How to Get Started With Procter and Gamble Shopper Card Coupons

Maximize Your Savings and Time by Using Electronic P&G Coupons

Customer Handing Store Card to Cashier
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 Are you using the P&G Shopper Card Coupons? Originally called P&GeSaver, the P&G Shopper Card Coupons is Procter & Gamble's online e-coupon application that is designed for shoppers using grocery store shopper's cards.

The Shopper Card Coupons app allows shoppers to download all of the P&G coupons directly to their grocery store's shopper's card. The cashier scans the card during checkout, and all of the applicable P&G coupons are automatically applied to the purchase.


The program is restricted to members of P&G Everyday Solutions. Sign up is free and simple, and it can be done online at the P&G website.

Ready to Begin?

  • Go to the P&G Everyday Solutions website and either log in if you have an account or create an account.
  • Next, select the "Coupons & Offers" tab at the top of the page and select the "Shopper Card Coupons" link.
  • You will see a drop-down menu that is labeled "Pick a Retailer." Select the store where you use a store card and register the card information.
  • It will bring you to another log-in page the first time that you register a store's card.
  • You can now begin choosing the Shopper Card Coupons that you want to have loaded onto your card.
  • After you click on the “Clip” button, the text will change from “Clip” to “Clipped."
  • If you want a printed list of the coupons that you selected, go to the Shopper Card coupon homepage. Click on the “View Details” button in the shopper card information bar and click on the “Print” button in the window.

    You can view which Shopper Card Coupons are available at specific stores by completing the short registration form, adding your store cards to your profile, then clicking the "Available Coupons" link. You can also view which coupons you have downloaded by clicking on the "Selected Coupons" link.

    Each coupon can be downloaded one time on the card that you select.

    You can not download the same coupon onto multiple store cards.

    It will take about 15 minutes for newly selected coupons to activate so that they can be used at the store, so plan accordingly.

    Shopper Card Coupons cannot be printed to clip and use. To find paper P&G coupons, check product packaging, the Sunday paper, and the P&G website.  While visiting the site, you see when your local paper will carry the P&G coupon booklets.

    Looking to Save Even More?
    P&G Everyday Solutions offers members coupons and free samples of P&G products. To view the free samples that are available, you simply log into P&GbrandSAMPLER and select which samples that you want to try. It generally takes about five to six weeks to receive the free samples. You can also select which coupons you would like for them to mail to you.

    Stores Accepting The Shopper Card Coupons

    Shopper cards are available at participating grocery stores.The Shopper Card Coupons can be downloaded, scanned and redeemed at the following stores. (Note: the list can change without notice. Please check with the store associates.)

    AcmeAdams IgaBailey'sBell's Food StoreBi-Rite Galaxy
    Big Top MarketsBlair's MarketBorchardt BrosBowman'sBratchers
    Brookshire BrothersBroulim's Fresh FoodsCapriCarlie C'sCarrs
    Central Shop RiteClaxton Food Fresh GalaxyCornerstone IgaCountry MartCountry Mart
    Cowen IgaCub FoodsD & J GalaxyD&W Fresh MarketDan's Fresh Market
    Davis Food And DrugDick's Food MartDick's Fresh MarketDill's Food CityDollar General
    Don's Super Saver GalaxyDoug's SupermarketEverydayFamily DollarFamily Fare Supermarkets
    Family FreshFarm FreshFerri's SupermarketsFischer's MarketFood Cache
    Food CityFood CountryFood GiantFood LionFood Town
    FoodlandFoodland JuneauFoothills Iga MarketFresh Air GalaxyFresh Encounter
    Fresh MarketG&R IgaGary & Leo's ConradGary & Leo's FlorenceGary & Leo's Havre
    Gary'sGene's Family MarketGiant EagleGlen's MarketsGrant's Supermarket Galaxy
    Greer'sHarding's MarketsHarmon'sHarmony GalaxyHarold's Iga
    HarpsHolaway's MarketHolly Mtn IgaHollywoodHolt's Food Center
    HomelandHoney's IgaHornbachersHouchensHyvee
    Jackson's IgaJb's Market GalaxyJewel OscoJones Red & White GalaxyJorgensen's Supermarket
    Joyner's GalaxyJust$AveKen's Village MarketLin's Fresh MarketLong's Pic Pac Galaxy
    Lowes FoodsLuckyMaceysMarket DistrictMarket Fresh Of Dearborn Heights
    Market HouseMarsMarshMartinsMckay's Food & Pharmacy
    Mega FoodsMeijer Midway IgaNaser Foods Galaxy
    Natural GrocersNeiman's Family Markets Newman's Country MartNichols
    Pat's Food CenterPaul'sPavilionsPayless IgaPetersons Fresh Market
    Picchioni'sPiggly WigglyPinnyPlumb'sPound Iga
    Prather's MarketPrice ChopperPublixRaley'sRandalls
    Red FrontReese & Ray'sRemkeRichburg IgaRiesbeck's
    Rite AidRiverside MarketRoger's FoodlandSafewaySandy Ridge Market Iga
    Save MartSave More Market PlaceSchnucksShawsShop N Save
    ShoppersSmall's Food Center GalaxySoelberg's MarketStar MarketStewart's Marketplace
    Stokes MarketSunamco MarketTenuta's Food LaneTom ThumbTom's Family Market
    Tom's Food CenterTopsTown & Country IgaTown Market GalaxyTri-County Quality Foods
    Tryon IgaValumarketVans DillonVans EvergreenVans Forsyth
    Vans TeeplesVashonsVg's GroceryVic's SupermarketVons
    Wade's Piggly WigglyWadesboroWarehouse GroceryWeisWendell Iga Foodliner
    Windham IgaWingerts Food & Variety CenterWinn DixieWoodman's Food MarketsWoods