Naval Weapons Station Earle, New Jersey

Naval Weapons Station Earle is a United States Navy base located in Colts Neck, New Jersey. NWS (a weapons station is also located in China Lake, CA) Earle is one of the most serene and beautiful Navy installations in the country.

Naval Weapons Station Earle's history began in 1943, with the great need for an Ammunition Depot in the New York area to support the war effort. The location provided ships with a safe and operationally advantageous port to take on ammunition, and it also had access to commercial rail facilities with lines coming from the west, where the majority of ammunition shipments originated. The rural location of the site also allowed for minimal dislocation of the local population.

On Aug. 2, 1943, construction began on what was to be Naval Ammunition Depot Earle, named after Rear Admiral Ralph Earle, the Chief of the Bureau of Ordnance during World War One. Construction included building the military road and railway connecting main-side complex, the waterfront complex and the pier.

The pier stretches 2.2 miles into the Sandy Hook Bay and comprises 2.9 miles of pier/trestle surface area. Earle continued to develop after World War II, keeping pace with the changing needs of the Navy. In 1974, Earle's name was officially changed to Naval Weapons Station Earle. The Station is divided into two sections: Main-side, located in Colts Neck, and the Waterfront Area, on Sandy Hook Bay, located in the Leonardo section of Middletown. Both areas are connected by Normandy road, a 15-mile military road, and rail line.

Naval Weapons Station Earle's mission is to provide Fleet operational services and infrastructure management to support Combat Logistics Force homeporting, ordnance functions, and tenant activities in the execution of the National Military Strategy.

Location/Driving Directions

Driving directions for Naval Weapons Station Earle

Naval Weapons Station Earle is located approximately 47 miles south of New York City, in Colts Neck Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey. NWS Earle is one of the most serene and beautiful Navy installations in the country. It is set within over 11,000 acres of mostly wooded land in which wildlife outnumbers people.

The principal entrance to the inland area (called Mainside) is off of New Jersey State Highway 34, approximately ½ mile south of where the highway intersects Route 357 in Colts Neck. About 10 miles west is Freehold, the Monmouth County seat; the city of Asbury Park lies about the same distance to the east. The main side complex is nestled within an upscale community of horse farms, fruit orchards, and country estates.

NWS Earle’s Waterfront site, which has the finest pier on the East Coast, is located on Sandy Hook Bay adjacent to the town of Leonardo. The principal entrance to the Waterfront is off New Jersey State Highway 36.

To drive to Naval Weapons Station Earle – Mainside

From the north:
Take the Garden State Parkway south to the Route 9 exit (123) near South Amboy. Take Route 9 south approximately 8 miles to Route 18. Take Route 18 south approximately 10 miles to the Route 34 south exit. The entrance to Naval Weapons Station Earle will be on the left side at the first light.
From the south:
Take the New Jersey Turnpike north and get off at exit 7A (I-195 east/Shore Points). Continue on I-195 east to exit 35B which is Route 34 north. Follow Route 34 north for approximately 7 miles. The base will be on the right side of the road.

To drive To Waterfront

From Mainside or points south:
From the main gate, proceed north on Route 34 to Route 357. Make right onto Route 357 and continue to Hockhockson Road, make right, cross the tracks and turn left onto Normandy Road. Proceed north approximately 10 miles and make a left onto East Rd. Proceed on East Road a mile to Route 36. Make a left onto Route 36. Take jug handle to Waterside entrance after 1 mile.
From the north:
Take the Garden State Parkway south to exit 117, and take Route 36 east. Stay on Route 36 approximately 7 miles, take jug handle to Waterfront Gate.

Main Phone Numbers

  • Base Operator DSN: 449-1110 (732) 866-2500
  • Billeting/Quarters DSN: 449-2167 (732) 866-2167
  • BEQ/BOQ NWS Earle (732) 866-2121 DSN: 449-2121
  • Dental Clinic (732) 866-2257 DSN: 449-2257
  • Family Home Care (732) 866-2194 DSN: 449-2194
  • Family Housing Welcome Center (732) 866-2177 DSN: 449-2177
  • Medical Clinic (732) 866-2300 DSN: 449-2300
  • Morale, Welfare & Recreation (732) 866-2350 DSN: 449-2350
  • NWS Earle Quarterdeck (732) 866-2500 DSN: 449-2500
  • Temporary Lodging, NWS Earle (732) 866-2167 DSN: 449-2167
  • Youth Activities Center (732) 866-2148 DSN: 449-2148

Population/Major Units Assigned

Aviation Ordnanceman 3rd Class Orlando Fernandez guides a crate of ammunition onto a weapons magazine elevator aboard the amphibious assault ship Iwo Jima at Naval Weapons Station Earle.
U.S. Navy / Photographer’s Mate Airman Steve Jones

Naval Weapons Station Earle is the homeport to USS Seattle (AOE 3), USS Detroit (AOE 4), USS Supply (AOE 6), USS Arctic (AOE 8), and Combat Logistics Group 2.

Naval Weapons Station Earle is home to many tenant organizations. These tenants include Combat Logistics Group Two, Shore Intermediate Maintenance Activity, Mobile Mine Assembly Unit Three, Superintendent of Shipbuilding Portsmouth Detachment Earle, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit Two Detachment Earle, Atlantic Ordnance Command Detachment Earle, Public Works Center Site Earle, and the Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transportation Center.

Naval Weapons Station Earle serves over 2,000 military DoD civilians and families.

Temporary Lodging

RV Park
U.S. Navy

Reservations for military temporary lodging can be made at the Naval Weapons Station Earle Deer Run Lodge, Fort Monmouth Guest Lodge, and NAWC Lakehurst Guest Lodge. Please contact the appropriate office for information, rates, availability, and type of accommodations.

The Billeting Office is located in Bldg. C-62, Telephone: 732-866-2167, DSN 312-449-2167 with hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.

NWS Earle Deer Run Lodge reservations can be made by calling the Lodging Coordinator at 732-866-2167 or 2103. Availability is based on first come first served. Reservations can be made 60 days in advance. Deer Run is a non-smoking establishment. Pets are not permitted, however, there are local kennel services available. Deer Run Lodging fees are as follows: E1 E4 $58; E5 E6 $61; E7 W1/O1/O2 $63; E8 &9 /W 2&3 / O3 $68; W4 / O4 through O10 $73. All others $78.

For information regarding Fort Monmouth Guest Lodge, on Fort Monmouth Army Base, Eatontown, NJ (7 miles from NWS Earle) call (732)532-03665, DSN 992-3665.

For information regarding Combined Bachelor Housing Lakehurst,
NAWC Lakehurst, NJ (25 miles from NWS Earle), call 732)-323-2266, DSN 624-2266.

About the Facilities

A. Townhouses:

Each unit is equipped with heat and air-conditioning, as well as cable TV in both the living room and master bedroom. Provided for your use is a fully equipped kitchen with a microwave, dishwasher, oven, stove, dinnerware, flatware, and small appliances. All linens are provided with laundry facilities to keep them clean. You can purchase laundry supplies at the Navy Exchange located in building C-29. Each unit has a small yard and a playground is located in front of the complex. Parking is available at the facility.

B. Cleaning your unit:

Our townhomes are considered Cabins and Cottages, and we do not offer maid service. We ask that you take care of the daily up-keep of your rental unit. It is the responsibility of the patron to return the unit to the condition in which you received it. Upon departure, please empty and discard all garbage in the containers provided. Empty and clean the refrigerator and freezer and wipe down the stove. All carpets should be vacuumed and floors swept. Bathrooms should be clean. The NEX located in building C-29 has cleaning supplies if you need them. You do not need to wash the linens and towels, but we ask that you put them next to the washer and dryer. If inspection indicates that the above items were not done, we will assess the proper charges for cleaning the unit. Additional cleaning charges will be assessed to the patron's credit card at $20 per hour.
Please feel free to contact the Getaways Manager at 732-866-2448 for pricing and policy issues.

C. Single rooms:

Single rooms are located in building C-10. Each room is equipped with a queen bed, microwave and refrigerator. Hot plates are not allowed in these rooms. Maid service is offered in C-10. Please contact the Lodging Manager for pricing.

D. Check-in and out:

Check-in time is between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday at the Getaways office located in building C-29. After hours check-ins may pick up their keys and information packet at the small guard house located after you exit the main entry control point to the base. Check-out time is before 11 a.m. each day. If you would like a late check-out (no later than 12 p.m.) please contact the Getaways office at 732-866-2448 or contact the CDO at 732-558-3362.

E. Pets:

Pets are permitted in only one of our lodging units and only for PCS moves. If we cannot provide that unit to you there is a list of kennels available upon request.

NWS Earle R.V. Park Rules & Regulation


The R.V. Park opens on April 1st and closes Nov. 15th


  • Personnel who meet the following criteria are eligible to use Naval Weapon Station Earle Facilities:
  • Active Duty Military & Dependents
  • Retired Military & Dependents
  • DoD & DoD Contract Personnel
  • DoT Personnel
  • Eligible patrons may NOT make reservations for non-authorized patrons or, transfer payments/reservations to another person.


Phone and walk-in reservation will be accepted beginning March 1st. Eligible patrons utilizing a rented RV/CAMPER must provide a copy of the rental contract. Patrons utilizing a borrowed RV/CAMPER must provide a letter stating that they will be residing in the borrowed RV/Camper for the duration of the RV park reservation period.

Length of Stay

A maximum of 30 consecutive nights may be reserved at one time. Extensions may be requested 3 days before the scheduled check-out time and will be granted on a space available basis for no more than 2 weeks. After the first 14 day extension, you must check for availability.

  • CHECK-IN TIME 11:00 to 16:00
  • CHECK-OUT TIME: 10:00


Naval Weapons Station Earle Housing
U.S. Navy

Navy Family Housing at Naval Weapons Station Earle consists of 14 Senior Officer 3-4 bedroom units, 40 Junior Officer/Senior Enlisted 2-3 bedroom units​ and 500 Junior Enlisted 2-4 bedroom units. There are no pets allowed in 300 of the on-station Junior Enlisted units. Waiting periods vary from each area of housing depending upon pay grade and bedroom entitlement. Further information on pay grade eligibility, waiting periods and bedroom entitlements can be obtained by contacting the Family Housing Welcome Center.

Family housing on board NWS Earle is part of the Navy's Private Party Venture (PPV) Program. All prospective residents are required to sign a lease and provide one month's rent (at your BAH rate) in advance. Security Deposits of one month will also be required if you do not choose the option to pay your rent through an allotment process.

Applications for Navy Family Housing must be made by DD Form 1746 and submitted to the Family Housing Welcome Center with a copy of permanent change of station (PCS) orders and a current copy of Record of Emergency Data (Page 2). The control date (eligible date for assignment to quarters) for the housing waiting list will be the date of detachment from the previous command if the application is submitted within 30 days of the reporting date at NWS Earle. If an application is not made within this time frame, the date of receipt of the application by the Housing Office will be the control date.

Active Duty Military personnel accompanied by dependents and attached for duty to Naval Weapons Station Earle or a military command located within a one hour commuting distance of the housing complex, are eligible for Military Family Housing provided they have at least six (6) months from the date they occupy government quarters to the end of their tour of duty in this area.

Single Service Member Housing Barracks space is limited. There are 125 rooms available for single, E-5 and below personnel permanently assigned to NWS Earle or tenant commands. If you are planning to come to Naval Weapons Station Earle as a Geographical Bachelor, please call the Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ) Manager immediately.

The Navy Housing Welcome Center is located in Bldg. 34, Naval Weapons Station, 800 Seal Beach Blvd., Seal Beach, CA 90740, telephone (562) 626-7575. Please do not make any housing commitments or enter into a rental/lease agreement until you have visited this office. This is for your protection, in addition to being a CNO requirement when you PCS to a new duty station. Housing Referral Services will provide all members of the uniformed services with valuable community and housing information. The Rental Partnership Program (RPP) is available and worth checking into if you are going to reside in community housing.


Children wait to board their school bus.
Getty Images

NWS Earle does not have a DoD School. School-aged children at Naval Weapons Station Earle in grades K through 8 attend the schools of the Tinton Falls School District. Students in grades 9 through 12 attend Monmouth Regional High School in Tinton Falls, part of the Monmouth Regional High School District, located a few miles from the main site. Children living off the installation are eligible to attend the public schools located within their community. Children living at Ft. Monmouth attends Eatontown Schools. Children living in community housing attend their local school system.

Child Care

NWS Earle Child Development Center
U.S. Navy

The NWS Earle Child Development Center is located in Building C-60, adjacent to the Stark Road and Laurelwood housing areas, and can be reached at 732-866-2518 or DSN 312-449-2518. The CDC is open Monday through Friday, 6:30 am - 5:30 pm. Closed on Federal Holidays.

Children of military personnel, DoD civilian personnel, reservists on active duty or inactive duty for training and DoD Contractors are eligible for care.

The CDC offers full-time spaces for children 6 weeks through 5 years of age. Hourly care is available when space allows with fees based on total family income. There are no registration fees. Drop-ins/hourly care are on a space available basis and at a rate of $3 per hour.

The Child Development Homes (CDH) program can be contacted in Building C-60, or call 732-866-2194, DSN: 449-2194. The CDH programs serve children 4 weeks through 12 years of age in a warm, family setting in which children can participate in developmentally appropriate learning activities, as well as home life experiences.

The School Age Care Program (SAC) provides a safe, supervised, healthy and age-appropriate environment for children grades K-6, ages 5-12. SAC offers children an opportunity to engage in a variety of activities to promote the psychological, social and physical well-being of each child. Activities include but are not limited to photography (ImageMakers), indoor/outdoor play, arts, and crafts, science, computer lab, homework time (Power Hour).

The program is an affiliate of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and offers programs in the five core areas of character and leadership, education and career, health and life skills, the arts and sports and fitness and recreation.

The SAC office is located in Building C-62 and can be reached at 732-866-2148 or DSN 312-449-2148.

Medical Care

Naval Weapons Station Earle has a Branch Medical Clinic located on the main side section of the station. The clinic is an outpatient ambulatory care treatment facility. They offer primary care, physical examination support, and occupational health services to active duty personnel, dependents, retirees, civil service employees, and other eligible beneficiaries.

Active duty support consists of Military Sick Call, Military Occupational Health Programs, and Military Physical Examinations. Referrals for inpatient/specialty care are made to the appropriate other military medical treatment facilities or local civilian hospitals.

Primary care and specialty services are provided by a team of health care providers and require adherence to Campus and Medicare guidelines.

Services are provided from 0730 - 1600 Monday through Thursday, and 0730 - 1100 Friday holidays excluded.

Sick call is open 0730 - 0830 weekdays. Appointments are required for all other visits to the clinic, including same day appointments. Follow-up and routine appointments can be made two to four weeks prior to the visit.

Patterson Army Community Hospital is located in nearby Fort Monmouth. It is a 35-bed acute-care hospital offering comprehensive, modern health care to military personnel, military retirees, and their families. Outpatient clinics offer the following types of service: family practice, gynecology, internal medicine, optometry, pediatrics, orthopedics, urology, allergy, immunology, social work, and physical therapy. Appointments are scheduled on a referral basis. For more information on Patterson Army Hospital please call (732) 532-1695 or 1764.