Places to Request Brand Name Freebies and Samples

Where to Get Brand Name Freebies and Free Samples

The best kind of freebies you can get are brand name freebies. These brand name samples and freebies come from the big companies like Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, and many more.

Below you'll find the best places to request brand name freebies from Walmart, Vocalpoint, StartSampling, House Party, and Allure.

Tip: Find the newest free samples of all your favorite brand name freebies.

Brand Name Freebies at Walmart

Brand Name Freebies
© Walmart

Walmart has a great freebie program that gives out new brand name freebies every week. These brand name freebies in the past have included free samples from Seattle's Best, Kraft, Huggies, American Greetings, Orville Redenbacher, Oxy, and many more.​​​​

You'll want to visit the Walmart website daily to see if any new brand name freebies have been posted or you can follow me on Facebook to find out the latest brand name freebies.

Free Samples From Vocalpoint

Brand Name Freebies
© Vocalpoint

Vocalpoint is also a great freebie program that gives out brand name freebies all from Proctor & Gamble. Sign up with Vocalpoint today and they'll email you when a new freebie offer is available.

You never know what form these brand name freebies will come in. Previously, you could get them as free samples, coupons for free products, or free full-sized Proctor & Gamble products.

Freebies From House Party

Brand Name Freebies
© House Party

If you're looking to get brand name freebies for yourself and your friends then think about applying for an available House Party.

These house parties are sponsored by different brand name companies and they'll give you a ton of freebies if you're selected as a host in hopes that you'll spread the word around about their products.

Brand Name Beauty Freebies From Allure Free Stuff

Brand Name Freebies
© Allure

The first week of ​every month, Allure magazine gives away thousands of free full-sized beauty and personal care products through their Allure Free Stuff program.

In the month of August, they give away hundreds to thousands of brand name freebies every day!