Super Saturday - Bigger and Better Than Black Friday?

Super Saturday Extended Store Closings, Opening Times and Hours
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Keeping with the 2015 Christmas Holiday Shopping Season retail trend of earlier-later-longer-bigger-is-better, Super Saturday deals and discounts will not be offered on the traditional last Saturday before Christmas, December 19, 2015. Rather, Super Saturday will be a retail mashup of SuperWeek,Pre-Super Saturday, Super Saturday, and Super Weekend deals and discounts that extend for most of the two weeks before Christmas Day. 

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One of the biggest things that retail leaders are wondering about this Christmas holiday shopping season is... Will Super Saturday Sales on December 19, 2015 be bigger and better than Black Friday sales results? It's a legitimate question and a legitimate possibility.

In 2014, the largest U.S. retail chains did such a great job with their Super Saturday (weekend) sales promotions that for the first time in recent retail history, Black Friday was not the undisputed champion of retail marketing promotions. U.S. consumers handed over as many (and some figures say more) 2014 Christmas shopping dollars out of their wallets over the two-day Super Saturday weekend (Saturday and Sunday) as they did over the four-day Black Friday shopping weekend (Thanksgiving Day Thursday through Sunday). 

Not surprisingly those statistics got the attention of retail leaders and marketers. So, no, Virginia. There is no such thing as one-day Super Saturday sales event in the U.S. Christmas holiday shopping season anymore.  

In Christmas shopping seasons of yore when there still was such a thing as a traditional retail sales event, Super Saturday was an organic phenomenon that happened when shoppers flooded retail stores on the last Saturday before Christmas strictly because of time scarcity. Consumers didn't necessarily need the biggest and best deals and discounts to motivate them to shop on the last Saturday before Christmas. They shopped because the Christmas countdown clock demanded it. 

Unlike Black Friday, the "Super Saturday" retail phenomenon was seemingly observed by retail industry leaders, rather than fabricated by them. But once identified, Super Saturday quickly evolved into an aggressively competitive day of grabbing that last big share of consumer wallet, as well as a day to push some slow-moving inventory out the door. Super Saturday was fashioned by retail marketers to connect with both desperate last-minute shopping procrastinators, as well as overachieving pre-Day-After-Christmas sale bargain hunters. 

In 2015, the Christmas Creep trend has caught up with Super Saturday as well, extending liberally labeled "Super Saturday" sales events over a nearly two-week period. If consumer spending trends remain consistent with Black Friday 2015, shoppers will prove that they don't care when a sale happens or what it's called, as long as the deals are big enough and the discounts are deep enough. 

As always, special shopping sales events like Super Saturday require special shopping hours in order to catch the attention (and hopefully the foot traffic) of distracted consumers. In 2015 that means extended shopping hours that will extend throughout the entire week before and after Super Saturday, which risks creating some serious Bargain Burnout. There are only so many sales squirrels that bargain hounds can chase before they get exhausted and stop playing.

But pushing the limits is what the 2015 Christmas holiday shopping season is all about. And the Pre-Super-Saturday-Week-Super-Saturday-Weekend mashup is no exception.