Find Coupons for Nicotine Patches, Gum, and Lozenges

Looking to quit smoking? Save money with these resources.

Nicotine Patch
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Coupons for nicotine patches and other aids that can help you quit smoking (also referred to as NRTs or nicotine replacement therapy products or medications) like nicotine gum and nicotine lozenges can usually be found online in either printable or digital form.

Current Nicotine Patch Coupons and Other NRT Products

  • - $5 off printable coupon for the Nicoderm patch, Nicorette Lozenge or Nicorette Gum. Registration is required.
  • - You can often find coupons from nicotine avoidance aids here.
  • Savingstar - Here, you'll find rebates on products that help you curb your nicotine habit.
  • Target - Frequently offers coupons for nicotine avoidance aids.
  • Giant Eagle eOffers - You can often find coupons for nicotine-curbing aids here.

Tips for Printing Coupons From

Registration at is required. During registration, if you check that you have already begun to quit smoking, you will then be asked what your NRT preference is—a nicotine patch, nicotine gum or nicotine lozenges. This will usually result in a coupon for the product you selected. When you select that you have not yet quit smoking, the coupon often defaults to one for the Nicoderm CQ patch. (Note: A valid email is required for registration.)

The coupons available on are managed through You will need to download a small software printing program if you have never printed coupons from It is easy to do and it can be removed from your computer after you print the coupon.

With coupons, you can usually print the coupon twice by reloading the page after the first coupon prints. The coupon expiration is based on when you print it and is generally four to six weeks from that date.

Find Free Nicotine Patches, Gums and Lozenges

All of the smoking cessation state programs across the U.S. have free quit smoking services and helpful tools including phone and digital help lines. Some of the states include free nicotine patches in starter packages when you enroll in the online call counseling services.

Others include four to eight weeks of free patches, gum and/or lozenges as well as prescription only products. Enrollment and qualifications for free NRT products are state-specific, but almost all states require that the person receiving the NRTs is 18 years or older. Below you'll find the list of state programs with free NRT programs:

  • Alabama - QuitNow Alabama: Offers free coaching, a personalized quit plan, and two weeks of free nicotine patches if you are enrolled in support services.
  • Alaska - QuitNow: You can receive free nicotine replacement therapy products (gum, lozenges, or patches) if it's part of your personalized quit plan. You can receive the free products for up to two enrollments per year.
  • Arizona - Ashline: Services include personalized quit plans, coaching, and medication (NRT) assistance. Call for specific information on NRT products.
  • Arkansas QuitLine: Provides free gum, patches and/or lozenges for those who qualify.
  • California - 1-800-No-Butts: Has free nicotine patches to eligible callers. Not all call centers offer the free patches unless you are a parent of children five years or younger. Also, callers to the Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese QuitLines can receive two weeks of free patches if they qualify.
  • Colorado - QuitLine: Enrollment is required. If you are 18 or older, your Quit Coach can arrange for nicotine patches, gum, or lozenges to be sent to you for free.
  • Connecticut QuitLine: Must be enrolled. You can receive free nicotine patches or gum if it's part of your personalized Quitting Plan.
  • Delaware QuitLine: For eligible low-income callers, vouchers to purchase stop-smoking aids such as nicotine patches or gum are available.
  • Tobacco Free Florida: Provides free nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), like the patch or a combination of the patch and nicotine gum for heavy smokers, while supplies last and if medically appropriate.
  • Georgia Tobacco QuitLine: While supplies last during the year, a free, four-week supply of Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRTs) (gum and patch) available to Georgia adults aged 18 years and older.
  • Hawaii Tobacco QuitLine: - Enrollment required. Receive free NRT patches or gum. You can receive two weeks of nicotine replacement therapy if you have private insurance, four weeks if you have public insurance (like Medicaid), or eight weeks if you have no insurance.
  • Idaho QuitNow: You can receive free nicotine replacement therapy products (patches or gum) if they are part of your personalized Quitting Plan.
  • Illinois Tobacco QuitLine: Free or discounted NRT products are not available from the Illinois Tobacco QuitLine.
  • Indiana QuitLine: To receive free nicotine patches or gum you must be uninsured, or receiving Medicaid or Medicare benefits.
  • Iowa QuitLine: Free or discounted NRT products are not available through the Iowa QuitLine.
  • Kansas KanQuit: Free or discounted NRT products are not available through Kansas KanQuit.
  • QuitNow Kentucky: Free nicotine gum, lozenges, or patches may be available.
  • Louisiana QuitWithUsLa / QuitLine: According to the American Lung Association, "tobacco cessation medications are available via Louisiana Tobacco QuitLine only during special promotions and for a limited period of time."
  • Maine Tobacco HelpLine NRTs, such as the nicotine patch or gum, are available free through the PTM Medication Voucher Program, which is for tobacco users who don’t have prescription drug insurance or whose coverage does not include NRTs.
  • Maryland QuitLine provides up to a four-week supply of nicotine patches or gum to tobacco users who meet basic health requirements. Nicotine patches and gum are available only while supplies last. To be eligible, callers must register for cessation services with the QuitLine.
  • Massachusetts QuitWorks: Offer a free two-week starter kit of nicotine patches to patients who pass a medical screener and send the product to the patient’s home (while supplies last).
  • Michigan QuitLine: Through the telephone program, you can receive a supply of gum, patches, or lozenges.
  • Minnesota QuitPlan: Receive a two-week Starter Kit of free patches, gum or lozenges. To receive four weeks of free patches, gum or lozenges, enroll in the QUITPLAN Help line. This program is for any adult Minnesotans who are uninsured or whose insurance does not cover either phone coaching or these quit-smoking medications.
  • Mississippi Tobacco QuitLine: Eligible members may receive up to eight weeks of patches or gum. Eligible members must enroll and actively participate in online cessation support.
  • Missouri QuitNow: If you are uninsured or receive MO HealthNet, you may be eligible to receive a free supply of nicotine gum or patches while supplies last.
  • Montana QuitLine: Montana residents who enroll in QuitLine services may be eligible for up to eight weeks of free NRT.
  • Nebraska Tobacco QuitLine: Free or discounted NRTs are not available through Kansas KanQuit.
  • Nevada Tobacco QuitLine: A free supply of nicotine replacement patches, gum, or lozenges (for those 18 years and older) are available if you qualify. Qualification includes: Being a Nevada resident, non-insured, complete a home study program and all other counseling requirements. (Source: North American QuitLine Consortium,
  • Quit Now New Hampshire: To be eligible for the free patches, residents must be at least 18 years old, be ready to quit within 30 days, be willing to participate in free telephone counseling and be screened for safe use of the patch.
  • New Jersey QuitLine: Free or discounted NRTs are not available through the New Jersey QuitLine. Stop smoking medication discount cards are available for all New Jersey residents.
  • New Mexico QuitNow: Free nicotine patches, gum or lozenges, as appropriate. Qualifications include enrollment and participation in the counseling program.
  • New York Smoke-Free Free nicotine patches are available based on eligibility which includes accepting the callback counseling service, prepared to quit within two weeks, and smoke ten or more cigarettes a day.
  • North Carolina QuitNow: Free nicotine replacement therapy products (patches, gum and/or lozenge) are available for some North Carolina enrollees including state employees and uninsured residents 18 years of age and older enrolled and active in the QuitLineNC call service.
  • North Dakota; NDQuits: NDQuits online is offering a free two month supply of the nicotine patch, nicotine gum or nicotine lozenge to anyone who enrolls in NDQuits online counseling and is uninsured or does not have cessation medication coverage through his or her health plan.
  • Ohio Tobacco QuitLine: The Ohio Tobacco Quit Line is available to uninsured Ohio residents, Medicaid recipients, pregnant women and members of the Ohio Tobacco Collaborative.
  • Pennsylvania QuitNow: Offers free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) (up to 8 weeks of patches) for qualified callers.
  • Rhode Island; QUiTWORKS-RI Nicotine replacement therapy (two-week supply of gum, patches, or lozenges) is available to residents ages 18 and over at no charge. While supplies last; Medical restrictions apply.
  • South Carolina Tobacco QuitLine: Receive free nicotine patches, gum and lozenges to South Carolinians without health insurance.
  • South Dakota QuitLine: Get a two week supply of NRT patches, gum, or lozenges.
  • Texas Quit Yes: Information is unavailable, however, the American Lung Association lists free NRTs (patches, gum, and lozenges) are available to those, "living in the comprehensive program area or by health care provider fax referral."
  • Utah Tobacco Quit Line: Enroll in Quit Line and receive free NRTs (patches or gum) if it's part of your personalized Quitting Plan.
  • Vermont 802Quits: Free NRTs (gum, patches or lozenges) shipped to you (while supplies last).
  • Virginia - QuitNow: Free or discounted NRTs are not available through the state QuitNow program.
  • Washington - Callers with an Apple Health plan qualify for up to twelve weeks of free nicotine patches or gum per year. If you have an individual plan from the Washington Health Benefit Exchange you are covered for tobacco counseling, nicotine replacement therapy, and related medications with no out-of-pocket costs. If you are uninsured or without insurance coverage to quit tobacco there is no free NRTs program available at this time.
  • Washington, D.C. QuitLine: Program enrollees will receive four weeks of NRT patches or lozenges.
  • West Virginia Tobacco QuitLine Participants are eligible for eight weeks of free nicotine replacement therapy - patches, gum or lozenges.
  • Wisconsin QuitLine: Receive starter packs of quit smoking medications like nicotine gum, patches, and lozenges.
  • Wyoming Quit Tobacco Program: Receive free nicotine patches, gum, or lozenges. Based on eligibility.

Medicaid Patients

The Affordable Care Act requires all Medicaid programs cover all tobacco cessation medications. Check with your state Medicaid office for more information.