10 Retirement Blogs Worth Reading

The retirement blogs on the list below contain content geared toward both those with advanced knowledge and beginners who are trying to figure out where to start and how to build a retirement income plan.

The list starts with advanced-level retirement blogs. As you progress down the list the blogs move to the intermediate, then beginner level.

Retirement Researcher Blog - by Wade Pfau

Academic level: Advanced

Wade is a CFA charterholder and has a Ph.D. in economics from Princeton University. He is a monthly columnist for Advisor Perspectives and has published in journals such as the Journal of Financial Planning, Journal of Portfolio Management, Journal of Investing, and National Tax Journal. His Retirement Research Blog applies academic research to retirement income problems, showing how such research can be used to help retirees make decisions that will improve their financial picture throughout retirement.

Nerd's Eye View - by Michael Kitces

Academic level: Advanced

If we want to take a deep dive into a retirement topic, we turn to Nerd's Eye View. Michael E. Kitces has at least eight professional degrees and designations such as MSFS - Master of Science in Financial Services, MTAX - Master's in Taxation, CFP® - Certified Financial Planner, CLU - Chartered Life Underwriter, ChFC - Chartered Financial Consultant, plus more!

As you can imagine, his writing focuses on research and analysis and is geared toward the financial advisor and academic community.

The Retirement Cafe - by Dirk Cotton

Academic level: Moderate to Advanced

Dirk Cotton brings a fresh and fascinating perspective to retirement income planning with his Retirement Cafe blog. His views are wickedly smart, and will often have you chuckling out loud. His background as a corporate exec of Fortune 500 technology company means his way of looking at things is progressive, strategic and thorough. If you want to learn about the complexity of distribution planning in a fun and intelligent way, you'll follow his work.

The Retirement Manifesto

Academic level: Beginner/Intermediate

Fritz Gilbert retired early from the commodities trading business and shares his retirement decision-making process online. The thoughts he shares can be applied to so many areas of life! Fritz will get you thinking about how to align your financial decisions to what matters most to you in life.

Asset Builder - by Scott Burns

Academic level: Beginner/Intermediate

We aspire to write someday as Scott Burns does. He wraps an analysis into a story, and before you know it you have learned something valuable. He should be that good – he’s been writing since 1977. On the Asset Builder website it says:

Scott Burns has covered the changing world of personal finance and investments for nearly 40 years. Today, he ranks as one of the five most widely read personal finance writers in the country.

Oblivious Investor - by Mike Piper

Academic level: Beginner/Intermediate

If you are new to figuring out your retirement planning, and only subscribe to one blog on this list, it should be Oblivious Investor. Mike Piper has a knack for taking a complex topic and summing it up, nice and neatly, in a few sentences that make perfect sense. As he says on his site:

This blog is dedicated to spreading the idea that investment success is based upon stubbornly following a few (very simple) principles.

Getting Your Financial Ducks in a Row - by Jim Blankenship

Academic level: Beginner/Intermediate

Jim Blankenship is a practicing Certified Financial Planner, Enrolled Agent and author of two books, A Social Security Owner's Manual and An IRA Owner's Manual. We love that he is constantly writing about the importance of Social Security claiming decisions and tax planning, two things that can make a big difference in the amount of after-tax income available for you in retirement. And his blog title, Getting Your Financial Ducks in Row, is super fun!

Squared Away Blog - by Kimberly Blanton

Academic level: Beginner/Intermediate

The Squared Away Blog covers a broad spectrum of finance related topics – not just retirement topics. Parents, this means you can find great tips on saving for college as well as for retirement. The blog is hosted by the Financial Security Project at Boston College, which means it is based on research and has information you can trust. Even better, Kimberly writes in a way that is easy to read, and you will learn something new with every post!

Early Retirement Extreme - by Jacob

Academic level: Beginner/Intermediate

Talk about extreme: this guy did what almost no one will do, and achieved what everyone wants to achieve - a very early retirement. In his blog, Early Retirement Extreme, he shares exactly how he did it. Not many of you will be willing to do what he did, but you are bound to pick up a few tips as you read. On an ongoing basis, he shares his current financial status, and his thoughts on other people's financial choices always make us smile. 

Retirement Security SmartBrief

Academic level: Beginner/Intermediate

This is a content aggregator - Retirement Security's SmartBrief pulls retirement-related academic articles and studies into one place. The publication is designed for retirement-focused advisors and wealth managers, but consumers interested in their own retirement can get a lot out of it. It provides a summary of other industry related content.