vacations for your loved ones.

For tips and advice about winning trips and vacations, see How to Win Trips and Dream Vacations.

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