How to Mute Sound in Your Internet Browser

3 easy ways to turn off annoying browser sounds

Too Darned Loud? Turn Off Your Web Browser's Sounds
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So you have your headphones on, and you're grooving along listening to your favorite music on iTunes while you work when it happens. An ad starts blaring on a sweepstakes website you've opened, blasting your eardrums. Sound familiar?

There are many good reasons to want to turn off sounds in your internet browser. Maybe you're listening to music while you work or watching television while you enter sweepstakes, and you don't want to be interrupted.

Maybe you don't want to disturb other people in the room with you, or maybe you just don't want to be scared half to death.

Luckily, you don't have to be at the mercy of ads, news broadcasts, or sweepstakes sites that blast sound when you visit them. These tips will help you disable sound in your browser, allowing you to browse the net or enter sweepstakes in peace.

How to Turn Off Sound for Individual Tabs in Your Web Browser:

Mute sounds in Firefox by looking for the speaker icon on the tab that's playing music. Clicking on the speaker icon turns off sound for that tab. Clicking the icon again turns the sound back on. This trick lets you continue to listen to sound playing in other tabs.

Disable sounds in Internet Explorer by opening Advanced Features under Settings. 

Turn off sounds in Chrome: When a Chrome tab is playing sound, a little speaker icon appears on that tab. Right-click on it, and select the Mute Tab option.

Mute Safari sounds: Safari has a speaker icon in the address bar. If you click on it while on a tab that's playing sound, it mute that tab. If you click on it while on a tab that is not playing sound, it mutes all tabs.

Microsoft Edge does not currently support muting individual tabs. However, you can use the following tips to disable all sounds from whichever internet browser you use, including Edge.

Disable Sounds in Your Internet Browser Using Windows:

  1. Open Your Control Panel:
    The easiest way to open the Control Panel is to click on "Start" and then click on "Control Panel."

  2. Open "Internet Options":
    Use the search box to find the "Internet Options" section of the Control Panel.

  3. Select the "Advanced" Tab:
    The Advanced Tab is usually on the far-right side of the Internet Options screen.

  4. Scroll Down to "Multimedia":
    Scroll through the options until you see the section called "Multimedia."

  5. Deselect the "Play Sounds" Option:
    Click to uncheck the option called "Play Sounds in Web pages." This will turn off all sounds in your internet browsers.

  6. Turn Sounds on Again When You're Ready:
    If you would like to resume listening to sounds on your internet browser, be sure to follow these steps again once you are done entering sweepstakes, and check the "Play Sounds in Web pages" option once again.

Use Plug-Ins to Turn Off Browser Sounds:

You can use browser plug-in programs to modify how your internet browsers handle sounds. Here are some plug-ins you can try out:

  • Muter for Firefox inserts an icon in your add-on bar that you can click to turn off sounds.
  • MuteTab for Chrome helps you find which of your tabs are playing sound and lets you stop or pause the culprits. It also automatically shuts off sound for any tabs playing in the background.
  • If advertisements are annoying you by auto-playing sound, ad-blocking plug-ins prevent them from running at all. Search your web browser's plug-in site to find one you like or check out this list of the Best Ad-Blockers for various browsers from Tom's Guide.

As you can see, you have several options to help you control which sounds you hear in your browser. You don't have to be annoyed by unwanted noises as you play, work, or enter sweepstakes.