Where to Find the Best Back-to-School Deals in 2018

Looking for back to school deals? Look no further.


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The school year is just ending now, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be looking for back to school sales and deals for next year’s items. The fact is that the sooner you start looking for essential items, the more deals you’ll find.

The following roundup of back to school discounts can help you prep for the upcoming school year while saving the maximum amount of cash.

Look for These Items Early

Certain back-to-school products are going to be less expensive if you start searching for them as soon as the previous school year ends. That’s because some of these bigger-ticket products can be found used. Graduating seniors and those moving out of college dorms are often looking for extra cash by selling their old items, and you can benefit by swooping those things up.

For instance, many students entering high school (and sometimes even middle school) will need a TI-84 calculator. Buying these new can set you back somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 or more. However, the end of the school year is a great time to buy one that a graduate no longer needs. Second-hand sites like eBay and Craigslist are typically flooded with used graphing calculators this time of year, which you can often find for around $50.

Other items you may want to seek at the end of the outgoing school year are used sporting goods, textbooks or other books for required reading, and school uniforms (when applicable). You can usually find people trying to sell these at low prices when one school year ends and before another begins. For things like uniforms and sporting goods, you can check your local thrift stores when the school year ends and keep your eyes open for them.

School Supplies

You’ll see deals on school supplies throughout the summer. For example, Amazon just began listing pencils as an add-on item if you spend $35. The pack of 96 pencils is only $9.96, or just ten cents per pencil. It’s unclear how long this offer will run, but it began in late May, 2018. The online retailer is sure to run similar sales throughout the summer, so keep your eye on its back to school page.

You can also find great deals on school supplies like binders, notebooks, glue sticks and pens throughout the summer at chains like Target, Walgreens and Walmart, both at their brick and mortar and online locations. Check out their weekly circulars in every Sunday’s newspaper and begin stocking up as things start to go on sale so you can benefit from the deals. Office Max/Office Depot is another great spot to buy a wide variety of school supplies, including backpacks, calculators and printers if necessary.

By the time school starts, you should have most of your items already purchased.


In addition to the national retailers listed above, you can also find back to school clothing at a wide variety of retailers that offer sales and deals throughout the summer.

Both Kohl’s online site and the physical retail stores have a really good selection of children’s clothing, including school uniforms at certain locations. In addition, if you combine those deals with the many promo codes that the retailer offers right on its home page, as well as collecting rewards points and possible Kohl’s cash, you’ll get great deals for back to school here.

You’ll also find great bargains on back to school clothes at Old Navy, a terrific source for buy-one-get-one-free deals on its clothing, along with promo codes on the website most of the time for deeper discounts.

Sporting Goods

If you know your child will be playing a sport this coming school year, now is the time to start collecting the items he or she will need to participate. One good place to look is Overstock, where you can find significant discounts on items for just about every sport, from hockey to tennis and beyond. In addition, always look for promo codes for the site right on the home page or on sites like RetailMeNot.

Another good spot for sporting goods is the Clearance section of Dick's Sporting Goods. Maybe a professional athlete wouldn't want last year's baseball glove, but it's probably just fine for your high schooler's needs, and you can usually find it up to 75 percent off here.

By starting early and combining sales with promo codes and coupons, you should be able to slash your back to school budget significantly and have all of your items ready before the new school year begins.