PCH Search & Win: Earn Prizes for Searching the Internet

Do a Lot of Internet Searching? Why Not Win Prizes While You're at It?

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If you do a lot of searches on the internet, how would you like to turn those searches into chances to win big prizes? If that sounds good to you, use PCH Search and Win for your primary search engine.

What Is PCH Search and Win?

PCH Search and Win (which started out as Blingo.com, before PCH bought the company in 2006) is an internet search engine owned by Publishers Clearing House. It offers search results sourced from Google and Yahoo, so the results will be similar to the ones you are used to seeing. But PCH Search and Win has an advantage over everyday search engines: by using it, you can instantly win prizes.

Many people run internet searches every day, either for work, to research personal interests, or to satisfy their curiosity. By choosing to use PCH Search and Win over standard search engines like Google, you can not only get excellent search results, but you can also win prizes effortlessly, making it a fun way to get reliable answers.

How to Enter PCH Search and Win Giveaways

One nice thing about PCH Search and Win is that you don't need to fill out an entry form every day for your chance to win prizes. Once you've signed up for a free account, all you need to do is to make sure you're logged in before you enter your internet search terms. The topic of your search doesn't matter; you can search for new sweepstakes to enter, delicious new recipes to make, funny cat videos to peruse, or whatever else catches your interest.

However, you'll want to be sure that you are performing legitimate searches, not simply entering gobblygook for a chance to win. You can be disqualified, or even banned from Search and Win altogether, for searching for the same term over and over again, or for running nonsensical searches for letters of the alphabet and other gibberish.

Whether you click on the results of the search or not will in no way affect your chances of winning. You can find more Do's and Don'ts on the Search and Win website.

Who Can Enter, and How Often?

You can enter the PCH Search and Win giveaways if you are a resident of the United States who is at least 13 years old. Although you can perform as many searches as you like, only the first 25 searches that you make each day are eligible to win prizes. Check the PCH Search and Win Rules for more details, updates, and restrictions.

What Can You Win from PCH Search & Win?

There are three different ways to win prizes through PCH Search and Win: instant prizes, SuperPrize entries, and tokens.

The instant prizes ​that are available to win change every day. Typical prizes include $5 Amazon gift certificates, music downloads, cash in various denominations, and even larger prizes. You can view a ​list of winners to get an idea of the prizes that have been given away recently.

If you win an instant prize, a congratulations screen will pop up and let you know how to claim your prize.

Searching on PCH Search and Win also earns you entries into the massive PCH SuperPrize Drawing to win a million dollars or more. In fact, million-dollar winner Natalie Bostelman won her prize with a simple search.

You will also receive tokens with your first search each day. The tokens can be redeemed for additional chances to win prizes at the PCH Redemption Center, which offers chances to win gift cards, cash, and much more. They have a variety of giveaways running at any given time.

How Are PCH Search and Win Winners Determined?

As with many instant sweepstakes, a winning time will be randomly drawn for each prize to be given away. The first eligible person to perform a qualifying search after each pre-determined time will be a potential winner.

For some tips on how to tweak your entries to increase your odds of winning, see how sweepstakes drawings work.

Are PCH Sweepstakes Legit?

If you are concerned about getting scammed for entering Publishers Clearing House's sweepstakes, you don't have to be. PCH sweepstakes are legit, though the odds of winning a SuperPrize are very long. However, scammers do misuse the Publishers Clearing House name to trick people into thinking they've won a prize when they haven't. It's a good idea to learn how to tell the difference between a real PCH win and a scam.

So what are you waiting for? Start searching and winning today.