Overview of Joint Expeditionary Base Fort Story

On October 1, 2009, the Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story (JEBLC-FS) was established, the first Joint Base in Hampton Roads, as the result of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process.

JEBLC-FS is the country’s premier installation for housing and training the nation’s Expeditionary Forces. It is one command with two properties: Joint Expeditionary Base Fort Story (also referred to as Joint Expeditionary Base East) and JEB Little Creek. The Joint Expeditionary Base is comprised of the former Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek and the Army Post of Fort Story.

Fort Story witnessed the humble beginnings of our country at the 1607 first landing site. Little Creek began as a dynamic training ground for World War II amphibious forces. Together they comprise the crown jewel of America’s military bases. The information in this overview covers Joint Expeditionary Base Fort Story.


Ariel view of Fort Story
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Fort Story was originally a sub-installation of the US Army Transportation Center and Fort Eusis. Together, Fort Story and Fort Eustis provided the U.S. Army's unique training specializing in land and sea transportation.

Fort Story is located at the entrance of the Chesapeake Bay within the city of Virginia Beach. It is the Army's only training facility for logistics-over-the-shore operations to train troops on amphibious equipment and to practice the transfer of military cargo from ship to shore.

Fort Story’s combination of features (dunes, beaches, sand, surf, deep-water anchorage, variable tide conditions, maritime forest and open land) offer unique training opportunities to a variety of military units representing the U.S. Army, in addition to the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.

There are two main uses of the jurisdictional areas at Fort Story. The first is used for cantonment (military quarters). The remaining use is for open operational purposes, including use for outdoor training areas. The outdoor training areas include beaches, maritime forest and open areas for a variety of military training needs.

Joint Expeditionary Base East is the site of three historical landmarks: the Cape Henry Lighthouse built in 1791, the First Landing Cross which memorializes the landing of English settlers in 1607, and the Admiral de Grasse statue honoring the French Fleet which prevented the British from reaching Yorktown.

Also of historical interest, the passenger station built in 1902 and served by the original Norfolk Southern Railway was restored late in the 20th century and is used as an educational facility by the Army.

Location/Driving Directions

Map of Fort Story
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Fort Story is located adjacent to the city of Virginia Beach, Virginia. The area has many attractions suitable for family activities, but the cost of living is higher than the national average. Fort Story is approximately 48 miles southeast of Fort Eustis.

Driving Directions

From the North:

  • Take I 95-S to I 295-E around Richmond to I 64-E.
  • Take Exit 282 (Northampton Blvd Exit) and follow Rt. 13 for four miles.
  • Then take the last exit before the bay bridge tunnel and bear right onto Rt. 60 (Shore Drive) and travel about five (5) miles.
  • Ft. Story is a left turn at the flashing red light.
  • After passing the guard house, take the first left, then your first right.
  • This gate may be closed. If it is, continue approx. 3 miles to the first stoplight and take a left. This will lead you to the main gate.
  • Continue straight approx 2 miles and you will see the Cape Henry sign on the right.

From the South:

  • Take I 95-N to 58-E to I 64-W.
  • Take Exit 282 (Northampton Blvd) and follow Rt. 13 for four (4) miles.
  • Take the last exit before the bay bridge tunnel and bear right onto Rt. 60 (Shore Drive) and travel about five (5) miles.
  • Ft. Story is a left turn at the flashing red light.
  • After passing the guard house, take the first left, then your first right.
  • This gate may be closed. If it is, continue approx. 3 miles to the first stoplight and take a left. This will lead you to the main gate.
  • Continue straight approx 2 miles and you will see the Cape Henry sign on the right.

Population/Major Units Assigned

Soldiers from the 119th Transportation Company direct vehicles off the Bob Hope's stern roll-on-roll-off ramp.
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There are approximately 2300 military personnel [2014 data] permanently stationed Army, Navy and Marine Corps personnel at Fort Story, as well as close to 300 civilian employees. In addition, there are close to 1,300 family members on and off-post as well as a large retired population.

Joint Expeditionary Base Fort Story is home to the 11th Transportation Battalion, as well as other military units representing the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard:

  • Army Reserve Center
  • U.S. Army School of Music
  • Directorate of Training and Doctrine
  • FORSCOM Logistics Training Cluster, Saltwater Annex
  • U.S. Marine Corps Security Cooperation Group
  • Naval Special Warfare Group 2 Ranges
  • Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Training and Evaluation Unit Two
  • Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 10
  • Naval Undersea Warfare Center
  • Shipboard Electronic Systems Evaluation Facility
  • NATO Communication Logistical Activity

Main Phone Numbers

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Top-Tech Challenge
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  • Child Development Center: FFSC Fort Story - 757-422-7796
  • Fleet and Family Support: FFSC Fort Story - 757-422-7311
  • Dental Clinic (appointments) - 757-422-7077
  • Cape Henry Inn and Beach Club (temp lodging) (757)422-8818
  • Housing Office:  Balfour Beatty Communities -  757-962-3511
  • School Liaison Officer -  (757) 422-7101 ext 238

Temporary Lodging

Cape Henry Beach located next to the Cape Henry Inn
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There are no temporary quarters at Fort Story. The Cape Henry Inn and Beach Club, located on Fort Story, has hotel rooms and cottages on the beach that can be rented. The rates vary by season. The phone number is 757-422-8818.

Pets are not allowed.  Pets can be boarded at local kennels. The closest boarding kennel to Fort Story is Sajo Farm Veterinary Hospital; phone 757-464-6009.


Cape Henry Point, the location of the historic Cape Henry House consists of 6 single family homes for Key and Essential personnel assigned to Fort Story.
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Base housing at Fort Story is now privatized (also referred to as Public/Private Venture (PPV)). Balfour Beatty Communities is responsible for the residential community at Fort Story, located on the shores of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Currently, there are four neighborhoods with 250 homes. All homes have access to and view of the Atlantic Ocean. Balfour Beatty Communities has a variety of recreational amenities and opportunities to enjoy. You will find these amenities located throughout the community in areas from open space for team activities to shaded spaces for playgrounds and picnic areas.

The Balfour Beatty Communities office is located at 560A Cape Henry Road, Fort Story. They can be reached at 757-962-3511. The office is open Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm.

The Housing Service Center (HSC) skilled staff assists in finding off-base housing within the surrounding community.  HSC also can go over your Lease, offers information and classes on home buying, and even may perform Landlord/Tenant mediation if ever necessary.

Barracks/Single Service Member Housing JEB Fort Story is located at Buildings 860, 861, and 862 Hospital Road, Virginia Beach VA 23459.  Their main phone number is 757-422-7344 Ext. 222 and DSN 312-438-7344 ext 222.


Barbara Potter leads a group of children in a cheer that celebrates the U.S. Army's 234th Birthday, during a special program at the Helemano Child Development Center and Youth Center.
U.S. Army / Bill Mossman

The School Liaison Officer is the primary point of contact between the military installation, the local schools, and school districts, transitioning families and the community at large.

The JEB Fort Story Schools Liaison Officer can be reached at JEB Fort Story, 300 Guadalcanal Rd., Room 112, Virginia Beach, VA 23452.  The phone number is (757) 422-7101 ext 238.

There are five local school districts within the Fort Story Community. Registration for all students is conducted at the assigned home school based on your current Virginia Beach address. The main office for the Virginia Beach City Public Schools is at 2512 George Mason Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456-0038 They can be reached at (757)263-1949.

The half-day kindergarten operates in morning or afternoon sessions. Children must reach their fifth birthday on or before September 30 to be enrolled. The program is child-centered and activity-oriented, incorporating instructional experiences suitable for each child's maturity and readiness to learn. If you are enrolling your child into Virginia Beach Public schools for the first time, call (757)263-1949 for more information.

Parents should bring the following information to the school the child will be attending: child's social security card, a certified birth certificate, a physical examination for entry into elementary school (not required for secondary school), an updated, current immunization record for entry at all levels; a report card or transfer form from school of last attendance, if appropriate; proof of residence/address and two emergency contact numbers.

Further information on immunizations is available from each school or from the Office of Student Health Services/School Nurses at (757) 437-7578. There are several Private Schools in the area. The Schools Liaison Officer can give you a list of available schools.

If you desire to homeschool, Virginia Beach City Public Schools' staff can assist you with the necessary steps to take in order to provide home instruction.

Child Care

Fort Story Child Development Center
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Child and Youth Programs (CYP) provide high quality educational and recreational programs for children and youth with teams of caring, knowledgeable professionals to plan developmentally appropriate programs that are responsive to the unique needs, abilities, and interests of children.

Childcare Resource and Referral (R&R) will assist you with selecting your child care needs within the Mid-Atlantic Region. This Region provides high quality, developmentally appropriate programs from pre-birth to 18 years of age. 

The Mid-Atlantic Region Child Care Resource & Referral Office is located at 1682 Piersey Street, Naval Station Norfolk, Building KN, Norfolk VA 23511.  Their main phone number is 1-866-NAVY CDC and DSN 312-564-9172. Other listed phone numbers for Mid-Atlantic Region Child Care Resource & Referral Office are as follows: 757-444-3670/ 445-9172 (or) 757-444-1277.

Registration is required for all CYP programs. There is a waiting list for most child care programs. It is strongly urged to place your child's name on the waiting list as soon as possible. Parents who are PCS'ing to Forts Eustis or Story or expectant mothers are encouraged to place their child's name on the "future needs" waiting list.

Child Development Centers (CDC) - offers a quality child development program provided for children ages 6 weeks through 5 years.  Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Child Development Centers JEB Fort Story is located at Bldg 531 Solomon Road, Virginia Beach VA 23459.  Their main phone number is 757-422-7796.

Child Development Homes (CDH) - providers care for children in their own homes, on or off base. This type of arrangement offers a home-like, natural environment and more flexibility in the hours of operation to accommodate your work schedule.

Some CDH providers even provide care for watchstanders, weekend duty, overnight care, shift-work hours, etc.  JEB Little Creek-Fort Story (East) Location: Building 303, Cape Henry Road; Phone: (757) 422-7871. Child Development Youth (CDY) (includes School-Age Care (SAC)) - offers a wide variety of recreational activities, school-age care, day camps, teen programs and special family events. 

The CDY's before and after-school programs are currently accrediting with the National After-School Alliance (NAA), and, we are affiliated with the Boys & Girls Club of America (B&GCA).  CDY hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.  – the Teen Program operates Monday through Friday, 5:30 to 8 p.m.

School Age Care/Youth Activities JEB Fort Story - Morale, Welfare, and Recreation is located at Bldg 457 Vera Cruz Road, Virginia Beach VA 23459.  Their main phone number is 757-422-7714 and DSN 312-438-7714.

Medical Care

Captain Michael Milas listens as World War II veteran Ed Alexander shares stories of his military days during the bomb groups' tour of Hunter Army Airfield.
U.S. Arm / Spc. Monica K. Smith

Fort Story Troop Medical Clinic has a dental and medical clinic. The Hours of Operation are 0630-1500 Mon-Fri (closed weekends and Closed on Federal Holidays).  Sick call sign-in: 0630-0800 Mon-Fri

For appointments call the Hampton Roads Appointment Center at 1-866-645-4584.

For services unavailable through the clinic, Portsmouth Naval Medical Center is the closest available Hospital.