Kroger Mobile Savings

Double Couponers, take note: Kroger is no longer in the business of duplicating your savings on paper coupons. You can, however, still save, but you’ll need to jump to the 21st Century to take advantage of many of the supermarket’s latest deals.

Kroger is America’s largest grocery chain, and with its recent acquisition of the Harris Teeter brand as well, Kroger’s stores will now number over 2,600, with a presence in 34 states. With that kind of coverage, it would be crazy for Kroger to mess with its tried-and-true everyday double coupons policy, right? Well, Kroger is taking that gamble, recently discontinuing double coupon savings and working to make everyday prices lower and enhance its mobile strategy.

Kroger will still accept your paper coupons, but they’ll be rung up at face value going forward, my Kroger manager told me when I was there last week. He directed me to several of Kroger’s new initiatives, which I later tested out and investigated a bit further. Based on my research, the following are the most effective ways to save at Kroger despite the discontinuance of double coupons.

Download the Free Kroger App

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If you’ve ever used any of Kroger’s digital coupons, you most likely already have an account with the company (the account is required to load the digital coupons to your rewards card).

Therefore, once you download the Kroger app (free for Apple and Android), you’ll sign in using the same information as your online account. At that point, you can view the deals in the weekly ad, load coupons to your Kroger Plus card, and you can use my favorite feature -- the Kroger shopping list.

How It Works

When you tap on the weekly ad portion of the app, it will let you browse by category. While doing that, you can tap a particular item, and then click “Add to List.” The item will show up on your shopping list. Likewise, when you tap the “Coupons” options on the app, you can tap a coupon and then click “Load to Card,” and it will also appear in the list.

But the best part about this is that when you tap on your shopping list in the app, it will be organized by category, including both your sale items and the coupons you have. The reason I love this feature is that when I used to make a paper shopping list, I would put a red “C” next to every item I planned to buy that had a coupon associated with it.

But using the new method, as you can see in the photo at left when I go to my list, it shows me that I added Huggies diapers and wipes to the list, but right below that, it shows that I have Huggies coupons for these products also loaded to my Kroger Plus account. Therefore, I can tell when I am buying a sale item that also has a coupon associated with it.

Check for Double Fuel Points Promotions

Through the end of July, Kroger is running a promotion offering double fuel points for all of your purchases on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. This can result in huge savings at the gas pump if your Kroger has an accompanying gas station.

Although this is only a summer promotion, the company also features additional fuel point bonuses throughout the year. For instance, every time the company offers double fuel points for buying gift cards, I always buy a stack of iTunes gift cards for myself. I load them onto my iTunes account because I have to pay for my music anyway, and why not earn extra fuel points while doing so?

Benefit From the "Free Friday Download"

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Every Friday, Kroger sends out an email announcing its free product for that week. Last week, as seen in the photo at left, it was a free box of Quaker Granola Bars. When you get the email, you should click the “Load to Card” button. It will take you to your login page and you can add the product to your digital coupon listing.

Within about 30 minutes, the coupon for that free product should appear in the “Coupons” tab of your Kroger app. The free item coupon is redeemable for two weeks and you won’t need to present your phone to capture the savings -- it should automatically deduct from your total once you present your Kroger Plus card to the cashier.