9 Reasons Why You're Not Winning Sweepstakes Prizes

And What to Do Instead!

Have you wondered why you're not winning sweepstakes? If you're going through a dry spell or if you've never won a prize, you might feel like you're just unlucky. However, the reason why your name isn't being drawn as a winner could also be that you are doing things that hurt your chances. Here are the top reasons why people don't win sweepstakes, and how you can avoid them.

You're Not Winning Because You're Not Reading the Sweepstakes' Rules

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A simple mistake can prevent you from winning prizes. Image (c) Lvcandy / Getty Images

If you are not winning as many sweepstakes prizes as you hoped, one thing you might be doing wrong is skipping over the sweepstakes' rules. Reading all that legalese can be tedious, but it often pays off with more prizes. 

For example, reading the rules can help you avoid being disqualified for entering too often, submitting an essay contest entry with too many characters, or not meeting other eligibility criteria.

Furthermore, reading the rules can tip you off to ways to get bonus entries, improving your chances of having your name drawn as a winner. 

So instead of skipping over the rules next time, take a few minutes to skim through them and break your losing streak.

You're Not Winning Because Sponsors Can't Get in Touch with You

Have you ever considered that maybe you have been winning giveaways, but the sponsors haven't been able to let you know because you've made it difficult to get in touch with you?

It's easy to lampoon your chances of winning by making simple typos in your email address, street address, or telephone number when you fill out an entry form. To avoid this, look over your information carefully before hitting the "Submit" button. Using an automatic form filler like Roboform can help to prevent typos, but you should still double-check that all of your entry information is in the correct field and entered properly before you submit your form. 

Next, make sure that sponsors can reach you by telephone. Many will not leave an answering machine message if you are not home when they call. You can use your cell phone number to enter to make it easier to reach you when you are on the go, or you can take advantage of call forwarding to make sure you don't miss any win notifications.

It's also a good idea to set up Google Alerts to catch any prize notifications you might have missed. Google Alerts can help you see if your name has been posted as a winner on any websites.

Not Winning Because You're Not Entering Often Enough

Entering regularly is one of the keys to winning sweepstakes. If you enter only 15 minutes every day, it's still better than entering only now and then. Entering daily will give you a broad range of entries, and will help you win more regularly as well.

Of course, it's smart to try to get as many entries as you can in whatever time you have available to you. Creating a ​winning sweepstakes strategy and learning how to enter sweepstakes faster helps.

You're Not Winning Because You're Passing up Chances

Some sweepstakes give you more ways to win than just filling out entry forms. Perhaps you can play more than once per day, or maybe you can get extra entries for telling your friends about the giveaway or for watching a video online.

Each of these bonus entry methods increases your chances of being drawn as a winner, so don't pass them by. They could give you the winning edge over all of the other people who are entering.

You're Wasting Time Entering the Wrong Sweepstakes

Everybody wants to win the big prizes, but if those are the only sweepstakes you are entering, it's not surprising that you are feeling frustrated. The sweepstakes with the biggest prizes have the longest chances of winning. For example, the PCH SuperPrize Sweepstakes has far, far worse odds of winning than the Powerball lottery, yet people are still surprised when they enter for years but don't win.

It's a good idea to enter a mix of sweepstakes with exciting prizes and the sweepstakes with the best chances of winning. It's a good idea to enter sweepstakes with lots of prizescreative contests, and instant-win giveaways to make sure the prizes keep rolling in while you're waiting for your Dream Home or multi-million-dollar prize to arrive.

You're Winning, But Not Answering Your Phone Calls

Another way that you could win and never know it is if you miss your winning telephone call. Many sponsors won't leave messages if they aren't able to reach you, and they'll try only a certain number of times before they move on to the next potential winner. Be sure to follow these tips to make sure that your winning phone calls actually reach you. If you're nervous about using your home phone number to enter sweepstakes, here are some alternatives.

You're Not Winning Because You're Not Checking Your Email Regularly

You'd be surprised at how many people do win, but either never receive their win notifications or don't answer them because they think they are scams.

Increase your odds of winning by using a  separate sweepstakes email and checking it regularly. Make sure that your inbox is never too full to receive new emails. 

It's also a good idea to learn the difference between the warning signs of sweepstakes scams and normal things sponsors need when you win so that you don't toss out a legitimate win notification.

Winning Notifications Sent to Spam

Another problem when it comes to checking sweepstakes email is that some winning notifications can be mistaken as spam by your email provider. In order to be sure that you really receive your wins, set your spam filter as low as possible and be sure to check your spam folders regularly. Check out  how to unsubscribe from sweepstakes emails to keep the amount of emails you receive from sweepstakes companies at a manageable level.

You Simply Aren't Being Patient Enough

This is probably the hardest advice of all, but sometimes you're not winning because you simply haven't waited long enough to receive your prizes.  Some people win after their first week of entering sweepstakes, but for most people, it takes much longer. Everyone goes through dry spells, and it's important that you don't give up. Stick to your strategy and keep entering, and the wins will follow sooner or later. If the frustration feels too much, read these tips on what to do before you give up on winning sweepstakes.