Printable to-Do Lists

One of our favorite things to stay organized is creating a to-do list. Here are 3 printable designs to tackle your most important projects. 

Printable to-Do List

To do list

Andrew Mckenna/EyeEm/Getty Images 

Get all of your important tasks on one list. Then, check them off as you complete them. This basic to do list prints in six colors and patterns.


Dated to Do List

To Do List

Peter Dazeley/The Image Bank/Getty Images 

Like to plan ahead? This design prints out 12 to do lists at a time (each in a different color) and has a place at the top for the date.


Type-A to Do List

To do list

Putthipong Wiriya-Apa/EyeEm/Getty Images

Get all of those important details in. This to-do list has a spot for due dates, prioritizing tasks and more.