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Ozarka Natural Spring Water
••• Nestlé Waters

Ozarka Natural Spring Water is popular bottled water made by Nestlé Waters. At one time the water was sourced in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, however, today it comes from three natural spring sources in East Texas.

Ozarka comes in a variety of bottle designs to fit different occasions and at affordable prices. It can be purchased in most national grocery stores in Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, and some areas in Tennessee. ReadyRefresh by Nestlé also provides home delivery of Ozarka bottled water in select areas.

Coupons and Promotions for ReadyRefresh

Currently, there is a promotion for first-time home delivery customers. Save up to $50.00, plus get free delivery. Expiration: December 31, 2016

Coupons and Promotions for Ozarka Bottled Water Sold in Stores

At this time, I have not been able to locate printable coupons, newspaper coupons, magazine coupons, or e-coupons to use for the bottled Ozarka water sold in the stores. However, we are actively looking, so check back. You may also want to check on the Ozarka website, the Ozarka Facebook page and also Coupons.com weekly coupons.

Finding the Best Price on Ozarka

You can buy Ozarka Natural Spring Water at a decent price in stores but beware of purchasing it online because of the increase in prices compared to the in-store prices.

Here is an example of the wide gap in online and in-store pricing:

At the time of this review, Amazon was selling a case of 35, 16.9 fl. oz. bottles for $39.98 which included a $1.00 off instant coupon. Target was selling a case of 24 bottles of the same size for $3.99. Walmart.com also hikes up the online price. It was selling the identical item that Target sells, but online the price was $11.18 (marked down from $14.92) plus shipping, but in-store at Walmart, the identical product only sells for around $3.88.

Now, I am not a marketing expert, but I spent a lifetime with retailers and I think we can all agree that something is amiss with the online prices, at least with Amazon and Walmart.com.

Here is my theory on why there is such a big difference in prices. Bottled water weighs a lot and Amazon advertises that it will ship it for free. To help absorb the shipping cost, I suspect that the price of the water has been increased.

Walmart also offers free shipping periodically for purchases over $50.00 and probably do not want to take the chance that a shopper buying the water will reach the free-shipping threshold, so again, the price of the product has likely been increased to cushion the shipping charges. With that in mind, unless the pricing structure changes, stick to buying Ozarka Natural Spring Water in your local stores in order to get the lowest prices and if you do buy online, take time and compare prices.

EWG's Bottled Water Scorecard

The environmental organization, Environmental Working Group (ewg.com) gave Ozarka Natural Spring Water a "D" rating in its Bottled Water Scorecard, because, according to the report, "the label says the water is "a blend of Roher Spring, Henderson County, TX and Piney Wood Springs, Wood County, TX" but it does not list treatment methods or include contact information for requesting water quality reports."

It seems that Nestlé Waters now has the information available and the company publishes a bottled water quality report on all of its waters. Contact information is also available, as well as the mineral content found in the water. You can read the Ozarka report here.

Ozarka Natural Spring Water Review

I am not a huge bottled water drinker because I prefer to drink filtered water from my home, but I have had Ozarka Natural Spring Water and I found it to have a pleasant, clean taste.

The brand has over 200,000 Facebook followers which tells me that a lot of people really enjoy it. There are, however, a small percentage of followers who signed up to post negative comments about what plastic bottles are doing to the environment and to ask about the minerals found in the water, but for the most part, the followers are big fans of Ozarka bottled water.

Imploding Packaging

My biggest complaint with this brand is the packaging. The bottles are advertised as being more environmentally safe because the manufacturer is using 30 percent less plastic in its recyclable bottles. While I applaud the effort, it has resulted in a very flimsy bottle that tends to implode with every sip. It is not a huge problem, but hopefully, Nestlé Waters addresses the flawed packaging.

Tips on Keeping Bottled Water Fresh Longer

Ozarka has a "best by" (BB) date on its bottled water. It is located either just above or directly below the label. The date is an indicator of when the water will begin to lose freshness. Ozarka suggests storing the bottled water at a moderate temperature and to keep it away from detergents, cleansers, car supplies and other strong-smelling things and to consume it close to the best buy date.

Bottom Line

I know that you likely landed here hoping to find coupons to use at your stores and I apologize for not having any at this time. I will update this page as soon as any Ozarka coupons are spotted. Generally, coupons for most of the bottled water companies begin showing up in spring and then when the hot summer months roll in, the coupons follow right behind, so please check back.

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